One Element - A One Direction Fan-Fiction.

In a world of their own, five teenage boys stumbled upon an ancient secret that has been hidden in myth for centuries.

Although it was no coincidence for THE SOCIETY chose the five friends to be protectors of this world. To seek out the darkness that surged within and deplete it from existence.

And with elemental abilities friends became closer friends.

Friends became lovers.

Lovers became greedy.

Greed tuned into hatred and destruction.

Overtime as the boys grew their abilities and learned to control them. Zayn started demanding that he be their leader since he was the one who controlled all four elements.

Zayn, filled with anger and darkness sought out the book is Syco and attempted to take away Harry's ability to control fire. Niall sacrifices his powers to save Harry from losing his and Zayn flees, hatred for Harry still bubbling inside him.

Years later after their inevitable separation, Louis is killed making Harry and Liam return to London for his funeral. While Zayn resurfaces with plans to be the only Elemental in this generation of Magnae's.


2. Anew


Darkness, that's all I could remember from the horrible nightmares. The anguish and the pain of the past slowly seeping through my noetic cracks.

Zayn had betrayed us all, his friends and the only people who ever really knew him and cared deeply for him. I didn't expect him to be greedy, or to even seek the Book of Syco. Just so he could steal Harry's powers, so he could take the mantle of leadership to the Magnae's.

I didn't expect him to forget that he told me, countless times that he would never hurt me. That he would love me and fight by my side of it ever came down to it. Empty promises from an empty, black soul that just didn't seem to want healing, or even a sense of revival.

I thought it was over, though I only grew more scared of nightmares that haunted my dreams every night. But it wasn't gone, it was back and with vengeance in it's eyes. A stray tear leaked from my eyes as I tried to understand it, but I couldn't dare. Something in my head kept saying that there was no possible way Zayn would go this far, and I refused to believe he had turned into such a monster.

"Zayn wouldn't," I spoke barely above a whisper, and Liam sighed heavily beside me. Frustration masking his handsome features. I would have thought seeing him after three years would smash the tension I felt being around him, but it was still there. We sat across from each other, around my the small dining table in my new place.

Moving out of Sta-Wick was supposed to take me away from all the memories, for I was the only one who chose to stay behind in the wake. I was simply too connected to the place, and severing my ties with it was supposed to bring peace into my soul at least. To scour away the blood stains that splattered across my heart and my mentality. It had grown too frustrating to be there anymore, with no friends or even family to keep up with.

"Look, I know you want to believe that Zayn isn't responsible for Louis' death. But look what he did to you?" He said, voice heavy with contempt.

Zayn was never always like this, but now it seemed he was completely lost to us. His voracious appetite and obsession with being the one in the lead wasn't a surprise,whereas Harry had never been inclined to the greed. "Niall, Louis was crushed between boulders and-" Liam paused and his eyes glistened, and I could see him painfully trying his best not to cry. "I wasn't there to protect him. I don't know what I would do if he ever laid his hands on you." Liam spoke and his tone as nothing short of intimidating. Of course my cheeks burned with a raging heat, for he had not changed much and it seemed his feelings towards me haven't wavered much either.

I've had hopes that he didn't completely loathe me, or simply just can't stand being around me. His words only proved that my obscure accusations of the situation, wasn't what I thought at all.

"Why would he kill Louis? It doesn't make any sense Liam." I began sobbing loudly, covering my face with my hands out of sheer embarrassment. Liam reached over and enveloped me in a tight hug, comforting me in a way I've never felt since we parted ways all those years ago. Sobs wracking my body as tears streamed from my eyes, staining my already burning, sensitive cheeks.

Zayn's obsession sent him deep within the Caves of Infinity, where he found the book of Syco, and tried to take away Harry's powers with it. Out of impulse I jumped in front of Harry and my powers were taken instead.

I woke up in an infirmary within The Society's Private Stockholm, shaking and screaming out of pain and blinding anguish. I screamed uncontrollably, losing my voice for a whole week after. With no powers and less inspiration to go off of, I became secluded and locked away from the world. Moving around and about like a robot, with a mundane life that lead to nowhere interesting. The Society had simply abandoned us, saying Zayn's actions were unchangeable as the Magnae no longer existed to The Society's overwatch.

Liam and Louis had visited me, Luis only twice for he moved to New York to escape it all only a few days after. Harry stayed away simply because he blamed himself for what had happened. Though I wished he wouldn't have, but it was always that way with Harry.

They then vowed to wait another two hundred years instead of placing their hopes into us for Salvation. Sheer stupidity and greed had gotten us nowhere, and to think it was Zayn who didn't suffer. After he was the one who brought it upon us, smudging our reputations and destiny, while leaving the world vulnerable the the dangers we pledged allegiance to fight against.

I saw it in his eyes that night, I saw the remorse in Zayn's face before he fled. The Society made feeble attempts to search for him, but they scourged London and failed to find him. The four of us that remained parted ways, chasing separate lives.

Liam went to finish University while I settled in a small job at the local Veterinary Clinic. Louis had moved the furthest from us and migrating to the United States had never been one of his best choices. Though I still had to respect the boundaries of our friendship and our individuality. So letting him go was hard, and I wasted away as none of them seemed to want to return.

