We are actors, not Star Fleet Officers!

Basically, Galaxy Quest with the cast of Star Trek The Original Series! A/N this is a Alternate Universe story weaved with fact and fiction regarding the relationships between the very real relationship shared between William Shatner and his co-stars. You have been warned.


14. Chapter 14

The rock children had escorted Bill into a clearing surrounded by mountain scenery with plenty of grass, a huge 66tree near a small pond, and there were several small caves dotting the scenery. There was one huge threshold big enough for King Kong to come through drapped by vines to two adjoining trees. There was a blue sky with looming clouds. Bill looked around taking out his communicator.

"This is different." Bill said.

Our scene cut to the transporter room where the group came in towing Doohan behind him.

"I never beamed a person before!" Doohan said. "I CAN'T BEAM SOMEONE OUT! I HAVE NO EXPERIENCE WHAT-SO-EVER!!"

"Yes, you can." Walter said.

"I have four fingers!" Doohan said. "Scotty has five fingers! Five fingers really matter in his line of work. I could make a irreparable mistake beaming him aboard!"

Walter put his open communicator on the table.

"Walter to Bill." Walter said.

"Walter, that communicator only works with the names of fictional characters." Leonard reminded Walter.

"Chekov to Kirk." Walter said.

"Walter Sulu would have been a better first name." George complained.

Bill looked around hearing silence lingering in the air. He could see some the small makeshift caves were moving. That was terrifying to witness. It was like Bill was stuck in a rated R horror science fiction movie. That scared the eight-five year old man dearly as he noticed the rock creatures were the caves! Frankly the rock children reminded Bill of the blue children from Galaxy Quest that gave him nightmares for a week.

Bill looked over in the direction of the narrow pathway where a huge hen is headed his way making the ground tremble beneath his feet.

"Chekov to Kirk!" Walter repeated.

"BEAM ME OUT OF HERE!" Bill shouted into the communicator.

"I can't do it!" Doohan refused.

"Jimmy!" Bill said. "Yes, you can!"

"But I could make your pattern be lost and distorted." Doohan said.

"I am willing to accept that." Bill said.

"I am not!" Doohan said.

"Jimmy, I gave you hard time on set because I knew that if it had happened in real life that you would be able to get us out of a problem," Bill said. "I envied you because essentially Star Trek is about the love affair your character shares with the Enterprise. . . ." Bill felt relieved to get that off his chest. "Not about the captain loving his ship. You are the core of the Enterprise crew, actor and character. So listen to me: this is part of the plan. Whatever happens next, it is meant to happen. Don't blame yourself. You won't make a mistake. You are James Doohan and you have inspired people to become engineers. I believe in you, Jimmy."

Doohan seemed overwhelmed with emotions hearing that from Bill.

"Just another day on set?" Doohan asked.

There was silence as the hen towered over Bill.

"Yes," Bill said,seeing the hen holding its talons up. "It is another day on set. Beam me up, Jimmy!"

"Energising." Doohan said, using the console with all of his remaining fingers.

Bill was surrounded by golden rings of light as the talon came down toward him.

Leonard looked up toward the transporter where he saw a semi-transparent holding up his hand in the Vulcan salute with a look of reassurance perfectly timed in the direction of the crew. Bill sizzled before their view. Leonard headed towards Bill walking along the console. Leonard's eyes widened as he saw the color on Bill turn black and white. Walter's face started to change into horror as a pool of water appeared on the transporter pad. Georg, however, remained calm but raised his eyebrows at that like it were unexpected.

"Bill!" Leonard shouted, as the water vaporized on the transporter pad.

"Chekov to kaptain Kirk, kaptain Kirk come in!" Walter repeated.

George put one hand on Walter's shoulder

Suddenly the power in the Enterprise went out turning it from bright to pitch black.

"Who the hell turned the lights off?" Leonard asked.

The lights returned.

"System calibrating." Came a familiar but very younger male voice.

Doohan sighed, relieved.

"I never want to do that again." Doohan said.

"It worked!" Walter said, excited turning around toward George grabbing his shoulders. "IT WORKED!"

In orbit along several planets the starships under the commission of Baron lost control to engineering.Seventeen of them were idling in space. A different set of commands were set to the posts on the various planets that had the ones Baron set into place. A systematic take down of the system Baron had created in her brief reign. Cutting off communications with the Farragut and her seventeen sisters until Baron is not in command. Our perspective flew back into the transporter room where De finished explaining to Leonard what the plan was stumbling over a few words as he did.

"Is Bill aware that he might not come out of the transporter alive?" Leonard asked.

De nodded.

"Bill knew the risk and he took it." De said.

"We are going to be heroes,heroes!" Walter said, excitedly.

"Leave it up to Bill for insane ideas." Leonard said.

The doors to the transporter room opened to show Tisk with several Klingon officers.

"Hello, traitors." Tisk said, holding a disruptor in one hand.

Leonard raised an eyebrow.

