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Basically, Galaxy Quest with the cast of Star Trek The Original Series! A/N this is a Alternate Universe story weaved with fact and fiction regarding the relationships between the very real relationship shared between William Shatner and his co-stars. You have been warned.


15. Chapter 15

The Farragut's lower section,not being the saucer section, was adrift. The saucer separation had been conducted, obviously. It was completely abandoned save for the dead bodies of royal guard members who appeared to have choked to death. Our view goes into the dark battle bridge. It was classic era, it had everything that was normally seen in Star Trek: The Original Series. No slick screens. No racks for phasers to the side of the wall. The lights in the room brightened up into red alert.

Navigation system has been activated.

The navigation station's buttons were making beeping sounds while glowing.

Pilot system has been activated.

The leveler slid forward as the course was set.

Warp six has been initiated.

The ship was trembling.

Engines have been initiated.

The lights in engineering turned on.


The starship went into warp.


Fred was looking over his shoulder just to be sure that the rest of the royal guard were in the brig. Fred turned his head away visibly afraid while trembling. Fred had managed to escape Ferenginar with his siblings but his parents were not able to join. They were shot down by members of the royal guard before they made it to the shuttle. Fred's fingers had the slightest of all aches that lingered from hitting on the windows in tears screaming until his brother tore him away. Their pets had fled long before the raids began.

Searching for who was loyal and who was not loyal to the queen.

Streets emptied and those who had survived were in hiding on their home planet in secret compartments of their home. Underground shelter is what humans would refer to them. These had plenty of nourishment to last them for a year. They had radios of some kind that reported what was going on outside their safety zone. Fred and his siblings were among the numerous shuttle pods to hide inside craters hidden in plain sight due to their design. Until there was rumors of a starship called Enterprise that lead the charge against Baron when they were heading to a safe planet that was supposedly toxic (but really was not) to Romulans and Vulcans alike with the gassy clouds that glowed a light green. Fred had to join the charge. He knew inside and out about engineering. Fred figured he would be useful for that.

So imagine his surprise when Fred saw his friend S'chon at the transporter console and the eyebrow raise in return. It had been four weeks since Baron's reign began. It could have easily been a month. It felt like forever to the survivors. The Enterprise was their only hope to freedom. Some questioned that one ship alone can solve all their problems. People called for the Asgaard to show up. But not one had a idea where the planets that had the certain civilizations that could contact the Asgaard were. Some called for a infiltration and a rebellion that could cost lives.

But the stunt pulled by a bunch of old men was proving to be successful. S'chon had recovered from his injuries and was engaged in a silent celebration with other Vulcans (or something like that) while the others namely being Klingons, Romulans, Ferengi, Deltans, and Andorians threw a celebration in the rec rooms. Fred had sent a message to his remaining family regarding the news that someone was controlling the Baron Empire and restricting their army in whatever means possible. A possibility to go home. To return what once was with rebuilding and recovery. Fred was sure that the ambassadors, the last authority figures since their presidents were assassinated, would piece everything back together with emergency relief and time including counselors. The survivors would need that.

Fred walked into the transporter room to see two older men, one of which had very gray hair and another had dark hair with streak of gray in it. Their heads turned in the direction of Fred. The one with completely gray hair was shorter than the dark haired man who's hair had streaks of gray. They did not seem to be happy. And something was clearly wrong (which required his help, obviously).

"Lieutenant Fred," Leonard said. "What can you tell us about the device the captain requested you to make?"

Fred straightened his uniform then approached the two and began to explain. Leonard and De listened. Leonard nodded intently listening. The skin on De's face went pale. De used the side of the transporter console to support himself. He felt uneasy about it turning his head away putting both hands on the console. De closed his eyes lowering his head down then opened his eyes. Leonard asked a few questions when it was necessary.

"That is unexpected." Leonard said.

De sat down on the stairs to the transporter pad.

"It hasn't been tried before so whatever happens can be permanent." Fred said.

De cleared his throat looking up.

"Did he mention to you about havin' Alzheimer?" De asked in a low voice.

Fred's face turned into a horrified one.

Leonard raised an eyebrow.

"If he had that then--oh my god," Fred said. "I should have asked if he had memory problems. I am so sorry, Admiral."

De took his phone out of his pocket then looked down at the phone and his hand was trembling.

"You are dismissed, Lieutenant." Leonard said.

Fred walked out with guilt.

"Len. . ." De said, his hands trembling holding the phone. "He won't remember us."

Leonard came over to De's side.

"He can regain the memories." Leonard said.

"You heard the kid," De said. "At best long term memory would be affected, recent, too."

"Remember the episode where Lieutenant Uhura had her memory wiped?" Leonard asked.

"She had to be reeducated." De said.

"Affirmative." Leonard said.

De raised his eyebrows, head turned in the direction of Leonard.

"Are you implyin' he'll forget everything?" De asked.

"No, I am merely implying he will make new memories," Leonard said. "Either way, he might remember us and only recalled what happened before being beamed to the Enterprise." Leonard put one hand on De's shoulder. "It will be all right, De."

"He will not be the same man," De said. "Let alone . . . You know this will escalate his Alzheimer."

"We will be there for him." Leonard said.

"I hope he remembers somethin'," De said. "Anythin'." He turned his head away as Leonard took his hand off the tearful De's shoulder. "Nichelle called me earlier. Said Bill acted strangely while in a conversation with him over the phone." He looked down toward the list of names on the contact list. "How do I tell my best friends wife that he may not remember her?"

De appeared to be scared.

"We will cross that bridge when we get there." Leonard said.

"Bill insists he doesn't have it and Liz insists he does," De said. "We have to tell them. The other boys. I didn't tell you for that matter because I thought this memory thin' was a minor inconvenience. It explains mostly why he remembers thin's differently. It started a year before Bill made that stupid documentary." De put the phone away then looked back over toward Leonard. Leonard had a surprised expression on his face. "You had to know anyway that Bill had it."

"I did not." Leonard said.

"Last week Bill repeated a conversation with me," De said. "I told him we had that exact same conversation two hours ago. And you know what his exact words were?"

"I do not remember having that conversation." Leonard said.

De nodded his head with a sigh wiping a tear off.

"Bill used to remember thin's just fine when he was younger," De said. "It's so sad. Bill still looks like he is fifty. And so do you."

"Is it the hair?" Leonard asked. "I dyed it recently to make myself look older."

"It's the face." De said.

"My memory, unlike Bill's, has yet to falter," Leonard said. "I am not that surprised."

"I take it that your 'Vulcan photographic memory' affects you biologically." De said.

Leonard nodded.

"I like to think so." Leonard said.

"What do we do if he forgets us?" De asked.

Leonard paused, giving it a thought.

"Simple," Leonard finally. "We start over and we help him remember."

"Maybe Bill will only have lost memory of the past three days and he will be still be Bill. Our Bill. The one I know best." De said.

"That would be a preferable outcome." Leonard said.

"I am surprised my memory hasn't been goin'," De said, briefly closing his eyes. De wiped another tear off. "It is just not fair. It should be happenin' to me not him! This shouldn't be happenin' to Bill. This is not fair!"

Leonard brought De close and let his old friend cry as he pat his back.


