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Basically, Galaxy Quest with the cast of Star Trek The Original Series! A/N this is a Alternate Universe story weaved with fact and fiction regarding the relationships between the very real relationship shared between William Shatner and his co-stars. You have been warned.


8. Chapter 8


George looked down toward the screen and was surprised to see Walter's name. George requested siri to answer the call while driving. In a second George could hear the sounds of what was typical while filming on the bridge set. It was eerily familiar. He had heard this during filming for the original series fifty years ago. George was weird-ed out hearing noises that sounded too real to be true. George was in auto-pilot for the first five minutes while Walter called out his character's name. After the fifth ring of 'Hikkarruuu', George shook his head.

"George here." George said.

"I am in space." Walter said, sounding eerily delighted.

"Walter, where are you?" George made himself ask.

"I am on the Enterprise,Hikaru!" Walter replied. "It is better than what it was like on set. It is like the reboot bridge meets the original bridge in terms of design."

George sighed, shaking his head.

"So you left Jimmy for a fan production." George said.

"Negative." Walter replied.

"Jimmy is worried about you. You have to call him." George said.

"I know, I know, I know," Walter said. "I had to call you first. I have some important news you will just LOVE!"

"Shoot it." George said.

"The captain and I are going to save Earth!" Walter sounded excited by the prospect. Elated, even.

George rolled an eye.

"You are on set." George said.

George could practically picture the glee on Walter's face.

"Affirmative!" Walter said.

"And this is getting recorded." George said.

"Negative," Walter said. "But I am in admiral uniform!"

"Okay, Pavel, so this mission must be gravely important that it concerns our planet." George said.

"It concerns the Prime Directive." Walter said, and George could easily hear the Russian accent from his friend's voice.

"What?" George said, bewildered.

"A Romulan woman named Baron is violating the Prime Directive. I have seen the pictures and the evidence," George explained. "I came earlier before Captain Kirk because who could not pass up learning why someone greatly looked in character as a Klingon but in Star Fleet uniform? It was exciting! I got a tour of the Enterprise, played cards with Klingons and Romulans, and got to be in a real Admiral Uniform!" Then Walter started to sound disappointed. "Though it is a lot like Admiral Marcus's."

George raised an eyebrow.

"Just how far are you?" George asked.

"Good question!" Walter said. "Hey Stonn, how far are we from Earth?"

"Approximately three days, four hours, thirty-two minutes, and nine seconds away from your solar system if the ship was on warp 1." Stonn replied.

George recognized the voice.

"That is--" George started to say but was interrupted by Walter.

"Sounds like Stonn," Walter finished. "It is! He is a helmsmen. Captain Kirk is ironing out the rest of the plan with several other officers in the briefing room with Ambassador Sarek. I could not pass up to help these people,you know? There's a Andorian named Charlie. Likable man. And I got to man the navigation station. It reminded me of old times. And oh, it works! It works! It wooorks! It was easy to use. Fun, even! Guess where I am sitting in?"

"Nav." George said.

"Captain's chair." Walter said.

George parked along the shoulder of the road.

"Are you telling me that aliens asked Bill, a man we both know has no legit experience in saving the world, to defeat a Romulan?" George asked.

"Affirmative." Walter said.

"And were you asked?" George asked.

"He put the offer on the table." Walter said.

"Did you reject?" George asked.

"Negative." Walter said.

"Why?" George sounded concerned.

"There are a lot of bright people on this ship. I can't just leave them. If we are lucky, I could be back by tonight or tomorrow."

George parked along the shoulder of the road.

"Lucky?" George repeated. "Lucky? Whatever plan Bill has made could get you killed!"

"Would you like to be part of the plan, Hikaru?" Walter asked.

"No." George said.

"There is a good chance it will work," Walter said. "Being original and all. I have to go,Jimmy is calling. If we need a bit of your expertise flying a starship, I will call or beam you up. Possibly both. Chekov out."