"Are you Baron?" Leonard asked.

"No, I am her mate." Tisk said, coming in with her royal security officers. They were not dressed in Star Fleet uniform but rather in black suits with silver markings. They wore helmets that exposed their foreheads, mouths, and locks of hair. "My lady is dealing with her godfather. She would love to see the batch of old traitors."

"Let me guess, you can't get into Sick Bay." De said.

"'How do you know that?" Tisk growled.

"I just do." De said.


A small circular device roamed over a planet lacking trees. Trees were discarded all over the place and the familiar figures of humanoid figures stood out strewn on the surface and their blood made it more easier to be obvious. There were adolescents among the dead. There were small rivers that had blood pouring down due to the mass of bodies in the water which among the dead were Klingons and Romulans.There was a fire going on in a prairie like field.

There was a desert filled of scorpion like humans with grave and fetal injuries unresponsive decorating the sand with their blood. The sand was blowing past the remains. In what remained of the forest that once covered acres of one major continent there were a baby wails being heard. The camera flew over into the source of the wails. It came to a halt at a cave where a small group of survivors were huddle together mimicking the color of rock. Their red dropping blood made it easier to notice. The wail was coming from a baby in the arms of a male member glaring in the direction of the camera in anger with pointed crystal blue eyes.

The camera retreated out of the cave then flew away and self destructed.

A spare camera flew over Vulcan where buildings could be seen with holes in them, broken glass, and smoke drifting from the surface area. There were royal guards seen here and there at the doorways of buildings. A Vulcan fled out of a building, panicked and afraid, heading toward the limits of the desert scenery. The royal guard raised their disruptors and fired on the Vulcan into the chest. The Vulcan collapsed to the ground without a groan or a moan. One member of the royal guard walked over to the fallen Vulcan then turned it over. The antennas of the royal guard member were seen.

"Are you loyal to the queen?" The royal guard member asked.

Green blood came from the corner of the Vulcan's mouth.

"Queens are illogical." The Vulcan replied.

The royal guard member aimed at the chest.

"Wrong answer." The royal guard member said, tightening their grip around the trigger.

The camera turned away as the shot was made.

Spare portable cameras gave a good view of what was happening on the various planets under Baron's control.

All of the security cameras were turned off in most of the planets under Baron's rule. The Mute ones planet had all the mushroom like planets topped over. White bodies with blue designs covered in their own blood were laid dead in the villages. There was no life. If at all there were base camps set up. There was royal guard members taking turns burying the dead wearing ear plugs. The Royal Guard were setting the perimeters for a new colony household. Communications were still up during that time.


"Honestly?" Saldana said, sitting next to Nichelle. "That image could be a promo for Beyond."

"It could be," Nichelle said. "But if it were. . . Bill would have been bragging about it so much that De would have vented to me about it."

Saldana raised her dark eyebrows.

"DeForest vents to you?" Saldana asked.

"Not all the time but on occasions that he gets annoyed with Bill on things about Star Trek." Nichelle said.

Saldana laughed.

"Does this mean I may have to expect that happening in the next fifty some years?" Saldana asked.

Nichelle looked over in the direction of Saldana.

"Your friend Chris Pine is different than Bill was as a young man," Nichelle said. "So no, I do not think that can happen with you."

Saldana sighed.

"What a relief." Saldana said.

"Besides every Spock and every Jim will get together and have sex no matter who plays them." Nichelle said.

Saldana appeared to be startled as Nichelle was rereading the script.

"Wait," Saldana said. "Are you telling me that Bill and Leonard are in a relationship?"

Nichelle looked over in the direction of Saldana.

"Were." Nichelle said.

Saldana's mouth became a perfect 'o'.

"Oh." Saldana said.

"Just don't expect a break up like Shatnoy's happening to your boys." Nichelle said, turning the page.

Nichelle's phone rang from her pocket. Nichelle raised an eyebrow. She wasn't expecting any calls today. She took her phone out then checked who was calling. The text was white with the icon of a rather young Bill Shatner in the captain's chair. After hours of being retweeted on the internet and replying with "Yes?" he finally decided to call her back. She accepted the call and put it on speaker.

"Are you really filming for Star Trek 4?" Nichelle asked.

"No, but I was filming Free Enterprise 2." Bill said.

"There goes my bet with Zach." Saldana said.

"Bill," Nichelle said. "What are you calling for?"

"Hello Zoe!" Bill said. "And it so happens I need advice from the two of you."

"Typical." Nichelle said, with a sigh.

"How do the communications console work on the Enterprise?" Bill asked.

Nichelle had a surprised expression on her face.

"The ear bud is like an ear bud." Nichelle said.

"Makes you hear voices that aren't there." Saldana joked.

"I am referring to the console." Bill said

"Well," Nichelle said. "The console I am more familiar to has buttons. Lots of buttons. And a mirror."

"Mine has a screen." Saldana said.

"How do they operate?" Bill asked.