The other four men were informed of what they could expect if Bill did come back alive. George was annoyed that he most likely had to deal with Bill pronouncing his last name incorrectly. Walter was horrified to say for the least. Karl was visibly saddened by it. It was De who insisted that everyone get some well deserved rest on the way home. De made sure that Leonard went into his assigned bio room (with the machinery turned off) and get some rest. They were all stressed, worried, and concerned at once. De got only two hours of shut eye when it came to his attention that Whichov and Nurse Anne were injured while retrieving a Ensign from the holodeck that strangely was glitching and somehow merging them into the matter of solid objects.

De worked with Puri and Chapel resulting in two amputations (Both of which were for the original victims) by getting a holographologist which happened to be S'chon to rewrite the safety protocols. And patching up the doctor and the nurse. De took a power nap in the head CMO's office in the chair snoozing. It turned out this ship had the luck of the fictitious Enterprise. After De awoke he decided to give Nichelle a call and explain to her why Bill was acting strangely. Didn't help that he was calling in the middle of the night.

"De, why are you calling so late?" Nichelle asked.

"Vulcans stole cable." De said.

"What?" Nichelle asked.

"Vulcans stole cable." De said.

"Is that a new fan movie?" Nichelle asked.

"It is not. But I wish it were. All of the aliens from Star Trek are real." De started. "You see, Sarek approached Bill and asked for his help. Bill accepted. Bill and Sarek went to the Enterprise. Bill met Baron, essentially our version of Sarris, in hailing and had a bad fight. Karl and I were beamed aboard. We had to treat a lot of alien patients. Turns out Walter had been beamed aboard earlier on his own free will. Then we had to get George because the helmsmen were terrible and the most skilled one sacrificed his life to save the Enterprise. We got Jimmy to observe the engineering just for a quick visit but that turned out longer than anticipated. We had to get dilithum crystals, went to a planet, lost Bill, the Enterprise was taken over by Baron but then Bill--"

"But you said Bill was gone." Nichelle interrupted.

"I did." De said.

"I don't get it." Nichelle said.

"He is in the computer. Bio engineered himself into the computer system." De said.

"Go on." Nichelle said.

"We told the truth, scared Baron off, reclaimed the Enterprise, and headin' straight home. The next time you will see Bill. . . I am afraid he won't be the same man you last talked to." Three was a long pause from Nichelle's end of the conversation. "We have been in space for the past two days."

"So Bill screwed up because he thought he was better than Baron." Nichelle said.

"Yes." De said.

"Why didn't you call me earlier so I can give him an ass chewing?" Nichelle asked.

De had a chortle shaking his head.

"We would not want to worry you," De said. "Don't worry, the next time time he does somethin' like this again you get to do the chewin'."

"And I will be beamed aboard the ship that time around, all right?" Nichelle asked. "I prefer to do it face to face."

"I am sorry for wakin' you up this late," De apologized. "But Sarek would be willin' to give you a tour of the Enterprise when the time is convenient."

"What next?" Nichelle asked. "Xenomorphs and Yautja being real?"

De saw a starship with a cobra like design that had two claw like parts to both sides flying right past.

"You don't know how much I really hate you right now." De said, staring at the passing starship.

Nichelle laughed.

"Good night, De." Nichelle said, and then the line went dead.

De put the phone away then went in the opposite direction.



The Enterprise was in orbit around Earth. There was a sigh of relief on the bridge. Walter could see the moon and the American flag sticking out. De was in the captain's chair feeling odd. He had a gut feeling that not everything was right. Suddenly a green flew out of space striking the Enterprise making the ship tremble. Red alert was raised throughout the Enterprise.

"Shields are at forty-five percent and dropping." George said.

Leonard walked onto the bridge.

"What just happened?" Leonard asked.

"We have been attacked by disruptor fire." De said.

"De,any attack launched by the unknown source could make the ship destroy itself," George said. "I am afraid this could be the end."

"Admiral, we are being hailed." The communications officer, a Vulcan, said.

"On screen." De said.

On the screen appeared Baron with a well placed smirk on her face.

"Are you ready to meet your doom?" Baron asked.

"You are one stubborn Romulan," De said. "And we are equally stubborn."

"Surrender and I will consider sparing your respective families." Baron said.

George looked over in the direction of De.

"Hmmm. . ." De rubbed his chin, eyebrow raising up. "Let me think about that."

"You have one minute to consider." Baron said.

"Len, what do you think?" De asked, looking over toward Leonard.

"She should go to hell." Leonard said.

Walter found the coordinates of the Farragut then said the coordinates out loud.

"George." De said.

George turned toward the screen.

"My pleasure." George said, firing the phasers upon the Farragut's direction.

"Why you arrogant inferior--" Baron was not able to finish what she had started as the screen turned to black.

The Farragut trembled with a cackle.

"Fire at will!" Baron ordered.

Suddenly the lower half of the Farragut appeared acting as a shield for the Enterprise. The lower half received scars and burn marks. De was in the chair staring in horror as he realized that it was Bill. Leonard was sitting at the science station wearing a seat belt. The lower half turned in the direction of Baron's saucer section and repeatedly fired flying in her direction. The men and women aboard the starship stood still watching in awe at the pathetic attempt to try stopping her.

"Fire at the Farragut." Tisk said, calmly.

The phasers fired upon the hull that was flying probably faster than fifty miles per hour.

"Disable the Enterprise!" Baron demanded. "NOW!"

One phaser blast struck the nacelles of the Enterprise and then the Farragut crashed against the saucer section of Baron's ship. Electricity cackled and men and women were sent flying out into space. Tisk found a leveler then enabled the emergency gravity pull. Gravity returned with a enacted forcefield. Tisk searched for Baron among the wreckage pulling aside the wall paneling and dangling wiring.

The Farragut was turning away from the planet with the saucer section leaving behind debris and freely floating bodies heading in the direction of the sun. Tisk found her mate then put her into her arms. Baron had a fatal injury in her torso with one hand covering the injury. Baron took Tisk's hand. The Farragut went into warp with a sonic boom being left behind tipping the Enterprise down toward the planet. The Enterprise was falling due to the lack of a nacelle and that it had overwhelming weight.

"Admiral McCoy speaking."

The crew were leaving the bridge.

"We are engaging in a saucer separation."

There were people moving from one place to another.

"We will go down to the battle bridge and those who are not from Earth will be taken to the saucer section."

Walter and George gasped at the identical bridge to the original staring back at them.

"Yes, all seven hundred of you."

Walter and George exchanged a smile.

"Ambassadors and personnel please report to the saucer section."

The two men went to their familiar stations and began to work on separating from the saucer section.

"And you are welcome."

De was in the captain's chair, again, this time he was scared. Karl was at the communications station muttering "How the hell do you work this damn old thing?" trying to adjust communications to a nearby earth bound frequency. He found the screw shaped ear bud in a cubby with a door in the console then put it into his ear. Leonard was at the science station. Doohan was at the engineering station seeing the familiar prop that he pretended to use for three years on set. It was remarkable how he could actually use it this time to check the indicatior of the engines and report the status. But make sure the stress did not get into the dilithium crystals. Worf, under some strange circumstance, walked in holding cotton candy wearing ear plugs.

Karl looked over at Worf.

"Worf!" Karl shouted.

