We are actors, not Star Fleet Officers!

Basically, Galaxy Quest with the cast of Star Trek The Original Series! A/N this is a Alternate Universe story weaved with fact and fiction regarding the relationships between the very real relationship shared between William Shatner and his co-stars. You have been warned.


4. Chapter 4

Leonard chatted with De over the phone. Leonard's voice sounded better and he was in a better mood than he was before. Leonard explained how he awoke in a sick bay like room except it was circular and had designs of the new Sick Bay in the reboot verse with the gentle colors not white colors. Leonard thought he had been dreaming talking to a actual Vulcan. Leonard had seen Sarek talking to another Vulcan and apparently the man fell off the biobed because the next thing he knew was that he blacked out.

And then woke up in his lawn chair able to breath better than he had in years.

And his phone had been ringing with several texts once he had awoke.

"It is a miracle," Leonard had said. "A medical miracle. That dream must have a part in it."

"That wasn't a dream." De said.

"What makes you say that?" Leonard asked.

"I just signed the padd of a Vulcan and watched her be beamed away." De said.

Leonard laughed.

"Really?" Leonard said. "What kind of car did she drive?"

"Starship," De said. "I am goin' to enjoy this party and hopefully, just hopefully, Bill isn't in space by the time the party is over."

"When is he not?" Leonard asked, sounding amused.

De paused, contemplating that.

"Good point," De ended the phone call. "And enjoy your renewed health. No drinkin' for you today!"

"Talk to you later." Leonard said, fondly.

De lowered the phone and saw the connection had been terminated.

"Bill is not goin' to go over his head." De said, attempting to reassure himself putting the phone away then went into the building to enjoy the party.

Two hours and thirty-three minutes afterwards,the picture from space exploded all over the Internet. And De had talked with Elizabeth for over an hour reassuring her that Bill was likely sleeping in or just about fine also that he would explain it all away upon his return. The bad part is that Elizabeth had already called the actors that acted on set along Bill and they claimed he had vanished. Claiming that Bill left with three strange people and the two paid-for-Vulcan-illusionists had just showed up.

That only convinced De a startling revelation.

Gene was definitely from outer space.





De knew damn well those headlines were not the case.

Bill was in space.

"Damn it, Bill." De said, looking down at the photo on the screen.

And the photograph exploded shortly on the news.


Jim sat in the chair with his head lowered down toward his hands. He had been taken out of the Nexus by his counterparts. The beaming smiling young James T. Kirk and two familiar faces. Being taken to this place they called med bay, giving him a scan, checking his health, and so on. The man reminded him of Bones. Then it became obvious that it was Bones when the man got into a classic argument with the Vulcan regarding a subject that he has forgotten. It made Jim cry.

"And the Ambassador has been ill lately," Spock said. "We believe it will benefit his health that you come to his side immediately."

Jim looked up from his hands over his shoulder toward the Vulcan.

"I thought Spock was already dead." Jim said.

"He has not." Spock said.

"If he is gone . . . Then I am more alone in this life than I ever been." Jim said.

"Nonsense, you were never alone." Spock replied.

Jim sighed.

"You don't understand." Jim said.

"You believe I am too young to understand being alone?" Spock asked.

"No!" Jim said, sharply. "Your entire family is dead. None of the officers you served with are ALIVE to chat with! To relate with!" His hand rolled up into a fist. "My friends are dead. My Bones--" He closed his eyes with a wince lowering his head. "Scotty, Chekov, Uhura, Sulu, and Chapel. They are all dead. I can't go back to my universe. I can't. Star Fleet doesn't need a man who has all ready done his potential. If he goes . . . I might just die of a broken heart, It pains me I can't see Bones again. It hurts that I will outlive my life partner! I could outlive him for an hour and it would feel like a century! What is the worth of living if you can't share it? I can't go on without someone to share life with."

Spock put one hand on Jim's shoulder.

"I grieve with thee." Spock said.

Jim took his glasses off then flicked off a tear and his lenses were clouded.

Zach made a undeciferable noise reading the story. There were plenty of stories regarding the sudden appearance and disappearance of the shuttle craft in the Star Trek Fandom. One of them were 2k words, a few were 3k to 5k, and they were all giving him feels. Chris came over then sat down alongside his cast mate wrapping one arm around his shoulder appearing to be concerned. Some of them were so happy, so cheery, so sad, and gut wrenching, and angst.