"Each button has a control on the console," Nichelle said. "The first button establishes the hailing and the button beside it ends the hailing. The middle button to the second row establishes contact with 'Star Fleet'. The last button to the left is able to pull up internal ship reports that are repeated through audio. All of the buttons are red. The lower button below the middle is able to send a may day beacon. The button above the middle button is capable of making a recording and replaying it throughout the ship. The button to the left at the end right above it is capable of sending someone to the laundry room. It has a internal system capable of making the right commands to the buttons. It does not glitch or break apart."

"My console is a screen with several options," Saldana said. "There is hailing and end hailing. There is a option to talk with Star Fleet. To talk with a small vessel. And there is a report box on the screen. It has a anti-virus program installed into it to prevent someone from sending the ship on a wild goose chase. It can also lock anyone out who is not Star Fleet assigned such as electrocuting those who are not the head communication's officer."

"What does the anti-virus consider a virus?" Bill asked.

"A new program that is not Star Fleet branded or not authorized." Saldana said.

The two were obviously pulling Bill's leg.

"Thank you,Lieutenant Uhura and Admiral Uhura." Bill said.

"My character is not an admiral!" Nichelle said.

"Yes, she is," Bill said. "Admiral of communications and linguistics department. Doesn't Admiral Uhura have a ring to it?"

Nichelle paused.

"Why. . . it does." Nichelle said.

"Paramount won't keep me around for that long for Nyota to be a Admiral." Saldana complained.

"It was nice knowing you,Nichelle," Bill said. "Goodbye."

The call was terminated.

"That is unlike Bill," Nichelle said, going into her contacts list. "He would never say that unless there was something wrong like he was in a life or death scenario."

"Oh, like the Kobyashi Maru!" Saldana said.

"Like the Kobyashi Maru." Nichelle said, hitting De's name then put the phone to her ear. "Come on, De, answer."

Nichelle seemed to be concerned.


Karl was by the door to sick bay holding a phaser. Nurse Anne was across from him. Holy shit, Karl never felt this tense before. Scared, even. The technology these days. The technology for the society lived by the aliens was up to par in the futuristic movies being pumped out of the industry. Maybe Baron's men could cut through doors using their disruptors. Well, there wasn't any episodes regarding that kind of event unfolding in the Enterprise.

Any Enterprise for that matter.

Worf was fortunate to be taken to Sick Bay before Baron's royal gaurdsmen took over the Enterprise.

"Are you a relative of Doctor McCoy?" Worf asked, with his right leg being treated by Whichov and the Klingon Nurse Constable.

Karl looked over.

"Why," Karl stopped. "No."

"Then who are you?" Worf said.

"John Grimm circa 2020." Karl lied.

"You lack starships." Worf said.

"You lack big fucking guns with huge bullets to kick down a opponent." Karl said.

"You lack super strength." Worf said.

"You lack television." Karl said.

"Let's call that a draw," Worf said. "Shall we?"

"Agreed." Karl said.

"The doors have been allowed to open." The computer said, in a young male voice that was familiar to Karl's ears with staccato speaking.

Karl's eyes widened sharing a glance with Nurse Anne. Nurse Constable grabbed the curtain then blocked view of the patient. The remaining resting Vulcans, who were deep in trance, had their curtains closed by the two other Nurses in the room. When the doors opened there were closed curtains around several of the biobeds. The royal guard consisting most of Andorians and Klingons entered the room. It was easy to tell the Andorians apart from the Klingons due to their antennas. There were ten royal guards. The doors closed behind them.

"Doors have been restricted to open under section 3.858.805. Code A." The staccato voice said.

"Good afternoon, sunshine." Karl said.

The Royal Guard turned their heads in the direction of Karl. Karl shot down the two Klingons. Nurse Anne shot down two of the Royal Guard members. A disruptor blast struck the overhead ceiling above Karl's head making a scorch mark as well. Karl tackled down one of the four remaining guard members. The third member was shot down by Nurse Anne with a aim at the forehead leaving a gaping hole that exposed the inside of the skull. Karl twisted the arm of the Andorian while sitting on the mentioned alien's chest making her aim be terrible. Four Klingon corpses and three Andorians corpses were on the ground.

The second remaining Klingon was pounced down by Nurse Anne.

The last remaining Andorian shot at Anne into the left shoulder leaving a rounded disruptor blast. Anne fell over crying out in pain with a scream. Karl made the first Andorian fire at the second Andorian into the chest making it collapse to the ground with eyes wide open. The first Andorian was smacking his hand on the ground wincing in pain.

"Ready to die?" The last Klingon member to the group asked. "And be known as a traitor in your tree."

Karl's right hand rolled up into a fist.

"You can choke on that!" Karl said, lunging in the direction of the Klingon with his fist flying in the direction of the adam's apple.

It was a move that he had done on a dummy when filming Dredd. The Klingon Royal Gaurd member began choking after being punched in the throat. He gagged falling back. Karl turned around aiming the newly acquired phaser in the direction of the Andorian. Karl kicked the helmet off the Andorian.