Worf looked over puzzled seeing where he had arrived then turned around and took out his ear plugs.

"You should have left with the others!" Karl said.

Worf raised an eyebrow.

"To that unworthy party?" Worf asked. "It was nonsense."

"Doesn't matter now," De said. "You are to man the internal systems station beside Jimmy."

Worf went over to the internal systems station.

"Where are we going to crash this thin'?" De asked.

"Denver International Airport," George said. "I did some research for my pilot movie. All we need to do is align the ship without hitting any airplanes."

"Make it so." De said.

Damn, De thought, now I am talking like Picard. Speaking of Picard. . . Patrick is going to be surprised!

"All right." George said.


A little boy was sitting by the window appearing to be bored.

"Tommy, look," His father, Jeremy Skittler, said. "There is a flying shark outside your window!"

Tommy looked over.

"Mooom, dad is messing with me again." Tommy said.

"Honey," Martinez Skittler, Tommy's mother, said. "How many times must I tell you to stop poking at his brain?"

"Our kid should be like all the other kids," Jeremy said. "Annoying, loud, creative, rude, and obnoxious."

"You don't have that kind of kid in our house." Martinez said.

"Yes, I do," Jeremy said. "That is what I married you for!"

"I thought you married me for my money." Martinez said, reading a novel.

Jeremy appeared to be insulted.

"I married you for you," Jeremy said. "Can't a kid be a kid?"

Suddenly a man from down the row was screaming "THERE IS A GREMLIN OUT THERE ON THE WING!" A woman came down the row coming to the source of the screaming. Tommy looked over to the side of the window with his eyes on the wide wings. There was no gremlin to be seen on the wing span. Tommy pouted. Major look. There was a insane man on the air plane obviously. Tommy suddenly saw a falling skeleton coming through the atmosphere.

"DAD, DAD,DAD, THERE'S A BLAZING FALLING SKELETON FALLING THROUGH SPACE AND OH LOOK THERE'S A--. . . what the hell is a phone doing in the atmosphere?"

"Tommy, language!" Martinez scolded her son.

Jeremy looked over to see what Tommy was seeing.

"Oh my god." Jeremy said, taking out a bag and puked into it.

Martinez looked over to see a starship, as did her son, among other people to see a starship crashing through the clouds leaving a trail of smoke behind. It looked awfully like the Enterprise falling in Star Trek Beyond except it had a classic feel to it. Martinez screamed as the airplane went chaos.

"The Enterprise is real!" Tommy said. "The Enterprise is real!"


If one was watching the flare of the sun through a special telescope they would have seen a saucer with a unusual lower half on top of it bringing itself forth into the sun making quite the spectacle. The scientists watching had wide eyes and documented the event. A electrical entity jumped from the telescope to the pad and took a short trip through the internet. Our view changed into the empty runway and in waiting seats were anxious impatient people. The TSA were doing their job deliberately slower than usual because they didn't want to alarm the passengers or let them see. Long lines would prevent anyone from a good view of the run way.

To bad the Enterprise was all ready on the news by that time.

Right before the Farragut entered,communications between all of the starships was lifted and a message was sent: Your queens are dead. Surrender.

"Lower the wheels!" The female voice said over the communication.

"The Enterprise wasn't built to be a airplane!" Karl replied to the woman on the other end. "What do you think we are in? Airplane 3?"

"The dilithium crystal's been burned out!" Doohan said.

"George?" De asked.

Karl bickered with the woman ending up hanging the line on her exasperated muttering something like "This is a starship not a plane."

"I can land us without them," George said. "We have to hope the granite cushions our landing."

Leonard shared a look with De that of concern.

"You must know your planet well." Worf said.

"We don't know about the ship, though." Doohan said.

"Karl, has the runway been cleared?" De asked.

"Yes." Karl said.

"Good," De said. "We are goin' to set this ship up to self destruct after we land."

"What are the self destruct codes?" Leonard asked.

"I forgot." Doohan said.

"I remember!" Karl said. "I watched Let That Be Your Last Battlefield and The Search for Spock often in the case that we had to do it."


"Destruct sequence 1,code 1-1 A." We overhear De's voice.

There were people watching the screens from inside the waiting room in the long lines.

"Destruct sequence 2, code 1-1 A-2B." Leonard's voice was heard.

Several of the waiting passengers tilted over eyebrows furrowed seeing the ship getting heated.

"Destruct sequence 3, code 1 B-2B-3." Doohan's voice was overhead.

The screen darted down to the runway where it shows there being a empty runway while a woman was reporting.

"Destruct sequence completed and engaged. Awaiting final code for two minute countdown."

Zach and Miles were sitting on the edges of their seats at home with their two pets huddled together. Chris was attempting to call Karl, repeatedly, while walking back and forth. Nichelle and her co-stars were staring at the wide television screen gaping. Nichelle knew her former co-stars were on the ship. She was not sure if George could land the Enterprise in real life. John Cho was shooting a scene for a TV show in progress called The warrior detectives that was set in 2248. The Enterprise came to a landing on the runway making long deep scars into the pavement spinning in circles until it came to a stop.

"Code zero zero zero. Destruct. Zero." De said.

"This is a recording on July 1st, 2016 at 5:57 PM," A recording by Bill started. "I decided to make this video in the incident that I die in the event of an accidental death in this plan I have constructed. De, if Sarek is showing you this. I am dead. Beyond return. Or if he thinks I am dead but I am not. . . then at least you know what I have to say. Or if . . . I lose my memory. . . Memories of you," De left the bridge. "Len," Leonard went into the turbo lift. "Jimmy," Doohan went into the turbo lift with Worf behind him. "Walter," Walter went in with Karl behind him. "George," And George went into the turbo lift. "Liz, Nichelle,Gene, and Barret. . . Meeting you all has changed me. I like to think that because no one else in my life has affected me as you have. You are like the opposite version of the Enterprise crew but still you were ones who stuck together like glue. For that, thank you." One could just imagine the hints of a smile on Bill's face if it were visual. "If I had to repeat my mistakes in the past I would do it again. You are all fine actors. And I think you can move on from this when I am gone. At least the Bill you knew. But if I or he don't remember you. . . You can suggest one of my books to him/me!"

There was a sigh.

"By the time I do remember, I figured I would be dead or you will be be dead first."

The men made it to the transporter.

"But do me a favor."

Doohan refused to do the beam out.

"Take care of Leonard. Will you?"

Leonard made a compelling argument that he knew how this version worked and that it looked nothing like the newer version.

"Goodbye, old friend."

Doohan relented then put a random set of coordinates. Then he joined the crew onto the transporter pad. In a blue haze followed by a familiar melodic tune they appeared in the airport out of the long lines that had been gathering. They were in their earth attire except for Worf. De took his phone out as they headed toward the exit. There is a loud explosion that sends the airport into chaos and the ground trembled beneath their feet. Glass to the waiting room windows were shattered and scrap metal flew in all directions. Sick Bay was the first place to be destroyed then the corridors, the botany labs, the empty conference room, the battle bridge, battle engineering, the numerous rooms and levels, and finally the Battle Bridge. The warp core's affects were nullified by a option for self destruction on Earth.


