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Basically, Galaxy Quest with the cast of Star Trek The Original Series! A/N this is a Alternate Universe story weaved with fact and fiction regarding the relationships between the very real relationship shared between William Shatner and his co-stars. You have been warned.


3. Chapter 3

Bill walked off set with a grin on his face in the direction of Sarek. Sarek, remarkably, still had his stoic facial expression except for the eyebrow raising. The two other Vulcans walked off the set. Paramount would likely want to sue for the usage of the Vulcans in The wrath of Shatner. Who wouldn't? Bill wrapped an arm around Sarek's shoulder and said, "How was our performance, Mr Sarek?" as they walked away from the set with the two younger Vulcans trailing behind him.

"It was well done," Sarek said. "I was unaware it would take you fifteen reshoots to get one scene down."

Bill smiled.

"What can I say?" Bill said, unwrapping his arm from around Sarek's shoulder. "It is grueling work for an actor."

"You kept forgetting to turn the switch." Sarek said.

"The light switch?" Bill said. "That is no biggy."

"Your memory is gravely concerning," Sarek noted. "A given human should not have trouble interrupting a given theatrical experience that had terrible taste and lines that were illogical." Bill's face twisted. "Your lines, however, are more favorable."

Bill's eyebrows shot up and his face relaxed.

"My lines are not that favorable." Bill said.

"You made a well crafted speech to my sons S'chick and S'Obi with bravado and staccato that defines your captaincy," Sarek said. "Your speech regarded doing what was right and what was wrong. You touched point on following the heart. Your memory may be going out but that does not mean your words of encouragement are suffering. I am not a healer but I am a Ambassador representing many alien races in need of your help to get rid of this threat."

Bill's cheeks blushed.

"Why that is flattering but you are complimenting the wrong person," Bill said. "Someone wrote my lines."

"We greatly appreciated hearing your speech fifteen times, Mr Kirk." S'obi said.

"We wish to be great captains like you." S'Chick said.

Bill turned toward the two young men.

"You want to be great captains?" Bill said.

"Affirmative." The brothers said.

Bill had a grim look on his face.

"One piece of advice," Bill said. They came to a stop across from the filming crew. "Don't go behind your co-worker's back."

Sarek took out a small device similar to the standard communicator from Star Trek: The Original Series.

"Sarek to Mini-Craft," Sarek said. "Four to beam up."

Bill heard a melody being played that sounded a lot like it were a transporter being used. His scenery changed before him in a blue haze. Bill found himself in a space craft of some form hovering in the air right above the movie set. S'obi put one hand on the older man's shoulder to help him soak in the information. S'chick came over to the piloting chair and S'obi followed afterwards going to the helmsmen station. It felt surreal to be standing in a spacecraft. He recognized the design that had been in the earlier Shuttle Craft from the Star Trek Original Series Movie franchise.

"It is real," Bill said. "All of it is real."

"Klingons, Ferengi, Romulans, Bajorans, of course," Sarek said. "It is real."

"It is just that I. . ." Bill said. "After getting out the Nexus by my old crew . . . I forgot there was even a starship."

"Sit down, Captain Kirk," Sarek said. "It will be a bumpy ride."

Bill sat down into the chair underneath him and beside him sat Sarek.

"Why didn't we just beam up to the ship?" Bill asked.

"We only beam when absolutely necessary," Sarek said. "Ambassador Spock was returned during his resting period after we took the liberty to rid of his ailment one hour and thirty-three minutes ago. Logically, the genetic surgery Doctor McCoy had done to Ambassador Spock inside and outside was very professionally done. My chief medical officer, Miss Frizzle, is very fond of the doctor. We are currently attempting to prevent your planet being found by our enemy."

Bill was silent, as the shuttle rattled.

"My apologies we could not relay this to you earlier." Sarek apologized.

Bill cleared his throat.

"Normally I would be happy but did you just tell me that you abducted Ambassador Spock and returned him?" Bill asked.

"Affirmative." Sarek said.

"Do you know how illegal that is?" Bill asked, appalled.

"It was for logical reasons." Sarek said.

"You don't just abduct a man and leave his wife wondering where the hell he is for hours." Bill said.

"Three hours and thirty-three minutes." Sarek said.

"Oh god, Sarek, do you even hear yourself? You just violated the Prime Directive by UFO-ing someone. Did he even see what happened?" Sarek was unable to form a reply but looked away. "He saw what you did?" Sarek sighed lowering his head. "Great." Bill threw his hands in the air. "You just made Leonard think he is a abductee!"

Sarek glared over in the direction of Bill.

"We did not take Admiral McCoy." Sarek said.

"I meant Ambassador Spock," Bill said. "Mr Spock and I are not friends anymore."

"But the documents--" Sarek started.

"The documents are out dated." Bill finished.

Sarek looked at the younger man.

"The Enterprise is approximately three hours away," Sarek said. "We can get to know one another."

"So the big bad can monitor beaming signals." Bill said.

"Affirmative." Sarek said.

"And their name?" Bill said.

"Her name is Baron." Sarek said.

"Why that is new." Bill said.

"Why did your friendship end with Ambassador Spock?" Sarek asked, curiously.

Bill went silent, at first, looking down toward his hands.

"I rather not say." Bill said.

Bill turned his head away looking out the window seeing Earth become smaller. Apparently they had broken through the final layer of the atmosphere without a bang. It was marvelous. The shuttle craft decloaked. Bill could see the space station. People were staring right back at him with wide eyes and awe. One of them were taking pictures. Perhaps they couldn't see him. So Bill, so Shatner like, made a Vulcan salute to the side of the window with a oddly comforted smile on his face. A man can dream that he was being seen. The technology these days.

"We are prepared to exit the solar system, father, and join the Enterprise." S'chick said.

"Plot course for the Enterprise." Sarek said.

"Are we there yet?" Bill asked.

"Negative." Came the three voices.

"Does anyone here know music?" Bill asked.

"Negative." The three males replied at once.

"Can you sing?" Bill asked.

"Singing is illogical." Sarek said.

"Come on," Bill said. "You never know you might come across a alien civilization that needs you to sing for them to understand."

"That is quite logical, father," S'chick said. "Plotting course."

"Do you know any songs?" Sarek asked, glaring over in the direction of Bill.

"Let's start with the most basic song in the history of songs," Bill said. "This is a annoying song that will never ever end."

Bill had expected someone, anyone, to say his name with exasperation in their voice.

"Or we can sing the alphabet." Bill said, as the view backtracked from behind watching the shuttle go into warp vanishing within space.

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