"Do you wish to surrender?" Karl asked, aiming the phaser at the blue skinned alien with white hair.

"I SURRENDER!" The Andorian said, clenching at his arm.

"Someone get me cuffs and attend to Nurse Anne." Karl said.

The Vulcan nurse came to Anne's side then applied a hypo to the side of her neck reassuring her that everything will be okay and her world turned to black.


Our scene opens into a wide interrogation room that had a computer screen attached to the left. De was horrified to see what he was seeing. There was a squeak that came from Walter. George brought Walter closer with widened eyes. Sarek had half his face covered in burns while the area where his ears had been pointy were were no longer pointy but seemed to be removed flat like. There were uneven scars on Sarek's face that had green blood dripping. His left pointed eyebrow was missing. Sarek had a look of confusion in his eyes at the new arrival but the face was easily recognizable. Sarek was on a table pressed against the wall. Sarek recognized Leonard on the spot.

Ambassador Spock!

Leonard could hear the voice of the deceased Mark Lenard in his mind. Leonard could see a frightened yet confused expression on Sarek's face. It was almost as though he hadn't expected Leonard to be beamed over to the planet side. His face was not stoic as Leonard thought it would be in a situation like this. It was a startling development. Sarek had been here for the past two hours and ten minutes. He would not be surprised if Baron had created a voice replicator device that manipulated the sound of his voice.

Beside Sarek stood Baron holding a dagger of the kind in one hand twiddling with it.

"My queen." Tisk said.

Baron looked over with a look of delight.

"A bunch of old men?" Baron said. "They ran to a bunch of old men for help."

"Hey!" Doohan said, insulted stepping forward as De put one hand in his way.

"And your captain is, as I have been told, dead." Baron said. "How pathetic."

"No, he is not." Walter insisted.

"Stop torturin' the poor Ambassador," De said. "You are done. You are over with. Your rule is over."

"Who do you think you are?" Tisk asked.

"We are actors, not Star Fleet officers!" De said, stepping forward. "My name is DeForest Kelley. You brought them to us by crushing their society and defenses. You took away lives! LIVES, MISS BARON!" He held his fist up pointing at Baron. Two guards edged into her view. "Now we are doin' the same to you."

De looked over toward Leonard.

"The man you know as James T. Kirk is William Shatner," Leonard continued. "My real name is Leonard Nimoy. Bill and I are eighty five years old. Not over a hundred. The ears you saw on television? They were fakes. Prosthetic. I don't have pointy ears, never had, never will."

"But the documents--" Sarek started to say.

"We are sorry but those are for entertainment." Leonard cut him off.

Sarek looked at De.

"Your counterpart." Sarek said.

"He is from New Zealand," De said. "He is Karl Urban."

"My name is Walter Koenig." Walter said.

"My name George Takei. It is Ta-kay not Ta-kei," George said. "I never was a President."

"Hmph,I don't believe you." Baron said.

"Bill, play Star Trek: The Original Series," De said. "Season 1. Theme and end credits."

The musical tune of Star Trek: The Original Series began. The crew watched the Enterprise, the old and well known variation glide on the screen through space. De looked down toward the floor refusing to look at it. Bill's name popped up on screen followed by Leonard Nimoy and DeForest Kelley. And then the screen turned black. The end credits showed the list of names.

"What is this?" Baron asked.

"It's a television show," De said. "It is fake. All of this. This starship is based off the show. It was made during the cold war and was a very progressive show for its time. No one normally casted black or Asian people for leading roles such as women for example. You should recognize the starship in the credits because that is her. Everything your civilization knows is built around this fictional TV show and several of the spin offs!"

"Play the man trap, episode 1." Leonard said.

The episode played out and within forty two minutes the episode had finished. Baron was a loss for words looking over in the direction of the crowd of old men. It then occurred to her that they had no power what so ever and no back up. A smile grew on the woman's face. Tisk had a bewildered look on her face. Walter played with his fingers as Baron began to laugh unsettling.

"All of you?" Tisk asked.

De lifted his head up in the direction of the two.

"All of us." Leonard said.

"You are guilty as much as I am!" Baron said, with a laugh. "And that makes your threats null."

"Not really," De said. "You see . . ." A smile grew on the actor's face. Then he folded his arms leaning forward on the ball of his toes. "Hey Bill, how is your end in the Enterprise?"

"Challenging but I do like a good challenge," Bill's voice came out of thin air. "Hello, Baron, but until you step down none of your seventeen ships are responding or moving around in this quadrant. I am leaving you control of the Farragut so you can go somewhere and be forgotten. Just a consolation prize."

Baron frowned.

"Never." Baron said.

"And neither would I!" Tisk said.

"And to stop hurting Sarek," Bill said. "Better yet, let him die with his dignity."

"I will not concede to your requests." Baron said.