The scene in the middle of the runway had been blocked by a large set up tent on both sides of the run way. A large portion of transporter room 1 had survived and it was being towed to Area 51 in large trailers. The run way was being repaired with new cement at the sections where there had been a single nacelle making deep embedded scars going different directions. The captain's chair was in one of many trailers. The bridge was being towed as well in pieces and was to be put back together in a undisclosed location. Reporters were able to report the clean up on live TV and that alienated any cover ups that could be done.

Our view goes into the trailer at night while the vehicle is on the road. There are various shapes seen inside the trailer. Most of them can induce a freaky atmosphere perfect for a horror movie. There is a sound of trembling furniture of some kind in the wide trailer. From the outside there is a more interesting scenery. The passing farm fences. Owls were hunting out at night. The moving trees grouping up around country houses that had their lights on. If one had stopped their car they would have heard a cricket and seen the constellation from the dark sky when among them were blinking moving figures. One could argue they were airplanes, UFOS, or helicopters. Now back to the trailer. Several of the figures were covered by a tarp of some kind. However there is two pieces among the collection that are not covered by a tarp or a blanket. Those items? A transporter pad and a transporter console.

The transporter console booted up.

Coordinates locked.

The transporter pad powered up illuminating the inside of the trailer.

Beaming in progress.

The view turns toward the headlights as a loud melodic sound was over heard.


Our view lowers down from the florescent lights. Leonard came down the hall with a rather concerning look on his face. It had been three days since the explosion at Denver international airport. The Federal Government were calling it a jet experiment gone wrong and the general public just wasn't about to believe that a gigantic starship should be called a jet. Worf was invited to stay over at Karl's house until his ride came. Apparently Worf turned out to be a good cook and made the Urban's a nice dinner. Karl's developed a liking to his 'personal' chief and introduced 'earthily' recipes to him. Leonard came to the left side of the hall where a tearful Elizabeth was listening to the young, handsome British Doctor Vivi Brooke.

Vivi had a sad expression on his face nodding his head then he left the tearful wife.

"How is he?" Leonard asked, sitting down alongside Elizabeth.

"S--stable," Elizabeth said. "He needs transplants."

"But?" Leonard asked.

"They have no idea what he has," Elizabeth said. "His organs are failing. Bill cannot breath on his own. It's like he came out of a transporter incomplete.":

Leonard was silent.

Elizabeth looked over toward Leonard.

"He appeared in the middle of the highway in a golden ball," Elizabeth said. "They could have ran him over! They could have ran over my Bill in the middle of the road." Her face was twisting up. "So tell me the story the story that my husband told me over IM is true. To give me a reason to believe he didn't just nearly get killed for no reason. The agents who visited my house told me a fake cover up story."

Leonard raised an eyebrow.

"They lied to me," Elizabeth said. "I want to hear the truth from you! You've known Bill long before I met him."

Leonard lowered his eyebrow.

"Bill's account of events had occurred." Leonard said.

Elizabeth wiped a tear off.

"He is in a coma," Elizabeth said. "Many of his . . . many of his. . . many of his organs were not right." She blew her nose into the tissue then squeezed it into a ball in her hands. "They say he has a sixty-nine percent chance of living in a coma without being aware and the rest. . . There is a chance he will die." Her shoulders were trembling. She looked over toward Leonard with red eyes. "Have you come to make your goodbyes?"

Leonard briefly closed his eyes then opened them.

"No." Leonard said.

"I am ready." Elizabeth said.

"There is something you must know about Bill's stunt," Leonard said. "He did this to himself." He looked over toward Elizabeth. "He used a bio-engineered device to bring himself into the digital word turning his carbon body into data. When he turned himself into data the information needed to make his most necessary vital parts was lost in translation. The most important information, as I was told, is clung to throughout the procedure like a memory net. Some memories are lost that are not needed for this net. He will be incomplete for that reason."

Elizabeth got up covering her mouth in horror then ran into her husbands room and came to Bill's side then sat down into the chair alongside him where she cried. She lowered her head, trembling, crying into her hands. Leonard took his phone out then began to call make a call to De. Our scene looked over Leonard shoulder to see a array of blue light with a familiar melody occupying it. Whichov appeared on the other side of the bed. Whichov approached Elizabeth then started to speak. Elizabeth looked up with renewed hope in her eyes. Whichov nodded at her question. She took the padd from him then signed it. Whichov closed the blinds.

There are melodic sounds from inside the room.


"I am Ambassador Sarek of Vulcan." Sarek introduced himself.

China, Russia, Britain,and the US were selected to begin the negotiations. They had sent their generals. Each of them were, in a way, represented their respective home soil. A select few were roped in not the entire world. China, as Sarek was familiar to, would openly talk about there being aliens. He accepted that. Sarek had witnessed this exchange prior in a episode of Stargate SG-1. The men stared at the alien with their hands on the table in a big ball. Sarek suggested telepathically the American representative take a drink of coffee then put it down on the table. Afterwards the American representative cleared his throat.

"As in, Sarek, the Vulcan?" The American representative asked, leaning forward.

"Affirmative." Sarek said.

"And why we should trust you?" The Russian representative asked.

"Trust is something that develops over time," Sarek said. "I do not request you to begin it right away but in the interest of many planets and my people, it would be very convenient that we became allies."

"We have to tell our people as well." The Chinese representative said.

"Acceptable." Sarek said.

The American represenative's eyes widened, his eyebrows hunched together, and his mouth came to a distraught jaw slack.

"This could make hysteria," The American Representative said. "And chaos!"

"Why are you so willing to pull humanity through this?" The Britain representative asked.

"A man risked his life to save you," Sarek said. "You know of him. An actor. We are not sure if he will remember everything, per say. He risked his entire life to save your planet and our lives as well. You must be familiar to William Shatner." Eyebrows shot up. "The prime directive brought us here. It has come to our attention that changes must be made in our strict non-interfering process." The eyebrows shot down." I have seen your Area 51's for myself. It is disgusting and cruel what you have done to the Asgaard. All of you." Bitterness and disappointment was in Sarek's voice. "But that can be forgiven as is our mistake. My mistake nearly brought down the entire quadrant. We are rebuilding and forming a United Federation of Planets under the condition that we have a inferior planet in our circle."

"What are the Asgaard?" The Chinese representative asked.

"They are gray four feet tall child like beings with the faces of a alien that you are familiar to," Sarek said. "Heart shaped heads, oval eyes, and a small mouth."

"The martians." The American representative said

"They are not from Mars." Sarek said.

"Whatever." The American Representative said.

"Remember the Norse gods?" Sarek asked.

They nodded.

"Of course," The American representative said. "Who would not."

In array of golden light appeared a gray sitting alien in a chair.

"I am Thor, supreme ruler of the Asgaard," Thor said. "My brother is willing to stop his experiments on your race in the exchange that you stop yours."

"Thank you for coming, Thor." Sarek bowed his head.

"The pleasure is all mine, Ambassador." Thor said, bowing his head in return.

"We can do that." The American representative said.

"So . . ." The Russian representative said. "Is there such thing as a Stargate?"

"We have many," Thor said. "Though yours is hidden."

There was silence in the room.

"What else should we know?" The Chinese representative asked.

"You have aliens on this planet and others who continue to visit you," Thor said. "You are not alone."

"Remember the WOAH signal?" Sarek asked.

