The Chase

This is my first work here, so please be patient and i will try my best to make it as professional as possible.
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WARNING : this book may ( will) contain, violence and sexual scenes.


" I'll blow your head out" he said lowly while he stared daggers at me .

"Do it"

" I'll beat you up till you're black and blue" he warned.

" Do it" I challenged.

" you should go" he stated throwing his gun on his arm chair then rubbed his eyes.

" I should but I won't "

" why won't you listen?" He exclaimed loudly.

" I'm cold and insane " He added looking down.

" well I think that if someone is cold then know it must be because someone sucked all the heat out of them. No one is born cold! It's just their life and it's just the weather; it always appears to me that sanity is humanity and some people are just insane" I stated lowly as I stood between his legs.

He pulled me to his lap, " you sure are something shawty" he whispered against my lips and I pushed mine against his .

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4. Chapter3



Daniel sat on a chair and i sat on the opposite side of him quietly eating, not talking or making an effort what-so-ever.

“Alex, i don’t know why you hate me so much! you're hot, I'm hot, we can make this work out “ he said bluntly and i wanted to smash my head against a wall.

“You’re not hot, and there is no WE” i stated pointing between us, After that he kept quite for almost an hour and the silence was un comfortable and awkward but i ignored it and sipped on my water while i ate small bites of the very delicious red-velvet cake that laid half eaten infront of me, I do realize that I'm being a bitch right now but i don't care.

 i looked at jamie and chels’s table to find it empty, i caught a glimpse of their backs walking along the beach line but they were too far, almost out of sight.


I felt the atmosphere closing and burning around me out of awkwardness, “ is there a toilet here? i really think i need it” i said holding my stomach to fake wanting to pee or something.

“Yeah, there is one there, behind that green shack” he pointed at a big green shack that looked like it belonged to surf boards from how it’s decorated. i nodded lightly and quickly skipped to where he gave me directions but there was nothing in sight. i groaned, is this his way of getting back at me for being a bitch earlier ? such a kid, i turned around annoyed and started to head to the closest exit, i wanted to get out of here.


“And where do you think you're going cupcake?” i froze once i heard the voice of the one and only Daniel Macjohns but it seemed way thicker and devilish.

“Home” i stated bravely, hiding my inner shaking-self ;However his throaty squeaky laugh rung all around me and i shuddered when he started taking steps closer to me, He kept walking my way and i walking back. 

“If this is some kind of sick joke stop it now Daniel” i stopped moving back and stood my ground. “but cupcake this is not a joke, come-on, you know you wanna do me, don’t you wanna rap that mouth of yours around me ?” after he finished talking, he quickly lunged at me and took me with him to the ground, i started fighting him as he kissed all around my neck, i felt him sucking at my neck while i trashed around, he held both my hands with one hand of his to the ground and continued sucking on my neck, i felt tears well up in my eyes as i trashed around and screamed at the top of my lungs, i knew that there is no out of this if i kept trashing around, i stopped the water works that were f

fighting to come out and i caught his lips in mine and started kissing him as hard as i can and as expected he responded and started ripping my blouse and i let him, once it was completely torn he stared at my covered in lace chest and he looked up at me, i felt disgusting but i gave him a flirty smile and he let my hands go and started kissing me again but this time i grabbed a near by rock and hit his head hard with it, he jerked up and held his head with both hands, before recovering i was quick to lift my foot and kick him between his legs which caused him to drop to his knees in agony, i took this as my chance and started to run, i found few connected palm trees so i hid behind them, okay, if i run to the exit door i’ll have to pass by him again and I'm absolutely doing that, on the other hand i can run in the forest and find my way from there. Forest it is .


i felt the cold air hit my chest hard while i ran in the forest as fast as i can but i felt footsteps following hot on my tail, i picked up to my maximum speed, i felt my legs hurting while my throat burned like hell but i didn't stop till i heard nothing, no more sound of someone running behind me.


i looked around and didn't find anyone, i stopped for a breath then i started speed walking all around trying to find a way to any kind of street, I heard people talking and i never felt happier to hear people talking before, i followed the voices till i saw more than five people surrounding something and they were all arguing.


“ i say we take him to the boss” the guy with bleach blonde hair said.

“ NO! i think we should just finish him now “ A lean guy with shoulder length black hair said in a grumpy voice while twirling a gun between his fingers. Another slim guy moved a little giving me a view of what they were surrounding, which was a buff man, with tied hands and feet, i can feel my breath hitch and i was about to walk away but i heard a new deep voice, “Then why don't you call the boss and ask him what to do?” A deep voice asked cooly and i felt a shiver run down my spine. All of them stopped bantering and snapped their heads towards the newly arrived voice.

“Boss, we didn't mean to, it just never crossed our minds to call you, but it’s good that you’re here now” the one with the long black hair said.

The ‘boss’ stepped out of the shadows of the bushes that previously hid him and his eyes looked dark and scary, he was lean and tall, well built but not bulky, his arms were covered with tattoos and he was dressed in black jeans,black shirt,black leather jacket and golden shoes, the leather jacket was pulled up almost to his elbow and his hands were covered by black leather gloves.

his face was almost pale white and his golden hair was in a perfect quiff, he looked shady and sicker than that person i ran from to begin with, a gun shot snapped me out of my thoughts and i looked to find that their ‘boss’ shot the guy on the ground in the head, i stifled a scream and slowly walked backwards, i almost succeeded in running away but i turned around to find the glorious face of Daniel staring at me, he jumped on me, again taking me to the ground, this time he held my hands and put another hand on my mouth, i started to trash around but failed miserably.

“Who do you think you are? huh? tricking me like an idiot then kicking me and running away? you're gonna get punished for what you did” he gave me a wide sick smile. I finally let tears fall, it’s just too much, am i a bad situations magnet? this and seeing someone get shot and i just let go, i stopped trashing around while i sobbed in his hand, my low quite sobs kept coming harder and harder and i felt him take my jeans off, leaving me in my little lacy white underwear that matched with my bra.

i sobbed harder and suddenly Daniel’s movement stopped and he was pulled off of me and smashed in a tree by the person who just killed that guy on the floor.

i just curled into a ball and tried to tame my sobs but they just came harder.

i heard Daniel scream in agony and i felt a little better. i felt a pair of arms rap around me and lift me up bridal style but i didn't mind nor care anymore.

“what are you staring at? dispose this one and get this one home “ i felt his chest vibrate as he spoke.

“yes, Chase” someone replied. so the one who's holding me, their boss is named chase, the name seemed familiar but i couldn't remember how and i didn't bother worrying about it now.

i felt my body being lowered onto a leather seat. i looked around to find my self in a fancy car as he slammed the door shut, he walked around to the other side and sat in the driver seat slamming his door loudly as well, i jumped a little. he looked my way, scanning me from head to toe, for a second i thought that he was going to try and rape me too, after all i saw him killing someone, I'm sure that the guy’s morals aren't that intact, i closed my eyes and waited for the impact but it never came, instead i felt a fabric being laid on my legs, i opened my eyes to find the jacket that he was wearing on my legs, i looked at him, noticing that he's no longer wearing his jacket i stared deeply in his brown eyes as i shrugged his jacket on and held it tight against me .


He started moving the car, he looked my way as if he's analyzing me then he opened his mouth.


“I’m bieber but everyone calls me chase .. So, tell me, what exactly did you see?”  He said and parked the car infront of what looked like a private beach.


“i need an answer today” He snapped and i took a deep breath.


i think I'm in for another ride.

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