"The Prime Directive is around for a reason,Baron," Bill sternly said. "Leave the Enterprise and I will consider sparing your ship and your crewmembers. If you refuse I will be forced to take necessary action to save my planet and countless others like it."

"You are in the computer," Tisk said, taking Baron's hand. "You are just a digital program."

"Theoretically," Leonard added. "He is not. He is now a sapient entity inside the Enterprise capable of jumping ships. That also means Bill can control anything."

"And strand your crew in several rooms aboard the Enterprise." De said.

"Including jumping ship." George said.

"And deny you of attacking anyone." Walter said.

"Adding that I am ordering a reassignment to a few of your medical personnel to this starship," Bill said. "Can't leave good people on there." Leonard raised an eyebrow as did De. "If you are not off this ship in a hour and stepped down then you will be dealing with the biggest ham in the galaxy. Bill out."

"Vaporize them!" Tisk ordered.

The two Klingon officers raised their disruptors and aimed the disruptors in the direction of the crew. De took out a small square device from his pocket then put it on the cuff of his sleeve and tapped on it. The distruptors beam flew forwards except they did not continue to move and struck a long wide shield instead. Leonard looked over in the direction of the grinning thespian. The three men behind him took out their phasers.

"Ready to have your asses handed to you by a bunch of grandparents?" De asked.

Baron stabbed the blade into Sarek's chest then pressed a option on her wrist watch like device. Walter handed George a phaser as the group spread out facing the Royal Guard. They each, except for Leonard, had the same device that De had.

"I accept your challenge." Baron said, with a Chesire like grin.

The two vanished in a golden flash leaving the royal guard behind.

"Unlike Leonard McCoy, I never took the oath." De said, then he pressed the trigger.


Doctor Puri and Nurse Chapel were beamed over to the Enterprise. They were confused as to why they were reassigned by the Lesbian Romulans. They had been given strict orders not to leave unless they were ordered to kill themselves. But the order had come in through padd indicating it was a direct order from the rulers themselves. The golden light faded to reveal there was a transporter room with injured workers. Among them were Fred who was applying pressure to S'chon's injury.

"Help us, please!" Fred plead.

"I get the middle," Puri said. "You get both sides."

"Yes, Doctor Puri." Chapel said, with a nod of her head.

The two split up.

"What kind of weapon was he attacked with?" Puri asked Fred.

"D-d--Disruptor," Fred had his hand on the side of S'chon. "He can't die on me. He is. . . He is my only Vulcan friend."

Puri took out a small vile from the knapsack then instructed Fred to briefly let go. Puri pulled up the shirt of the Vulcan and he applied the contents of the vile. It steamed at first. Puri wiped the green blood off the injury using a white puff ball. Puri took out a laser like device then he held it above the injury. From the tip of the laser gun device came a green light. That repaired the great damage on the cardiovascular tissue. He put it away afterwards replacing it with a smaller laser like device holding it above the injury. He pressed a button and a red light was emitted making suture patterns with it. A thin but visible line appeared in the outline of the sutures bringing together the skin to begin the healing process. He put away the device and applied a square item on the injury. He took back the device to show a white film in between the suture.

"This will dissolve as the skin grows back and the suture itself will be absorbed into the skin," Puri explained to the Ferengi. "The heart itself will need more detailed repairs that I cannot give."

"Thank you, Doctor." Fred said, with gratitude.

"If he asks you to slap then do it." Puri said.

Fed nodded, half of his uniform stained by S'chon's blood.

There were plenty of injured aliens in the room and dead royal guard members strewn around the Transporter room. Some of the royal guard bodies were propped against the wall. Alongside Fred was two phasers. This was Transporter room 2. Half of the people there were given hypos to sedate them so they would not panic during the operations. Slapped with gauze on some of them because their parts were unable to be put back together. For a repair that severe the needed tools from sick bay. The doors to the transporter room flew open to let in royal guard members.

Needless to say much of the conscious patients shot down the members.

The Andorian and Klingon members of the group fled down the hall.

De came to the door.

"Are you all right?" De asked, freezing once he saw Nurse Chapel's figure. "Majel?"

Nurse Chapel looked over her shoulder toward De. She looked so young. Fifty years younger in fact. Her hair was blonde and up in a beehive hair style similar to the one from the 1960's. Fond memories returned of seeing Gene and Majel together, arm in arm, on set. Nurse Chapel raised an eyebrow at the actor. She was so thin that her her curves stood out from the black and blue two piece uniform. On both shoulders were emblem patches that had a dagger through an apple surrounded by a snake biting its tail around the symbol in the middle.

"Christine Chapel." Chapel said.

"We do need a sick bay." Puri said.

"Down the hall," De said, pointing over his shoulder. "Two turns to the right and the third doorway to the right. That is Sick Bay 2."

A couple Klingons went past De even one who had a recently acquired prosthetic leg.

Behind De was three deceased members of the Royal Guard.

"Who are you?" Puri asked.

