The Chase

This is my first work here, so please be patient and i will try my best to make it as professional as possible.
please do not copy or translate (etc.)
WARNING : this book may ( will) contain, violence and sexual scenes.


" I'll blow your head out" he said lowly while he stared daggers at me .

"Do it"

" I'll beat you up till you're black and blue" he warned.

" Do it" I challenged.

" you should go" he stated throwing his gun on his arm chair then rubbed his eyes.

" I should but I won't "

" why won't you listen?" He exclaimed loudly.

" I'm cold and insane " He added looking down.

" well I think that if someone is cold then know it must be because someone sucked all the heat out of them. No one is born cold! It's just their life and it's just the weather; it always appears to me that sanity is humanity and some people are just insane" I stated lowly as I stood between his legs.

He pulled me to his lap, " you sure are something shawty" he whispered against my lips and I pushed mine against his .

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2. chapter 1.




"Alexandria" my mum yells from the kitchen, that women's voice never ceases to amaze me.


"yes mother, I'm coming" i sharply say and i can't resist the urge to huff.


i skip down the small staircase and i slide through the kitchen's door. " what did you need mum ?" i say quietly.


"Alexandria, please get the door, i ordered food and after you do that, call auntie Mia and tell her about the wedding that we're all invited to in St.jones cathedral then take my car and go buy some milk and don't forget tomorrow you ......" i drift off, i zone out, completely forgetting about the annoying list and the annoying lady standing in front of me , i love her but she's annoying me; i nod, i nod till she stops talking , she will probably remind me with all of those things later when i come back from the grocery store .


i cringe when she says Alexandria, my name is Alex. i hate when people use my full name, it brings back horrible memories, but i comment on this everyday and she never listens so i just save my effort and keep my mouth shut this time .


i get the door and go on with the list then i finally put some shoes on with my sweats and my basic shirt and get the car keys on my way out. "MOM, I'm going " i scream through the house and leave with out waiting for a reply.


the store is not crowded which i find weird but nice, i get four boxes of milk but something catches my eye, there is a shiny object on the floor, right under the boxes of drinks, i drop down in a squat like manner and get it, it's very heavy and it has a pendant in the shape of triangle upside down, it looks extremely expensive with the thin diamond line rimming the the whole pendant but it looks so manly, like it belongs to a man, it has the words " Don't be afraid of the voice of bullets being shot, because the only bullet that you won't hear, will be that bullet that will kill you -Chase" , Nice words but who is chase? I've never heard that name around this neighborhood before, not even a single kid named chase in my high school.


i contemplate wether i should leave it with the management here or keep it with me and try to look that ,extremely rich ,chase up--i decide against leaving it here since a big part of me knows that if i do it will be stolen so i take it in my pocket and pay for the milk and leave, the whole necklace thing still bothering me, it is rather intriguing than bothering.


i hum to the song playing on the radio and faster than i thought i find myself parking the car in our little parking area.


I open the door, no sign of my mother, great. i drop the milk in the fridge and run to my room before my mother spots me and starts one of her never ending speeches, once i enter my room i find my phone on my dresser, ringing non-stop, so thats where it was hiding.. i laugh a little at my own thoughts and pick up the miserable caller.


"ALEXANDRIA BLUE MACQUEEN" my best friend chelsea screams through the other end of the line, i laugh at her dramatic way and sigh after that.


" what can i help you with, miss Miller ?" i ask playfully, trying to get away from the shouting that was yet to come.


" i was calling to ask if you were planning to come to that double date i set up for both of us tonight but since you didn't even pick up the first ten times, you're coming and it isn't a choice Alex!" she orders around and i roll my eyes even though she can't see me ,which I'm very aware of.


"you found a hot guy, his cousin is visiting , he can't go out--- with out him and you are feeling like a thirsty whore that needs to get laid tonight, why do i have to pay for that by going on a date with that self centered lunatic ?" i dead-pan, but she knows that I'm kidding about the whole whore thing.


"not discussing this , you're coming. the . end. " she bites back.


"Fine, chels . where are you taking my highness ?" i sarcastically say.


"to the beach at 7!! how great is that? it is so romantic" she dreamily says .


"yeah,yeah but I'm leaving at 9 though because I'm only doing this for you" i say,pulling at the base of my hair, bad habit.


"thank you, thank you, thank you Alex" i can hear her sequel, and i automatically laugh about her attitude.


"okay gotta go now, i have more 'favors' to do for my mom" i roll my eyes.


"i know you are rolling them honey eyes bitch and yeah yeah" she says and we say our goodbyes and we hang up.


what the hell I'm going to wear for this date.


i don't care so whatever fits then, i huff and throw myself on my bed and i feel myself slowly drifting to sleep .




so what do you think? should i go on or delete it?"

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