"Yes." The small group said.

"We sent it." Thor said.

"What about the planet with a swarm like field around it?" The American Representative said.

"That is for another species," Thor said. "Their sun will go supernova. They have refused to be relocated and request that we find them another sun."

"Which is what the Asgaard have been doing until three days ago," Sarek said. "When we bumped ships and nearly destroyed our escape ride."

"It was not nearly," Thor said. "It was a small scratch. Your starship is not made of china."

"Look who is talking." The American representative faked a cough.

"Your efforts to get rid of the Goa'uld was very helpful," Thor said. "If only you could take down the Ori the same way."

Sarek raised his left eyebrow.

"Is that a challenge?" Sarek said.

"No, it is a hypothetical joke." Thor said, sarcastically.

"I accept your challenge." Sarek said

"Wait a minute," The Russian representative said. "Are you telling me that the beings who drink humans emotions and the ones who pretend they are gods with big fucking staffs are real?" The rest was spoken in Russian followed by hand raising, yelling, and what sounded like cursing. "Excuse me, I must consult with my superiors regarding this discovery."

"You are excused." Sarek said.

"I did not say to tackle them," Thor said, as the Russian left the room. "You will be squashed and defeated like many before you."

"Not if we work together." Sarek said.

"Say, we have a stargate," The American representative said. "Which we don't know where it is."

"If you promise to use it responsibly," Sarek said. "We do not wish for a war to erupt due to reaching out."

"It would be bad news for us as well including your civilization." Thor said.

"We can do that." The Chinese Representative said.

"But you will need to share the gate." Thor said.

"Yes," The British representative said. "We must share it. Have teams. One team from our nations represent us."

". . .Excuse me, but where the hell are we going to set the base up?" The American representative said.

"Logically, a mountain," Sarek said. "And it must be called Rock'en Edge Mountain base."

"And he is a fan of Rock 'N Roll." The American representative said, sounding mildly annoyed.

Sarek's remaining eyebrow twitched.

"Logically, the name is very appealing and you are to decide how the Stargate works without our help." Sarek said.

"What?" The chinese representative said, standing up. "We could open a gate up to a planet that has a black hole!"

"And a time dilation field." The British representative said.

"Then you must explode it or consult with the ones who created Stargate SG-1." Sarek said.

"But that is a TV show!" The American representative said.

Thor held up a finger.

"Was." Thor said.

"You will not need to travel through Stargates in the next hundred years," Sarek said. "Your dreams, ambitions, and hopes will come true. You must keep this secret for now and eventually,when you accomplish warpdrive, announce the existence of a Stargate and our alliance," Sarek's hands came into a ball on the table. "This is a big leap for all of us."

"Bear with them," Thor said. "They are flawed but Vulcans with good intentions."

The remaining members shared glances.

"We need to consult with our superiors." The Chinese representative said.

"You may consult and we will be waiting." Sarek said.

One by one they filed out of the room.

"Are you sure of what you are doing, Ambassador?" Thor asked.

Sarek looked over toward Thor.

"As I ever will be." Sarek said.


Bill's eyes slowly started to open. He could hear beeping. Where was he? Bill could hear the voices and the click of wheels going past his room. His fuzzy vision made out the shapes of chairs, a door to a restroom, closed blinds, and a brown open door where across from it is a reception like desk. So he is in a hospital. Images flashed before his eyes. His vision began to clear up into standard eye vision. Bill looked over to see a strange man beside him with a left pointed eyebrow and a missing right eyebrow. He was dressed up in a robe of some kind that reminded him of a monk or something like that. His dark hair was graying hair. He had pointy ears that both of which had a device wrapped around them keeping into shape. There was a word at the tip of his tongue yet he could not touch it.

The man had a stoic face.

Bill raised an eyebrow.

"Hello," Bill said. "Who are you?"

"My name is Sarek." Sarek said.

Trekker, A word seaminglessly popped up into Bill's mind.

"Glad to meet you, Trekker." Bill said, holding his hand out.

A small smile grew on Sarek's face as he took Bill's hand.

"And yours?" Sarek asked.

"Bill." Bill said, as they stopped shaking hands.

"Your full name." Sarek said, letting go of Bill's hand.

"It is Bill." Bill said.

"How old are you?" Sarek asked.

"Eighty-five." Bill said.

"What do you remember last?" Sarek asked.

"I remember. . ." Bill said, looking down. "I remember . . ." Bill turned his head in the direction of Sarek confused. "I remember nothing."

"In time you will remember more," Sarek said. "And Trekker for you is a small piece of a large puzzle."

"Huh," Bill said. "Feels like it means something important."

In the room came a group of young people. Who did they remind him of? They were so young and fresh in their prime. However, he could imagine them in uniforms. The blonde man was briefly in a golden shirt and shorter than the man beside him. For some reason the taller man, in the blink of an eye, had pointy ears and a blue shirt. The man roughly the pointy eared man had, momentarily, a blue shirt with cuff links indicating his rank as a Lieutenant Commander. The brief memory faded away returning to a ordinary group of young men with a woman in their small group.

"Hey Bill, how are you?" Chris asked.

"Do I know you?" Bill asked.

"Of course you do. It is me, Chris, remember?" Chris said.

Bill looked over toward his right to see a a strange man with pointy ears, one pointed up eyebrow, and a missing right eyebrow. I must be imaging things or this guy is real, Bill thought, he looks familiar.

"Who are you?" Bill asked.

"Ambassador Sarek of Vulcan." Sarek repeated.

"Do I know you?" Bill asked.

"Affirmative," Sarek said. "I am a Trekker.We just met." He looked over toward the men and the woman. "Greetings."

Sarek made his hand perform the ta'al.

A flash of recognition spread on Bill's face.

"Oh!" Bill said. "Those kids are the new us. Meet the new Jim, new Bones, new Spock, new Uhura, new Scotty, new Sulu, and new Chekov!"

Chris appeared to be concerned.

"Do you know who I am?" Chris asked.

"No, who are you?" Bill said.

"I just told you." Chris said.

"No, you didn't." Bill said.

"Chris, Chris Pine." Chris said.

Zach was gaping at Sarek as though he were some holy god who had come to life. His eyes were a wide pool of shock. Pegg opened a drawer then took out a pen and a brochure then came to the other side of the bed politely asking for a autograph. Saldana fainted, however, Cho caught her before she landed on the floor. Yelchin took out his ipad device then positioned it. Karl patted on Chris's shoulder with a grin. Chris had a pale face. The new cast of Star Trek reintroduced themselves to Bill. Our scene backtracked out of the room to where Leonard and De had just came in. It had been two days since Bill had been found, taken to the hospital, and treated by medical devices from a starship above. At least they were not aware of that part. Five minutes later Sarek came out of the room, hands in his sleeves, appearing to be disturbed.

"How is he?" De asked.

"He has short term memory loss as of this moment," Sarek said. "I grieve with thee."

De sat down into the nearby chair with a horrified expression on his face.

"You mean to say he remembers nothing about the people he knows." Leonard said.

"Affirmative," Sarek said. "In time his short term memory loss will go away and his long term will eventually return."

"Does he know his name?" De asked in a low voice.

Sarek looked over in the direction of De.

"He remembers his nickname." Sarek said.