"You can stop torturing yourself with those new fanfics, Zach." Chris said.

"I can't help myself," Zach said. "They are addicctinng!"

Chris snatched the ipad from Zach.

"There, there, there," Chris said, holding it a reasonable distance from Zach. "Problem solved."

"Chriisiss!" Zach whined.

"You just read your last Star Trek fanfic of us." Chris said.

"No, it was Nimoy and Shatner I was reading." Zach said, with a pout.

"And were you in it." Chris said.

"Yes." Zach said.

"That's enough feels hurting my Spock." Chris said.


"And now to the entertainment news of the night," Reporter Serra Scotts said, as the screen turned to her direction with a picture of a shuttle craft appearing at the right hand corner. "There were video and pictures taken of a shuttle leaving Planet Earth."

The picture filled the screen.

"In one of them there is William Shatner's Captain Kirk looking out the window," Scotts said. The screen zoomed in to the window to display clear as day William Shatner saluting back. "There has no word if this is part of a promotional footage for Star Trek: Beyond slated to be released next month for the 50th anniversary of Star Trek: The Original Series."

The image is replaced by footage.

"Fortunately we are lucky to have moving footage of the event." Scotts said.

The shuttle craft appeared in thin air feet away from the space station.

"Oh my god," Came a female voice off screen. "Is that a shuttle craft?"

"Earth hasn't made shuttles to break the atmosphere of Earth." Came a male voice.

"There is not a launching for a Enterprise classed shuttle craft until 2020." The second male voice said.

"Fascinating." The female voice said.

"It looks nothing like it was made by humans." The first male voice said.

"I agree." The second male voice said.

"Looks like a Vulcan shuttle craft from Star Trek: First Contact." The first female voice said. Sudden the shuttle craft vanished into space in a way that frightened the onlookers and the camera stopped rolling. The shuttle craft had apparently gone into warp.


George was lending his voice in a Netflix original cartoon movie called Glacial mountains that involved a moose, a bear, a bird, and a racoon. George was lending his voice to the racoon who was called Rovern. It was a comedy movie set centuries, thousands of years, art-style wise, after the events of the Ice Age Franchise. The racoon was dead straight gay. (And very wise, the script said, for he was the king of gayness. That part made George laugh.)

Rovern was part of a litter.

Seven: three brothers and three sisters.

Rovern was the fourth male.

The movie was about these animals getting home after getting taken from their natural habitat.


FOREST AREA. ROVERN, a Racoon, is sitting on the backside of JACK the moose using a fishing rod of the sorts.

JACK. Rovern, is there anything you have not done?

ROVERN. Fishing with cheese. No.

JACK. You don't eat fish.

ROVERN. But Lewis does!

JACK. LEWIS is in hibernation.

ROVERN. I do not think for long.

JACK. Don't tell me you and your friends are considering to go wake him up!

ROVERN. Not me and friends - POINTS TO HIMSELF - The humans.

JACK looks over his shoulder toward ROVERN

JACK. This is not hunting season.

ROVERN. Illegal poachers are a pain. They are just lucky this furry critter hasn't gotten fat yet! - RUBS HIS CHEST - They would have gotten me by now.

JACK. But you are--

ROVERN. Don't insult your elders.

ROVERN'S fishing line bobs up and down.

JACK. I believe you got a catch.

ROVERN nearly falls off JACK then straightens himself up and begins to reel it in.

ROVERN. Hold on, my precious cheese!

ROVERN pulls back the fishing line using the small circular object to reel it in.

George could hear his phone from the jacket positioned on the chair. He should have put it on air-plane mode. He rarely did get calls during voice recording. Being called during a voice recording had to have a good reason. There could be a bunch of good reason being called. Most of his inner circle knew not to call at this time, hell, not even the ones who he had estranged barely called him. Just a few more lines and he would be done. The phone kept ringing. Who was so determined to reach George?

George finished his scene.

"And that's a wrap." Came Larry.

George casually walked over toward the chair then picked up his jacket and took out his phone then hit the green button.