"Pav--" The conversation was cut short.

George sighed,shaking his head.

"This is insane." George said, then he drove the car back onto the road and resumed driving.

None-the-less, George was worried about his friend.


On the view screen appeared Baron. She was dressed in a dark suit with green outlines, her back was leaned against the back rest, and her fingers had clawed attachments lightly tapping on the arm rest. She had a smug smile on her face contrasting against the dark inside of the starship. She had her legs crossed. There was a pool of light that highlighted the sides of Baron's cheeks. Her pointy chin, as well. The pointy thin eyebrows, the v-shaped forehead, and the pointy ears. She had her hair in a unique bun straight of the 1960's.

"Are you prepared to surrender?" Baron asked.

"I don't believe we have met," Bill said. "I am Captain James T. Kirk of the USS Enterprise,and I don't believe in no-win scenarios."

Baron put her hands together leaning her elbows on the arm rest and tilted her head appearing to be fascinated with Bill.

"What are you?" Baron asked.

"Human." Bill said.

"A new species. . ." Baron said. "Hmm. . . That must mean I never seen your planet.":

"And I will be damned if you saw it." Bill said.

"Sarek has told you." Baron said, rubbing the side of her forehead.

"He has." Bill said.

Baron sighed briefly lowering her head down then lifted it back up in the direction of Bill.

"We are trying to establish a chain of planets working peacefully alongside each other and explore new worlds," Baron said, her voice sincere. "We are re-configuring our society to be a utopia."

Bill narrowed his eyes at Baron.

"And if others do not conform to your line of requests, you destroy them." Bill said.

"Quite brilliant, do you think?" Baron asked, with a grin dancing on her face.

Bill could feel sick to his stomach by that comment.

"That is wrong," Bill said. "And not peaceful."

"So you say," Baron said. "You are the one my mentor talked about highly. Sarek refused to tell me how he knew this Captain Kirk and his crew. What was there to hide?, I asked myself. They were a new species, I reasoned, one who were displaced in the universe. It is the only logical explanation. They made documentaries of them,I reasoned, based on their experiences and knowledge of their beloved federation. You have proven me right, Captain Kirk."

It had been years since Bill had pretended to be Jim for more than one to five minutes just for a day. Despite that problem he was able to slide into character as his hands tightened on the grasp of the arm rest and his eyes were narrowed at Baron. He could feel unsettled by Baron. Of course she was a threatening and intimidating opponent. She had paranoia and intelligence on her side but not the thinking of a human.

"Speaking of Sarek," Bill said. "I was unaware he was your mentor."

"I am the daughter of Ambasador Ryan," Baron said. "Sarek was my godfather."

A terrible family affair, Bill thought, Poor Sarek.

"Sarek was personally was training me to be an ambassador while my father was reassuring my followers that the prime directive was protecting us all. As if," Baron said, with a grunt. "The Klingons could have struck at any moment! I decided to strike first. I did not want to be the negotiator or the mediator. I want to be the one who took action and did not stay on the side lines. Sidelines are for those who are out of date and old like you. The organisms I came across that were old were frail and unable to defend themselves." Bill's face started to turn red. "Taking you out will be easy. Taken out by the first ship you served on, Captain, how does that feel?"

Bill relaxed himself.

Baron just flipped him off.

He should not feed into her trap.

I am better than her, Bill thought looking up toward her with a dark insulted look.

"There are instances where diplomacy are required," Bill replied. "And you should respect your elders a little more. I may be old. . . . But that does not imply that I cannot usurp you from your tower of self gloating and galaxy control. By the time I am done with you, you will want to negotiate with me. And you will apologize for calling me old. I am not senile, kid. Kirk out."

The screen turned to black.

"Raise the shields, Mr Stonn." Bill said. "Charlie, put the ship on red alert."

"Aye, captain." Stonn said, raising the shields up.

Charlie nodded then turned away to his station raising the alert level.

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