"Did you do a mind meld?" Leonard asked.

"If I had done a mind meld before, I would have known the truth before hand," Sarek said. "I accept the consequences of my actions. We should have searched in London for The Doctor."

"The Doctor?" De and Leonard asked.

"A time traveling half human alien from Gallifrey," Sarek said. "He is referred to as The Doctor and his telephone box as the TARDIS."

A smile grew on De's face and a laugh escaped that became light hearted and just laughable. De leaned into the backside of the chair then folded his arms where his laughter came to a stop. It had just occurred to De and Leonard what show that Sarek had been talking about.

"Part of me is glad that you didn't chase down David Tennant and Matt Smith." De said.

"Respectively they portrayed the tenth doctor and the eleventh." Leonard said.

"Fascinating," Sarek said. "That explains the wig the eleventh doctor was wearing." There was a long stare from the two men. "His bed side hair was unnaturally in the wrong position. It just occurred to me why the doctor was in the zombie movie." The small group started to come out of Bill's room. "Pardon me, but I have to take my leave." He held his hand up conducting the ta'al sign. "Live long and prosper."

"Live long and prosper." Leonard returned the greeting.

Sarek went past the two men then went into the elevator. He pressed floor 1. The elevator dinged then started to close the doors. A man with brown hair stopped the elevators door from closing then he slid in wearing blue scrubs holding a padd in one hand and a set of car keys. Sarek looked over in the direction of the young man. The young man seemed to somewhere in his late twenties.

"Greetings," Sarek said. "I am Ambassador Sarek."

"Alex Grayson," Alex said. "Going to be Amanda later, though," Sarek was stunned to hear a woman's voice coming from the young man. "It doesn't feel me in a man's body." He looked over in the direction of Sarek. "Nice ears. You must get a lot of women hitting on you."

"Negative," Sarek said, turning his head away. "I do not."

"You are a liar." Alex said.

"I do not lie." Sarek said.

"Everyone lies." Alex said.

"I refuse to be with a mate, Miss Grayson." Sarek said.

"Why?" Alex said. "You look fifty. A girl would jump on you!"

"I do not see the point in females jumping on me when I am not a trempoline." Sarek said.

"And you are dressed up as Vulcan," Alex said. "Personally, that means you are a monk like guy who sets aside emotions and refuses to let himself be in a relationship because he is afraid the love of his life will die before him. But it is noted that statically women outlive men. You are afraid that you will get crushed and your wife or husband will be left alone. You are afraid you will hurt them because your emotions are tied to your strength. You are a frightened man hiding behind a mask. You are currently grieving for someone." Sarek looked over in the direction of Alex. "And you just came out of something like a car crash so you keeping yourself closed off because you are afraid the next time you open yourself up then it will be fatal. The next person (who you care about deeply) who dies will effect you greatly and you will die of a broken heart. People take risks. Life is full of risks. Life is supposed to be shared not spent alone."

"How did you know I lost someone dear to me?" Sarek finally asked.

"You are acting on auto-pilot," Alex said.

Sarek turned his head away.

"I take it you have been through the same thing." Sarek said.

"I was that way when my parents discovered my bisexuality," Alex said. "I was kicked out. I lost the two most important people in my life. They act like I am dead to them and that I am not their daughter. I am afraid if I die they will call me a boy in my funeral. I am not a boy. I am a girl. God put me in a man's body and I want his mistake to be corrected."

"How long have you been this way?" Sarek asked.

"My entire life," Alex said. "Parents understood my 'not the right body' part but not my sexuality."

"I grieve with thee." Sarek said.

"What does that mean?" Alex asked.

"It means I share your grief." Sarek said.

"Interesting." Alex said.

There was a period of silence in the elevator as it continued going down.

"Would you like to be turned into a woman ahead of schedule?" Sarek asked.

"Yes," Alex said. "I am well aware of what being a woman means. I want that."

"Your decision is wise and your parents are idiots." Sarek said.

"Thank you." Alex said.

Suddenly the elevator stopped and the lights turned off.

"This is new." Alex said, looking around appearing to be perplexed.

Sarek took out a communicator.

"Sarek to Enterprise." Sarek said.

"What is that?" Alex asked.

"A communicator," Sarek said. "Sarek to Enterprise." He lowered it down appearing to be puzzled. "There must be a solar flare occurring or there could be a internal electrical problem occurring preventing a signal being sent. Logically, that means someone has rigged the elevator." He took out a gas mask from his pocket. "Within two minutes there will be smoke. I am willing to share it with you."

"Woah, woah, woah, you are over prepared." Alex said.

"Indeed." Sarek said, with a nod.

"What else do you have in your pocket?" Alex asked, with a eyebrow raised.

"Just these." Sarek said, handing the gas mask to Alex.

Smoke came from the corners of the elevator. Alex put the gas mask on. Sarek ripped out the railing from the side of the elevator then poked the square lid up with a single poke by the rail. Sarek placed the rail alongside the wall covering his nose. There was a distinctive smell. It was knock out gas Sarek realized. Sarek held his breath climbing to the top of the elevator. Sarek held his hand out for Alex.

"It seems someone wants to abduct you." Sarek said, his nose no longer being covered.

"I can take care of myself!" Alex said.

"Normally, in earthily movies, knock out gas means there are armed men at the basement and the elevator is not headed for the lobby." Sarek said.

Alex took Sarek's hand.

"Get me out of here!" Alex said.

Sarek pulled Alex out of the elevator then onto the top. He took the small gas mask off his face then handed it back to the Ambassador. Sarek looked around observing the elevator shaft and conducting a quick analysis of escape. Sarek put the gas mask away while Alex was thanking him for the quick help. Sarek closed the door to the elevator.

"Hello, are you listening?" Alex asked.

Sarek stood up.

"When I say jump then you must jump to the nearest pipe and attempt to open the doors." Sarek said.

"I can't do that!" Alex said.

"You can try. Trying is better than nothing." Sarek said.

"You are insane!" Alex said.

"So is your species." Sarek said.

Alex's face turned red.

"Hey!" Alex said. "I am not a man!"

"I am referring to your civilization not your gender." Sarek said.

"Hey, that is still insulting." Alex said.

"Jump." Sarek said.

"I am not--" Sarek shoved Alex off the elevator to where the young man caught onto a pole lodged alongside the elevator doors. "I am not a rag doll!"

"I would easily dislodge the pipe and end up falling if there were two of us on the same pipe," Sarek said. "It would be illogical to join you."

"YOU ARE INNNNNSSSSSSAAAAANNNNNEEEE!" Alex shouted back as the elevator went down speedily. "Saaaareeeeeek!"

Alex turned his head away then turned his attention to the elevator doors. He tried to pry the doors open but apparently he needed two hands to pry the doors open. Alex sighed, leaning his head against the pipes appearing to be in defeat. Alex sighed looking up. Today was just a typical day followed by taking care of patients, listening to gossip, eating lunch with a majority of the doctors in the cafeteria, making out with men in the closet, and participating in surgery. This was another level of crazy for the Denver Hospital.

Alex knocked on the door three times.

"Someone help!" Alex said. "I am stuck!"

Alex looked down to see the slowly rising elevator returning.

"Shit!" Alex said.

Alex knocked repeatedly.