"George here."


"Jimmy, hold on there," George said, walking out of the room. "I didn't hear you."

"Walter and I were fishing when this Trekker approached us," Doohan said. "He was dressed as a Klingon and he wanted us to sign his bat'leth. I signed on one side and Walter signed on the other side using a permanent marker the Klingon had brought. Walter asked where he came from and he said Qo'Nos. He was very invested in his character. I asked how he found us. And you know what he said?"

"GPS." George said.

"And then he shouted qapla," Doohan continued. "He turned then walked away. Walter was curious about the Trekker. He said there was something too realistic about the Klingon. The Trekker dropped something that I hadn't seen in years. One of those things that Shatner signed on set usually. Not a clipboard but a ipad like device. Walter put his fishing rod down, picked the padd up, and ran after the Trekker. I turned around and resumed fishing. Eventually I had to get up and search for him. He wasn't there."

"That is strange." George noted.

"I thought he may have skidded out on me." Doohan said.

"And you found out one of his friends helped?" George asked.

"That is the crazy part: I didn't! He was no where to be found." Doohan said.

"Did you call him?" George asked.

"Yes, every half an hour." Doohan said.

"I am sure there is a reasonable explanation for this," George said. "Relax, Jimmy."


"This is De." De was sitting at the backyard with Carolyn enjoying the peace and quiet, with the phone on his ear.

"Bill is in space, isn't he?" Leonard asked.

"Uh huh." De said.

"I am going to kill him." Leonard said.

De had a short lived laugh.

"You got the offer too from paramount?" De asked.

"I have not," Leonard said. "Ambassador Spock died in Star Trek: Beyond. What was your offer?"

"I was offered to play a Star Fleet Captain James Allen Tubbleware." De said.

Carolyn had a short laugh.

"Tubbleware," Carolyn said, getting lost in a fit of laughter. "Tubbleware!"

"You are lying." Leonard said.

"Uh huh, you got me," De said. "It is just a cameo appearance."

"That's what they said," Leonard said. "A cameo, Leonard! You will only appear in one movie! Then they had to thrown in Khan too early. Spock would not want to be a crutch for his past self so it seemed logical to kill him off due to old age."

"What about his Katra?" De asked.

"You have to wait like everyone else to know." Leonard said.

"So Spock put his Katra into a Katra Keeper and let his knowledge be preserved for future generations." De said.

"How do you know about Katra Keepers?. . ." Leonard asked.

"I can hear you raising that eyebrow," De said. "There is some good fanfiction out there."

"Well, I wouldn't say it would be logical for the Ambassador having two of the same minds in one place after death . . ." Leonard said. There was a moments pause as Leonard realized what he had just told the man. "De!"

"Gotcha." De said, feeling inner delight.

"How is your cameo appearance going to relate to the plot?" Leonard asked.

"Well, that is complicated," De said. "Can't exactly tell you. Your character bein' dead and all. He is only a look alike of the original McCoy."

"Basically, I will know when the fourth movie comes out." Leonard said.

"Oh yes," De said. There is a momentary pause. "J.J. is not directin' it."

"Damn it." Leonard said.

"You could ask Pinto." De said.

"Pinto." Leonard repeated.

"Yes, those two." De said.

"You ship them, don't you?" Leonard asked.

"No, no, no, just rolled off my tongue, that is all." De said.

"I ship them too." Leonard said.

"Not surprised." De said.

"Thank you for giving me a more easier source to crack." Leonard said.

"You are welcome." De said, lowering the phone down onto the arm rest.

The phone line went dead.

"You boys," Carolyn said, shaking her head with a small laugh.


"Are we there yet?" Bill asked.

"Almost." S'chick said.

Bill leaned against the side of the chair.

"Are we there yet?" Bill asked, again

"Captain Kirk, can you--" Sarek was interrupted by Bill.

"Call me Jim?" Bill said. "When not in Command."

Sarek sighed.

"Jim, can you stop acting like a child?" Sarek asked.

"I do not know about that part," Bill said. "I would like to hear the run down about Baron's conflict with you."

"Again?" Sarek asked.

"Again," Bill said. "I was busy thinking about something else."

"Ah, you were reflecting over the past." Sarek said.

