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Basically, Galaxy Quest with the cast of Star Trek The Original Series! A/N this is a Alternate Universe story weaved with fact and fiction regarding the relationships between the very real relationship shared between William Shatner and his co-stars. You have been warned.


5. Chapter 5

The shuttle craft landed in shuttle bay. The doors to the backside lowered down. Suddenly there was a ringing coming from Bill's pant pocket. Bill took out the padd then looked at the list of messages. The numerous messages mainly had his name repeated. The first one, in years, was from Leonard. Bill stared at the text in awe wondering what made him just turn around and message him. Probably that someone from the space stations took a picture of the shuttle. That was the only logical explanation.

Len: Bill.














His message section could have easily been containing over nine thousand repetitions of his name in that IM with Leonard.

Bill: Space has INTERNET, LEN!

And Walter is here, too!

I am sending Walter back or either talk him out of it.

This mission is too dangerous.

You are lucky that you aren't here :D :D ;D :D

I mean that in a good way. o.o;

Bill out.

Bill replied with "yes?" to most of the messages. Mostly Chris, Nichelle, George,Doohan, Zach, and a couple of other people from the set of Free Enterprise 2. And then he came to the last one.

De: Don't you dare say yes to me! -.-

Bill laughed getting up from the chair.

Bill: Yes?


Bill: You have to admit, that is pretty funny.


Bill: Space.

The final frontier.

De: That is not funny.

Bill: Thank you for being my friend.

De: Don't IM me that way.

Bill: Tell Liz it is all going to be all right. Do that for me, will you? :') LLAP.


Bill turned his phone off then put it into his pocket. He followed Sarek out of the shuttle craft. He could see the doors to shuttle bay were closed. There were several other shuttles left in park in several of the spaces on the Enterprise that were cubby like. Back on Earth, De slid back in his chair not in a good mood to talk with Elizabeth then looked over in the direction of Carolyn. Carolyn and Elizabeth had gotten to know each other well. Carolyn knew then it was her turn to comfort her friend. Our scene returns back into the starship where Bill came into the shuttle bay looking around in shock. He should have brought a toupee with curly hair rather than his usual toupee that was not curly what-so-ever.

Speaking of which, maybe there is a hair regenerator on the Enterprise.

And make up an excuse for his brown natural hair.

"How long did it take you to make the Enterprise?" Bill asked.

"Three years, three months, twenty-three days, nine hours, thirteen minutes, and forty-three seconds. We completed it forty-five years, one month, three days, eight hours, forty-two minutes, and twenty-eight seconds ago," Sarek explained. "Most of our starships are hidden from the general public and the military in the case there would have been a situation like this. We are unable to reach our starships because most of the populace and the zone leading is currently out of our reach."

"Four times fifty equals two hundred--" Bill looked over in shock toward Sarek. "YOU HAVE TWO HUNDRED STARSHIPS?"

"Affirmative," Sarek said. "We had smaller starships back in our day and seeing that example of starships inspired us to reinvent ourselves." Bill turned his head away processing the information. "We destroyed the earlier starships afterwards and graduated into these." They went through the doorway followed by the two younger Vulcans. "We caught the transmission by an accident. Since then we have been attempting to unify our planets and establish Star Fleet. Other civilizations are not willing however we agreed on the prime directive. We stay out of the others way and we are fine with that. Klingons argued that we could become arrogant like our counterparts in the transmission and the Romulans would attempt to trick them into a war that was not honorable."

"Ahhh," Bill said. "You are waiting for us to establish Warp Drive."

"Affirmative," Sarek said. "Due to Earth's progression we have estimated that in the next hundred years they will have established warp." Sarek's hands were locked behind his back. "I intend to be around for that day to come. Not every day do I see the beginning of a beautiful union."

"That is true, Ambassador." Bill said.

"Indeed." Sarek said.

"I haven't heard of this O'Neil guy you mentioned." Bill said.

"The legendary Colonel Jack O'Neill and his SG-1 team," Sarek said. "The documents showed us what humanity is capable of. Sadly, we have yet to find a naquada powered starship."

"That is a shame." Bill said, shaking his head.

"We liberated the Jaffa six years ago using inferior technology and the Enterprise," Sarek said. "I lead the charge to free them. They are currently on Trenotin. The Stargates are extremely useful to arrive to these planets that are centuries away."

"That is quite a feat." Bill said.

"Indeed." Sarek said.

"You saved a entire civilization," Bill said. "Why do you need good old Jim to save you?"

"We are not humans," Sarek said. "Our weakness is our advantage."

"Oh," Bill said. "His advantage over you is logic?"

"Affirmative." Sarek said.

"That is messed up, Ambassador," Bill said. "But that is flattering to hear you need compassion and some ethnics from a inferior organism."

"You are superior than us." Sarek said.

Bill paused in his tracks feeling bubbly inside and lighter inside.

"Excuse me?" Bill asked.

"You are superior than us," Sarek said. "You rely on your emotions and you get the job done. Our grasp on emotions is at fault at best. Controlling emotions gives us power and the super strength we need."

Bill smiled then he looked over in the direction of Sarek.

"Where is the dressing room with the uniforms?" Bill asked.

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