"HELP!" Alex said. "I am over here! Elevator coming through! HELP!"

I am going to die, I am going to die, I am going to die, Alex was sure of it as he knocked repeatedly on the door.

The doors were pried open by a pair of hands then Alex was bright into the hall with a beating heart landing on his knees. He was sweating, profusely, feeling like he had been jogging a marathon. His adrenaline was running. He looked over to see there were was a security officer talking into his walkie talkie. Another security officer helped Alex up and asked if he was okay. The elevator went right past the doors.

As it turned out someone had called in a potential suicide in the hospital being Alex Grayson five minutes ago. That apparently alarmed the staff who alerted the security officers to be on the look out for Alex. Everyone knew he would not do that. Our scene transitioned to the lobby where Alex was seeing his would-have-been-assassins being guided out the doors.

"Where is Sarek?" Alex asked.

"Who?" Officer Beckett asked.

"Pointy eared man," Alex said. "Did you find his body?"

"You just found out your parents tried to kill you," Beckett said. "And there was no one in the elevator."

"But he saved my life." Alex said.

"You could have imagined him when you were scared," Beckett said. "In case your parents hired more hit-men you will have police presence at your apartment," Beckett patted Alex's shoulder. "I am so sorry for what happened."

Alex cleared his throat.

"How did you find out?" Alex asked.

"They started talking after being caught." Beckett said. "You are lucky that the elevator stopped on the floor three and didn't just go to the basement right away."

Alex smiled.

"He got off." Alex said.

Alex saw a familiar figure go out the doors. Alex darted in the direction of the figure recognizing it even from the distance and even though he had known the Vulcan for a few minutes it felt like he knew this guy all ready despite profiling him on the spot. He had, at one point, studied to be a criminal profiler until that fell through. By Alex's opinion, Sarek came from a wealthy family from Europe and had some disease that affected their strength and their emotions. It was fairly logical except for the green color that he had seen on Sarek's skin.

"Sarek, wait!" Alex shouted running after the Vulcan.

Sarek continued his trek.

If he were to leave it would be generally out of the public view.

"Saaareek!" Alex shouted.

Sarek came to a stop at the back parking space raising his eyebrow.

"Yes?" Sarek said.

Alex came to a stop.

"You. . . you. . . you saved my life." Alex said.

Sarek bowed his head.

"Indeed." Sarek said.

"Who are you really?" Alex asked.

"S'chn T'gai Sarek of Vulcan," Sarek said. "I am the Vulcan Ambassador."

"You don't look like the one from the new movies," Alex said. "You look like the old Sarek."

Sarek did not seem to be pleased.

"I am nothing like him." Sarek said.

Alex stepped forward.

"You offered me a chance to change my gender." Alex said.

"Affirmative." Sarek said.

"How long will it take?" Alex asked.

"If all things go according to the procedure, half a day." Sarek said.

"You said 'if'." Alex said.

"You are a new species and we have never performed a gender change on beings similar to Jaffa." Sarek said. "The hormone treatment will change your body design quicker than the ones you have on this planet. Once this is done. . . You can never go back to being a man."

Alex stepped forward now close enough to Sarek.

"I want it." Alex said.

"Of course, Amanda." Sarek said.

"S'chon to Ambassador Sarek," S'chon's voice came from the communicator. "We are prepared to beam you up."

"Change of plans," Sarek said. "Two to beam up. We have a visitor to help."

Alex's eyes were wide.

"Star Trek is real." Alex said.

Sarek closed the communicator.

"No,Amanda," Sarek said,putting one hand on the side of Alex's shoulder. "Aliens are real."

Alex and Sarek were surrounded by golden bands of light following the sounds of a familiar melodic tune meeting the ears of the young man. In a golden flash they were gone from the parking lot.


"Captain, what is your opinion on our recent addition Lieutenant Worf?" Spock asked.

"I just met him," Jim said. "Not like the ship is going to explode because Bones and Worffy here don't get along."

"It would be a chaotic med bay with a Security personnel being a member of a highly antagonizing empire." Spock said.

"He promised he wouldn't choke Bones to death," Jim said. "I promise you that your space husband is going to be fine."

"I am concerned," Spock said. "And we are not married."

"Yes, we are." Jim said.


"It can heal naturally." Worf replied.

"NATURALLY?" McCoy repeated. "Do you want to lose that leg or somethin'?"

"I do not wish to lose my leg but I can ride this infection out." Worf said.

"Infections don't just leave they wreck and kill." McCoy said.

Jim and Spock exchanged a glance then walked into med bay that brightly engulfed the scene into white.

Karl awoke panting in bed. It was a strange dream he had that made no sense. Star Trek wouldn't just add a Klingon this late into the game. There hasn't been a peace treaty and Star Fleet as of recently in the movie verse due to the arrival of Nero in 2233 and channeling trust issues between Vulcans, Klingons,and the humans. He wiped sweat off his brow. He got out of bed then put on his slippers.

He needed a drink.

Being single and having joint custody with his children, Hunter and Indiana, was the tip of the iceberg. His children lived with their mother Natalie. They had set dates when the children could visit him and sometimes they couldn't make it but when they could make it that just made his day. Natalie didn't believe him at first about being on a alien starship until it appeared on the news and she would appear on his doorstep apologetic with the two children by her side. Chris joked that despite being divorced Karl and Natalie were still married to their children.

It was 5:47 AM.

Karl got off the bed then went to the door flipping the light on.

Karl could smell the scent of eggs being cooked.

"Is that duck eggs or chicken eggs?" Karl asked.

"They came from the package." Worf replied.

Karl came into the kitchen where he could see that Worf was donned in a apron, one hand busy coking the eggs and the other hand turning the bacon over. Karl looked over to see a plate with what could be debated as remains of Klingon food or dog turd but knowing Worf it was likely his native food. Where the hell did he manage to get his home food on Earth. Worf normally didn't dress up in a apron.

"I made you coffee." Worf said.

"How long have you been up, man?" Karl asked,

"I awoke an hour ago when a intruder landed on my stomach and repeatedly clawed into me." Worf asked.

"A stray cat woke you up." Karl said, as a smile danced on his face.

"He was a worthy warrior." Worf said.

"Did you kill him?" Karl said, raising his eyebrows.

"No. Cats do not throw daggers. It would be wrong to kill a cat that has no experience in hand to hand combat." Worf said.

Karl had a short laugh shaking his head.

"There are many people on this planet who would argue against that." Karl said, then he took a sip from the coffee cup.

"Your agent called an hour ago," Worf said. "Regarding your story idea for this Doom 2."

Karl lowered the cup.

"What did he say?" Karl asked.

"It was sick and he asked when you can write it," Worf said. "I fail to see how a script can get sick."

"Well, looks like while we are waiting for word on Dredd 2 you can bounce ideas with me about what happens to C-24 and how it could possibly screw up that it would bring me in." Karl said.

"Zombie apocalypse like." Worf said.

"No World War Z 2 for you,Mr Worf!" Karl said.

"It was a good movie." Worf said.

"It was terrible. Even the hardcore zombie fans I know label it as the worst," Karl said. "I have seen much better zombie movies."

"What if the UAC spilled C-24 on a colony of pigs and made them superhuman like walking on their back legs, quickly accelerating their evolution to humanization, but some are left as mutants that look ugly and are killers." Worf said.