"Yes." Bill said, in a low voice.

"Baron is a Romulan," Sarek said. "She was a minimal threat in the beginning. But then a series of conflicts began to arise. She gathered countless followers who were unpleased of our prime directive. They were gaining massive numbers. Vulcan and several other native home planets discovered an uprising was to be planned. A set of Vulcan officers infiltrated the group, recorded them, and then they were caught red handed. That sparked outrage. Eighteen of our vessels went under mutiny. Colonies were cut off from supply routes and the most logical way to continue giving them supplies was through Klingon Scout ships. I was one of the diplomats sent to defuse the problem with Ambassador Troy of Betazed, Ambassador Ryan of Romulus, Ambassador Ceazar of Qo'Nos, Ambassador Taurk of the Ferengi, Ambassador Senchein of Bajor--"

"So every species had a representative." Bill finished.

"Affirmative." Sarek said.

"Go on." Bill said, with a wave of a hand.

"During the meeting there was an all out attack launched against us. We were the second targets after the military and defense starships were decapitated. We managed to escape the onslaught without being seen. We had to stay low with our guards on alert. We watched our planets be attacked, crippled, and conquered. Baron won. And Baron had escaped her prison. Baron was the one who launched the attack in the first place. There is a curfew for a series of planets to ensure no one attempts to over throw her. If they were out late then they are executed." Bill flinched. "And needless,senseless, intervention is done on planets that do not need intervened. So far two civilizations have fallen because of Baron's meddling."

Bill's jaw started to fall.

"We decided, in the honor of this Star Fleet you served gallantly in the past we had to take a chance against the Kobyashi Maru facing the fate of many planets," Sarek said. "Less than one thousand Vulcans were able to make their way here. Klingons are the security personnel. We have freedom fighting Romulans working as tech support and in engineering. We have Beastazoid counselors in the case that we lose someone and get separated from the rest of the universe through illogical means. I lead the charge to retrieve the Enterprise at the cost of lives. We had to have a distraction plan. And it cost the USS Farragut. We christened it after the first starship you served on in the original universe. Baron has, or will for that matter, surely order the execution of the crew and enslave the females. So you see, Jim, you are only hope."

Bill cleared his throat then he had a smile.

"Well," Bill said. "You came to the right captain."

"I do not doubt you,Jim." Sarek said.

"We have arrived." S'obi said.

Bill leaned to the side.

"Oh my. . ." Bill gasped. "You brought the old girl back."

It was the Enterprise.

The original Enterprise.

She looked majestic and a bit more up to date however, yet recognizable. Bill stood up walking toward the front of the shuttle craft. He had only seen her as a small toy or on a poster not in real life. Bill found himself wishing that everyone else was here to see her. Though, they would be awed and bewildered and frightened then concerned all in the same order. No bloody A,B,C, or D. That phrase was muttered a lot by fans at comic-con and conventions when they shared conversations regarding the Enterprise. At a time when they didn't recognize Bill as he was dressed up as a Andorian that one time and no one recognized him (and as a Klingon with Leonard that other time). Bill now understood how the Trekkers felt about labeling the Enterprises later incarnations. He experienced nostalgia, hope, and wonder and fascination all at the same time.

"We had to study the old and the new documents," Sarek said. "For the interior and the exterior. We took the liberties to put our own design and fill in the gaps within the starship. It has twenty-one decks and houses seven hundred thirty personnel. You make the seven hundred thirty-second member counting the unexpected passenger."

Bill looked over toward Sarek with a raised eyebrow while, by the inside, horrified.

"You failed to mention that three hours ago." Bill said.

"He refers to himself as Admiral Chekov. The last time I checked, he was engaged in a tour of the Enterprise. He came with my head security officer Worf son of Mogh. It seemed he wanted to go." Bill was giving Sarek the stare. "He has been on the ship for ten hours. We could not stop him to the bridge. He was telling my security officers stories of serving on the USS Enterprise that were not displayed on the documents."

"More the merrier." Bill said, as the shuttle swooped toward the shuttle bay.

Our view backtracked into space seeing the Enterprise.

"Captain, please sit down," Came Sarek's voice. "Flying the shuttle into shuttle bay will not be pleasent."


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