Without You

Its a love story of the director and the puppy eyed actor, it sounds poetic, yes? He was staring at me. I didn’t look away. Instead, I held his gaze. His hazel eyes were my favorite things to look at. I never thought I had a chance. He was totally out of my league, but love has no bounds.


17. Chapter Seventeen

RECAP:The doctor walked in holding the test results. "Xavier isn't the father of your unborn child.” 

Back At The Clinic

Victoria sat straight up on the bench, she was swinging her legs back and forth. The doctor took a seat in front of her. He opened up an envelope and read the document out loud.

“Victoria, this isn’t the first time you’ve been pregnant The x-rays show the enlargement of your ribs, and in your blood work, I found a little blood left over from a previous child. Where is this child?”

She had a face of pure steel. “I miscarried at 10 weeks. That baby was meant for Xavier, I wanted to give him something that would make him mine forever, and I’m not done trying. I want to abort this child, today and I’m not leaving until I do. Money isn’t an issue. I want this to be off the books.” 

She reached for her purse and pulled out her checkbook. “Will ten thousand be enough?”

The doctor swallowed the lump in his throat. “How about I get you moved up and out of this Third World clinic and into a 5 star Hospital..” Victoria bribed waving the check in her hand

“Deal!” The doctor yelled taking the check. “Are you sure you can get me outta here?”

“Of course, I’m having father transfer your paperwork as we speak.” Victor said texting her dad

Xavier’s Point of View 
As I got out of the car, I saw a strained smile play out on her lips, though she was glaring at me. She picked up Kit and told Mulan to open the door. She did as she was told, and held it open for us. Nothing had changed, everything was exactly the same.  Kit and Mulan were in the living room watching Bubble Guppies. While Druid and I were in the kitchen. She was sitting on the island with her head up looking at the ceiling, not really paying attention to anything in particular.

I slid the results over to her. She looked down for a second, took them in her hand and opened the envelope. I swear I saw a tear shed from her eye, but she quickly wiped it away. She put the envelope down and held out her hand. I ignored it and enveloped her in a hug. She was tense at first but she relaxed and hugged me back, burying her head in my chest, wrapping her legs around my waist.

“I’m so sorry.” We said in unison, I pulled back a little still holding her tightly

“You're not the one who should be sorry, it’s her. She shouldn’t have come here. I still don’t know how she got your address. I knew she was a little out there, but I didn't think she’d actually try to trap me again.” I said caressing her cheek and this time I kissed her nose. 

“What do you mean again?” She sniffled tipping her head

“My freshman through junior summer we were together. She got pregnant, but she had a miscarriage, and didn’t tell me about it. 6 months had passed and she wasn't showing how she was supposed too, so I did a little digging. She had slept with someone else, who resembled me and paid them off. After that I just couldn’t take it.”

“Victoria really needs help. I should have trusted you instead of shutting you out. I...I love you…” 

I couldn't take it anymore, so I crashed my lips into hers. She wrapped her hand around my neck, and gripped my hair.  It was just enough to show that she meant everything to me. I swiped my tongue over her bottom lip asking for entrance. She opened for me, and was like everything around us didn't matter anymore she was mine. I slowed down and gave her kisses all over her face and laid my head on her forehead. 

“I love you, too. I don’t want there to be anything between us. ”  I whispered into her curly locks

“.....no secrets?” She said in weak voice looking up at me

I smiled “Yea, no secrets.” but her face grew dim, and she began to look away

“Heyyy, what’s with the long face?” I asked turning her head back to me

“I’m going to tell you something, and I want you to listen to me, because I’ll only say this once. And then I never want to hear about it again. “ 

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