"Just a small time actor," De said. "And sidelines as a doctor in emergencies."

De followed after the other security officers.


Sarek was in Sick Bay 1 being treated for his injuries by the best doctors and nurses there was. The bodies of the deceased had been logged and identified into the mainframe computer. The Ambassadors were being kept in the conference room by two security guards. Leonard and a random klingon officer named Carl Son of Zorg took care of the two royal guard members. Walter and George were had reclaimed the bridge thanks to the help of several Klingon officers going through the jeffrey tubes first.

"Finally." George slid the leveler up shortly after getting into the helmsmen chair. He put the ship into warp five.

Walter punched out a helmetless Andorian (who had been at the navigation station) knocking him unconscious to the floor.

"So that is how it feels to punch out a Andorian." Walter rubbed his fist,sitting down into the chair. "George, look out for the asteroid!"

"On it!" George said, inputting calculations making the ship go briefly sideways sliding most of the occupants.

We can see from the outside the Enterprise going sideways then resume its typical position dodging a asteroid. Our view returned inside the bridge of the Enterprise.

"I wonder if we can warp through a planet." Walter said.

"Just because the kids in SG-1 did it does not mean we can do it," George said. "Besides, the laws of warp is different in the Stargate franchise."

"But it does still mean going faster than the speed of light." Walter said.

"Theoretically, that would be impossible for the Enterprise to warp into a planet," George said. "If anything it would wipe out the entire civilization if Warp was attempted and crashed land against the planet surface. The dilithium crystals could not give that much power for warping through a planet. Five dilithium crystals would be needed. Since they only have two pieces in engineering they would be burned out."

"You just talked technobabble." Walter said, stunned.

"I have been asked that question since Stargate SG-1 showed that episode with the naquadah asteroid hurling in the direction of Earth," George said. "And I had a Trekker explain to me the power needed to warp through a planet. Walter, I know what you are thinking, and we are not going to try it."

"No fun," Walter said. "How long until we get to our solar system?"

"Twelve hours and thirty-three minutes," George said, taking out his phone. "I have to call Brad."

Our scene transitioned into the spare bio-room. It had been five hours by that point. His eyes started to open where he saw across from him on the wall was a black screen that had his name in green text9. His right eyebrow was missing. There was a space above his right eye where a bushy eyebrow should be. There wasn't a sign of what had been scars on his face hours ago. Sarek's ears had a plastic pair of pointy ear formation to keep the cartilage in place so it could heal on its own.


"Yes?" Sarek said.

I am sorry.

"Negative, it is I who should be apologizing. We discussed this. You may not come out of this with all of your memories." Sarek said.

I accept that.

"William, you are likely to have a mate who is concerned about your well being." Sarek said.

Call me Bill.

"Bill." Sarek said.

Sarek, you are going to bend a few rules here and there to keep our planet safe.

"The prime directive was made for a reason." Sarek said.

Prime Directive? Sarek, you have to be flexiable if you want a United Federation of Planets. Inferior civilizations can help you.

"Your mate." Sarek said.

I sent her a text message. She understands.

"You might not make out of it alive." Sarek said.

Not the same man who shuttled his way here?

"Affirmative." Sarek said.

Disfigured, living vegetable, or a man who can't hold a job.

"Indeed." Sarek said, bitterly.

It is worth what I am doing for you.

"The needs of the many . . ." Sarek trailed off.

Outweigh the needs of the few.

"Or the one." Sarek finished.

Once this is over, you have to hold discussions with the world leaders.

"Unfortunate." Sarek said.


"Your kind has to progress on its own." Sarek said.

Sarek, has it not occurred to you that we have already developed a transporter?

Sarek briefly looked away, contemplating that, then turned his head in the direction of the screen.

"Do you mean that it has come to our attention there has been a transporter made on your planet?" Sarek asked.


"It has not." Sarek said.

Sarek. We are curious. We are out there. We are not ready for inter-galactic wars. We are explorers, warriors, and last of all lovers. A beacon of hope for all those in the known universe. We are searching for life out there and attempting to reach the next step in technology. To know we are not alone in the universe. The future is out there. And we will be damned for not running after it.

"That is apparent." Sarek said.

And I need you to believe in humanity.

"What are you asking of me?" Sarek asked.

To accept a Ambassador of Earth with his or her best interest in our planet. To officially make the UFP.

"I believe this would be the perfect time to do so." Sarek said.


"Bill. . . I. . . I do not wish to be forgotten." Sarek said.

If I forget you, I will make new memories and then we get to know each other again.

"We would be strangers." Sarek said.

This time we will get on the right foot.

Sarek nodded.

"Without being in need of your help." Sarek said.

You know, Sarek, Trekkers and Trekkies wish to believe Star Trek is real. Do you want to believe?

"Affirmative." Sarek said.

You should meet the kids. The new us.

"I look forward to meeting your counterparts." Sarek said.

A smiley face appeared on the screen.

