We are actors, not Star Fleet Officers!

Basically, Galaxy Quest with the cast of Star Trek The Original Series! A/N this is a Alternate Universe story weaved with fact and fiction regarding the relationships between the very real relationship shared between William Shatner and his co-stars. You have been warned.


6. Chapter 6

Earth was labeled as the planet that was threatened because apparently as it seemed Baron was getting closer and closer to discovering Planet Earth. Days if not hours away from discovering it. They went to deck five where the captain's quarters were kept. Sarek insisted that his quarters were not Bill's. He never stayed in that room while commanding the starship. Bill's room had been replicated exactly down to the detail if not for the liberties of adding newer machinery to the room complete with a laptop screen and a sleek computer that did not have many buttons.

"Thank you, S'chick for guiding me to the right quarters." Bill said.

"It is my honor, Captain." S'chick said, with a bow of his head.

Bill came to a stop at the couch, put one hand on the edge, then turned in the direction of S'chick.

"Does the name Gene Roddenberry sound familiar?" Bill asked.

"Negative," S'chick said. "We are extremely familiar with those who have served the Enterprise, Voyager, and Deep Space Nine."

"That answers a lot." Bill said, sarcastically turning away.

"Why did you give up serving Star Fleet?" S'chick asked.

"I am old, kid," Bill said, coming over to the bedroom door. "I am a relic. Relic of the past. And I am not that useful."

"Negative," S'chick said. "You are still useful."

Bill stopped mid way then turned in the direction of S'chick with a baffled expression.

"To save the world one last time but not to exploring these days," Bill said. "The kids portraying my crew are suitable for that."

"Kids?" S'chick said, his shoulders tightened and his eyebrows rose up. "Commanding a starship?"

"Young men and women." Bill said.

"Ah, figure of speech." S'Chick said, his shoulders loosening.

"Affirmative." Bill said.

"My apologies . . . Figures of speech is just able now being understood by my civilization. Due to the documents surfacing." S'chick shuddered. "We are learning the various levels of human speech. Forgive my father and brother but they are unaware of certain things. Per say," S'chick stepped forward. "Being backstabbed."

"I won't backstab them." Bill said, as though it were a promise.

"Baron said that and it hurt my father." S'chick said.

Bill looked S'chick in the eye.

"Trust me." Bill said.

There was a moment of silence between the two men.

"Father will be waiting for you after returning from the dispute with the Romulan officers." S'chick ended the silence after exactly five minutes and thirty-two seconds.

S'chick turned away then left the room.

"That was enlightening." Bill said.

Bill went into the bedroom. He could see a mirror, a bed, a window at the side, and collections of antiques of the sort such as a bat'leth, a Vulcan vase, a Bajoran violin of the sorts, and a Deltan statue to name a few of what was decorating the room. Bill recognized it as a Deltan because they were bald and had decorations on their head in the original series. He came to the side of the room then knocked on the wall. The fake wall slid aside. Bill gasped at what he was seeing. The golden uniform had various sizes. It had a size that fit Bill, apparently. When Bill took one out it was easily replaced by another. There was a standard dark procedural shirt underneath the golden shirt. Below it were a pair of shoes with rolled up black socks in the right shoe. Bill decided to change completely from civilian attire to Star Fleet. It was the next to best logical thing to do. And professionally for Jim. He kept his wedding on however.

Bill realized something looking himself at the mirror after getting dressed.

Jason Nesmith was based on him in Galaxy Quest.

Bill put one hand on his face.

"Oh hell." Bill said.

Bill lowered his hand down then looked back at the mirror.

"Here goes nothing," Bill said. He glared at the mirror. "You owe me, big time, Jim."

Bill turned away from the mirror then walked out of the bedroom leaving behind his earth attire on the bed. He came into the living room where Sarek was sitting down in a chair appearing to be in a deep state of meditation. Some days he would see Leonard meditating that exact same way during production for Star Trek: The Original Series for Amok Time. Eyes closed, hands together in a fist, and at harmony. Bill fondly remembered taking a picture of Leonard using the man's huge camera with the lightbulb that stood out on the device. White flash. A eternal black and white picture taken of Leonard in meditation. Too bad he didn't have a camera right now to capture this priceless picture.

"I took a picture one time of Spock meditating." Bill said.

Sarek opened his right eye raising an eyebrow.

"Hm?" Sarek asked, looking over in the direction of Bill.

"And he asked that I take pictures with his permission." Bill said.

Bill lowered his head, in shame.

"I should have listened to him." Bill said.

Sarek opened his left eye lowering his eyebrow.

"Ah," Sarek said. "You betrayed his trust." Bill lifted his head up. "And Ambassador Spock distanced himself from you."

There was the smallest of all smiles, that of guilt, on Bill's face.

"I deserved it." Bill said.

"Logically, if you have brought it up then you must have reconciled." Sarek said, as Bill headed toward the doors.

Bill came to a stop looking over toward the Vulcan who was getting up and the doors had opened. The way Sarek presented it sounded logical. But did he ever apologize? Bill's memory was a bit fuzzy on that. There was a name connected to Sarek. M. . . M. . .Started with a M, Bill was sure of it, and his last name was a bit like Leonard's name except--MARK LENARD! The look of uncertainty was replaced by a sad facial expression. He recalled the funeral. Funerals were a sap to Bill.

"Captain?" Sarek asked.

The smile faded on Bill's face.

"Let's go." Bill said, then walked out of the quarters.

Sarek followed after Bill.

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