"I like that!" Karl said, snapping his fingers.

"That once happened." Worf took a sip of milk with his free hand.

Karl's jaw dropped, his elbow was on the counter, and he was leaned forward.

"Are you telling me that Klingons are a product of genetic meddling?" Karl asked.

Worf wiped off his milk beard then turned his attention to the pans.

"Different species," Worf said. "I was part of the charge to get rid of the bad seeds. It is why I have a scar on my forehead."

"Owch." Karl said, with a wince.

"I lost half my team." Worf said.

Karl sat there soaking in the information.

"You mean all of them." Karl said.

"Out of twenty-three Klingons," Worf said. "I was the only one who came back alive with survivors behind me."

"So. . . Did Zombies go that fast in your experience?" Karl asked.

"No," Worf said. "But I enjoyed the movie due its humorous quality of zombies. They are slow as a turtle."

Worf took another sip of his drink.


The scene transitioned to a barbecue party in a large backyard. Worf was cooking the barbecue. There were bowls of fruit on the table, plates, forks, napkins, cheese and chips,salad, and some meat here and there. It was apparent that Worf was cooking two goose that he hunted down via arrow. Karl was talking to J.J about a idea he had for a movie that had everything he liked. Male characters to imply had a romance,humor, action, adventure, starships, and so on. He was basically insisting J.J adapt it to his own vision and take it off his hands.

De wasn't there but at home enjoying the peace and quiet with his wife Carolyn.

Leonard was 'spending time with family' and Bill was supposedly 'spending time at the ranch with his wife'. Well that was partially the truth for the both of the two men. Both families were spending time together. It had been three years since Sarek had entered their lives. Thanks to his arrival, Leonard and Bill had since rekindled. Yet Bill had no memory of the documentary what-so-ever oddly enough. When asked, he would reply with "What documentary are you talking about?" with furrowed eyebrows. Yelchin and Cho were playing chess together. It appeared that Yelchin was winning. There were various other movie stars. They were celebrating the conclusion of filming a back to back duology. Some just joined due to it being a party.

"Karl, that was one bad ass movie you made." Chris said.

Karl nodded.

"Worf needs all the credit for the plot," Karl said. "I just made the subplots and the characters."

"You are the luckiest man alive to be living with a Klingon," Chris said. "And speaking of which when is he leaving?"

"He has been selected for the Stargate program," Karl said. "Worf is leaving in two days."

"You are worried." Chris said.

"He is like a fluffy dog right now not a ferocious warrior." Karl said.

"He can take care of himself." Chris said.

"He's no Spock or no Teal'c," Karl said. "I would be surprised if people are not xenophobic toward him at the base."

"Did I hear my character's name be mentioned?" Zach asked, approaching the two men.

"Worf is enrolled into the Stargate program." Chris said.

"Ah,I see, a program I have no idea or knowledge about," Zach said. "That is a fictional program."

"Not anymore." Karl said.

"How long has it been up?" Chris asked.

"No idea." Karl said.

In a haze of blue light followed by a blue melody where two figures appeared. The first figure was holding hands with a child. Karl's jaw dropped seeing Sarek. He hadn't changed a day, as it appeared, being middle aged and all. Chris had a smile at the little one who had a little pup of some kind on his shoulder. Zach was stead fast frozen in place. Not many people paid attention.

"Greetings." Sarek said. "I received your invite, Mr Pine."

"Yo-yo--you invited Sarek!" Karl said.

"Glad you could come," Chris said. "So where is Amanda?"

"The hospital is keeping her busy and I am glad to babysit little Sybok." Sarek said.

"Greetings." Sybok said.

"This isn't a place to bring your child for a barbecue party." Karl said.

"Ah yes, that, we had that discussion about barbecue regarding our human wedding ceremony," Sarek said. "Our son is like a tribble. He eats anything."

"Sarek, why are you really here?" Karl asked. "Did you screw up on something yet again?"

"Negative," Sarek said. "Can't a friend just attend a friendly party?"

"No kid." Karl said.

"Kid is in." Sarek argued.

"We have fruit for a reason." Zach said before the argument could escelate.

"Fruit!" Sybok repeated. "Daddy, fruit!"

"Sarek, let's talk in private." Chris said,earning a glare from Karl.

"I can take him to the food stand." Zach offered.

"Sybok." Sarek said.

Sybok let go of Sarek's hands holding the pup in his arms as it made adorable cute little puppy like sounds. It looked liked a bear cub or a lion cub at first glance but if one were very observent they would notice it was a mix of both. Sybok left with Zach to the food stand. Chris and Sarek went inside to have a small conversation. Chris closed the door after Sarek entered the house.

"Sarek, I just saved your butt out there," Chris said. He turned toward the Vulcan. "You messed up on something. Didn't you?"

"We found the timelords," Sarek said, his gaze was on the kitchen sink. "This is . . . I am afraid. . a goodbye."

"What?" Chris said.

"I did something I should not." Sarek said.

"Sarek. . ." Chris said,

"It is something you cannot fix." Sarek said.

"Did you?. . ." Chris asked.

"I cannot revisit Bill due to a promise I made to myself." Sarek said.

"What kind of mess did you get into?" Chris asked.

"They discovered what I did and are planning to undo everything. They claim Baron was supposed to take over your planet. Said that every alien species except for them were supposed to go down and that they were not supposed to intervene. No one had to intervene. I argued their prime directive was flawed and could easily make their own downfall like us. My warning fell on deaf ears. You may as well be dead in the next week. I suggest you do things you wish that you did before it is too late."

"Sarek, where are they?" Chris asked.

"I am not going to make another mistake, Mr Pine." Sarek said.

"You are practically asking me to help." Chris said.

"No, I am not. This is a warning if history will change on you and if you are still alive, I grieve with thee." Sarek said.

Sarek headed toward the door.

"Sarek, if there was anything we could do. . . We would do it." Chris said.

Sarek stopped in his tracks briefly closing his eyes and reopened them.

"There is," Sarek said. "Brace yourself."

"Did you building another Enterprise?" Chris asked.

"Negative. Every time we tried it fell apart and did not make it past construction." Sarek asked.

Sarek exited the building leaving behind a determined Chris.

"That is because we built one too," Chris said, taking his phone out. He flipped through the contact list and hit a contact then put it to his ear. "Hey Mrs President. . . You said that we could take a ride with the Enterprise whenever we wanted." He turned away from the door. "We are going to save the universe."

Our scene transitioned later on to the ranch where Bill and Leonard were riding horses. Bill appeared to be quite at home riding the horse. He was wearing one of his westerns hats. The ground shook beneath the horses feet and the horses started to act uneasy. The two men exchanged a look of unsure then looked off in the direction of the mountains. They could see from the mountain side that something tore out of the ground then flew in their direction.

"What is that?" Bill asked.

"It looks like a starship," Leonard said. Then Leonard paused as he recognize the starship. "Bill,it is her."

Bill squinted at the approaching starship patting on the side of the horse as Leonard's horse sped off.

"Easy girl." Bill said.

The starship flew over Bill as his eyes widened in realization and then watched the Enterprise fly into the sky.

"Enterprise." Bill said, as the last memories of that fatal day returned.

The End.



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