I have to go, now. I have some terrorizing to do.

"Do not get yourself deleted." Sarek said.

Live long and prosper.

The screen returned to black.

"Live long and prosper. . ." Sarek closed his eyes, briefly with a sigh.

The doors to the bio-room opened letting in Leonard. Leonard's hair was not black but graying. Sarek looked over in the direction of the eighty-five year old man. Leonard had his hands behind his back in a completely Spock like pose. A pang of guilt struck the Ambassador's heart. Baron had obviously traced back to Earth with the transporter history and decided to give it a test run before attempting a beam out to Earth. She would prefer arriving on starship to the planet that Sarek knew. He had played a part in tearing away Leonard from his native home planet and quite possibly from his family.

"Greetings, Mr Nimoy." Sarek said, doing the ta'al.

"Greetings," Leonard said, "But I would prefer if you called me 'Len'."

Sarek raised his remaining left eyebrow.

"What brings you here?" Sarek asked.

"I am curious if you are with a mate." Leonard said.

"My first mate turned to religion." Sarek said.

"And your second mate?" Leonard asked coming to the side of the bed.

"I have resisted Pon-Farr long before you were born, Len," Sarek said. "I have no mate."

Leonard had a surprised expression on his face.

"Logically, Pon-Far is unavoidable. You must had claimed a mate or used a holoprogram when you were without one to satisfy your biological urge," Leonard said. "The blood burning makes it difficult to restrain for a pure Vulcan."

Sarek bowed his head, briefly.

"That I am aware." Sarek said.

"Ambassador, you are meaning to tell me that you have never felt love?" Leonard asked.

"Love has numerous definition in the TV shows your home planet broadcasts." Sarek said.

"But they all come boil down to caring about one person." Leonard said.

"Often characterized by love at first sight." Sarek said.

"It can happen but never too commonly," Leonard said. "Perhaps you may find your T'hy'la on Earth."

"There is a phrase in your culture: 'Sticking out of a potato field like a sore thumb'," Sarek said. "And logically, my mate would not be there. My Amanda Grayson would be impossible to find. She is a work of fiction and I accept that I may never find myself a mate. There could be a variation of her on your planet but I am not sure I may ever find my version of Amanda."

"You are real." Leonard said.

"Affirmative." Sarek said.

"Vulcans, Klingons, Ferengi,Deltans, Romulans and so on are real," Leonard said. "Can you play with the possibility that there is in fact a Amanda Grayson just waiting to find the man of her heart?"

There was a pause.

"Theoretically," Sarek said. "That is possible." He looked at the younger man in the eye. "Are you in a relationship with your version of Captain Kirk? The captain and the first officer in the documents were obviously in love."

Damn, even the Vulcans could see it, Leonard thought.

"Negative," Leonard said. "Bill and I are not that interested in one another."

"You had a 'fling'." Sarek said.

Leonard frowned.

"Did not." Leonard said.

"Yes, you did." Sarek said.

"You have no evidence to make that assumption." Leonard said.

Sarek raised a left eyebrow.

"Your voice betrays mentioning his name and your cheeks reddened. Your pupils dilated at the mention of his name," Sarek said,lowering his left eyebrow. "Our scientists have studied the symptoms of love in other species for two hundred thirty-three years. We started studying your 'entertainment' a hundred years, three months, four days,three hours,forty-three minutes, and nine seconds ago."

"Your mate doesn't have to be a female." Leonard said.

"That word has been a legend for over a thousand years. T'hy'la. Warriors clashing, violence, and hot passionate make out sex." Sarek rolled an eye. Leonard's jaw came to a drop. Both of his eyebrows shot up. Sarek just rolled his eyes. "The violent thoughts were murdering us. Surak was lucky to have come when he did. Your documents, or should I say franchise, was accurate in our bigotry and arrogance in our race. We bluff that we lack emotions but it is that we control them so they will not control us."

Leonard sat on the side of the bed.

"What about your sons?" Leonard asked.

"As your kind refers to it:it was a one night stand." Sarek said.

"How did it feel to hold them in your arms?" Leonard asked.

"I promised them I would always support them when they were just newborns," Sarek said. "No matter what happened if they wanted to be a messiah, a artist, a captain, ambassador, anything for that matter, or serve in Star Fleet. I did not want to be like the Sarek of the other universe. Cold toward his kin in the original documents."

"So you do know what love is." Leonard said.

"Twenty-eight years, six months, thirty-three days, four hours, and twenty-eight seconds too late." Sarek said.

There was a pause between the two older men.

"I spoke with S'obi." Leonard said.

"He is grieving for the loss of his twin." Sarek said.

"He would make a good science officer." Leonard said.

"He has no idea what he wants to be." Sarek said.

"So you are letting him experiment around." Leonard said.

"S'chick knew what he wanted to be," Sarek said. "S'obi . . . on the other hand. . . was clueless. S'obi was excellent on the landing parties and the numerous missions he embarked on. Through his cluelessness he made a difference in the galaxy. I have that to be proud of."