I would see Liam occasionally, but he had moved out of London and only visited when he saw fit. I just figured that he was avoiding me more or less, but I couldn't exactly blame him.

Liam's arms shifted around me and I quickly pulled away, now self conscious of my pathetic display. I however couldn't shake the emotions, and the thought of Zayn's betrayal burying itself at the center of my brain once again.

I had gotten over it all, threw it away with the wind while I tried to be normal. Because I was normal, for there was no force on earth powerful enough to heal me. And I grew sick and frustrated of it, because it had become apart of me during those years of training.

Just the flow of the water in my hands would calm me, as I either played with it or got ready for a fight. Zayn had taken that part of me when I saved Harry from losing his powers, leaving me like a blank useless slate. That uselessness messed with my integrity, but gladly I didn't resort to being cold and mean towards the outside world.

I simply became bland, and boring at its finest.

Harry was the first to leave, for he couldn't bear the fact that Zayn had taken my powers instead of his. That was Harry Styles, protective and a leader in all his right. Always placing the weight of the world on his shoulders, and picking up the broken pieces whenever there was hostility. Sometimes he could be a blow hard, but he lead us down the right path. Too bad Zayn hadn't appreciated that, he only wanted it for himself instead.

Harry was a fierce Ignis, for he had even mastered the ability to control not only fire but compounds that were at very high temperatures. Of course Earth was fresh out of materials that ranged over a thousand degrees in heat. So he only learned to bend Lava rocks, red and sizzling in a volcano. He could rip a Volcano from the ground if he chose to, but he made sure he kept his abilities at a minimal. Not wanting to hurt anybody, which made me admire him even more so. Never questioning his leadership, not once or ever.

Liam controlled ground beneath us, and solid compounds that were of the Earth itself. From Steel to all metallic compounds that had a magnetic field surrounding it. He shook mountains and brought down avalanches on our enemies, he even rained boulders from the sky to slow down hostiles.

Louis, the Aer elemental. It was fitting for he was a light spirit, always bouncy and on his feet being active. He wasn't the most dangerous one of us, but his skilled bending of air was something unparalleled. He once created a tornado large enough to destroy London's coastlines, to take down an enemy of The Society. Brave, valiant and the clown among us. He turned bad situations into jokes that hurt your spine as you laughed uncontrollably. That was Louis, and that is why he would be terribly missed by us all.

I had trouble deciphering why Zayn had even killed him. What was his motive in all this? Why go after Louis, who still had his powers? Why not come after me first?

I didn't fear him, but if this situation was what I expected. Then undoubtedly Zayn would come after me.

He would come after all of us, but I was prepared to face my death. For there was no way I could ever defeat him, he controlled four elements while I controlled none. So I didn't see a duel between us ending in good terms for me.

"Are you feeling ok?" Liam asked and I fixed my gaze on him, suddenly wondering why he even cared to come and see me after what I'd done to him. I sniffled wiping the moisture from my cheeks, as I finally calmed down a bit. He had matured, and now sported a freshly shaved beard. His hair no longer boyish, nor his face. He was now a Man, a fully grown man who seemed to be the only one of us who hadn't lost his crackers just yet.

"Why are you here Liam?" I blurted out the question, without qualms of what could happen next and or how he we would react to it.

"You may have chosen him over me Niall, but I'll always care for you more than he ever did." His words stung and pain shot through me like a blade; I fought back the tears that threatened to stream from my eyes yet again. I didn't know how to reply to his statement, nor could I exactly contradict him.

"I don't want you to feel sorry for me Liam. Not after what-." I started but he interrupted me.

"Can't you keep things in the bloody past for crying out loud." Liam slammed his fists down on the table and I flinched slightly as the earth beneath my feet rumbled.

"Just go." I ordered softly as I felt my legs shake beneath the table.

"Nail I'm-."

"Just go," I shouted and he leaned back in his seat, eyeing me with a hard glare. His features hardened as he rose from the chair, it's feet scraping noisily against the floor. I didn't want to be afraid of him, I didn't want him to become like Zayn. Enraged by things that didn't happen his way, or his inability to be selfish. And though Zayn didn't possess all of Liam's values, Liam had seemingly started to look like the better choice after realizing that Zayn was a complete wanker.

Liam didn't say another word, he simply cast me a sad look and left me sitting there. As soon as the door clicked shut behind him I couldn't hold it back any longer.

Tears began streaming down my face and I sobbed noisily into my now soaked palms. The pain of the past haunting me like a shadow, throwing me off balance with everything that I've seemed to accomplish. The happiness I thought I found with helping animals, was gone. Now nothing could keep me company as I tried to force the nightmares from stopping.


Hey you guys! Soooo

First Fan-Fic written and I'm also new here, and hoping that you guys will like this little fantasy idea of mine. I've recently grown quite fond of One Direction and I've even began to be obsess by the ship names.

Especially 'Niam.' Which is what will be featured in this book, capturing a romance between Niall and Liam! (Not many people will like that, but oh well.)

Tell me what you guys think!

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