"Just because he lost a brother does not mean he will not be the same excellent Vulcan you speak highly of." Leonard said.

"We are very emotional beings, Mr Spock, grief is a very difficult process for us Vulcans to handle." Sarek said, the mere mention of Leonard's character slipped out. Sarek was still getting adjusted to the hard fact that Star Trek was not real when he had believed it was for fifty years. It would take time to fully refer Leonard by his nickname one hundred percent of the time for Sarek.

"Counselors can help with that grief." Leonard said.

"I wish I had a son who dealt with others pain including his own pain." Sarek said, looking down toward his hand.

Leonard put one hand on Sarek's shoulder.

"I grieve with thee." Leonard said.

De came into the room.

"In the next five hours you will be able to walk," De said, walking around the foot of the bed holding a padd. "You are very fortunate that the torture your goddaughter did not end up with losin' both of your legs."

"You are not a doctor." Sarek said.

"I get to be one under your authority." De said.

"Pretending to be a doctor in our society comes with five years in a penal colony." Sarek said.

"And I am not in it," De said. "Truth is . . . Sarek,ever since we stepped on set pretendin' to be these fictionalized characters they have changed us to a certain degree. Look, Leonard has been very much Spock when it came to some shennigans that Bill did. I don't drink, however, but I do find myself more of a listener and some-one who gives a friend advice. Bill? That is a entirely different story." De swiped on the pad inputting a few notes regarding Sarek's condition. "It is like doin' somethin' and feelin' like our fictional characters are over our shoulders, watchin' us, or merely just behind us. These legendary iconic characters stick with us."

"Affirmative," Leonard said. "I feel like Spock is a part of me. "

There was a period of silence.

"Bill should be adding anecdote about himself." De said.

"By extension," Sarek said. "Spock and McCoy are part of you. Someone you will never lose in your life."

"Yes." The two men said.

Leonard looked around finding it odd that Bill hadn't spoken.

"Bill." Leonard said.

"Bill." De said.

"Bill, stop giving me the silent treatment," Leonard said. "Speak your mind or I will tell the most illogical and embarrassing story about you when we made out in the bridge."

De looked at Leonard with a not-so-much surprised look on his face.

"Bill is not in the ship." Sarek said.

The two men looked over in the direction of Sarek.

"He is on the Farragut." Sarek said.

De turned pale.

"That wasn't part of the plan." De said.

"What was the plan?" Leonard asked.

"Get into the computer, scare off Baron, dismantle the Baron Empire, go home, and forget all about this." De said.

"It was part of the plan." Sarek said.

"No, it wasn't!" De said.

"Bill lied to you," Sarek said. "And he wished you to be far away as possible in the case that he failed."

"Failed what?" De asked.

"To ruin Baron," Sarek said. "Or destroy her."

De put down the pad on the table feeling uneasy.

"Bill wouldn't do that to me." De said.

"He has and it has been done." Sarek said.

"I. . . underestimated Bill." Leonard said.

De and Leonard shared a long look with one another.

"As I told you before: it is a suicide mission." Sarek said.

"Damn it, Bill!" De walked around the biobed heading toward the doors.

Leonard followed after De.

"Are you thinking that the biotechnology could have left behind a complete carbon copy unit of Bill in the transporter?" Leonard asked, coming to De's side in the hallway.

"I don't think," De said. "I know."

De came to the intercomn on the wall.

"This is Admiral McCoy, Fred the Ferengi mechanic you are to report to Transporter room 1 immediately!" De said, pressing a button. "McCoy out."

"Why are you still using the identity of your character rather than your real name?" Leonard asked.

"Admiral gives me more authority here." De said.

Leonard raised an eyebrow at that along with an amused expression on his face then lowered his eyebrow.

"That is logical." Leonard said.

"Would you like to see if there is a chance?" De asked.

"Affirmative." Leonard said.

"Let's go." De said.

Our view returned into the bioroom Sarek was kept in. He requested the computer to show the candidates in the presidential election. Screen shots of Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Donald Trump appeared on the screen. He requested Donald Trump's presidential campaign be explained. The first thing that came out was about a huge wall being built around America to block entry of unnative people. Would Donald Trump attempt to make a global planetary version of the wall? That would be illogical. He listened to some of the speeches being made but they were all illogical, contradicting from time to time, demeaning, and insulting to all races. If that was his attitude then he would make a terrible president and a terrible representative of Earth.

"End Donald Trump video." Sarek said.

The computer paused the video.

"Bernie Sanders." Sarek said.

"One percent of the one percent--" The video was interrupted.

"End video." Sarek said.

"Video paused." The computer said.

"Hillary Clinton." Sarek said.

"We will give women the wages men have!" Hillary shouted to a crowd of supporters.

The supporters were cheering as a pleased expression grew on Sarek's face.

"Computer, explain to me the 2016 campaign trail." Sarek requested.

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