We are actors, not Star Fleet Officers!

Basically, Galaxy Quest with the cast of Star Trek The Original Series! A/N this is a Alternate Universe story weaved with fact and fiction regarding the relationships between the very real relationship shared between William Shatner and his co-stars. You have been warned.


1. Chapter 1

"Jim, if you keep throwin' yourself into danger one of these days I won't be able to save you." McCoy said.

"But you will be there, none-the-less." Jim said, hands behind his back looking over toward the doctor.

"Of course, I will." McCoy said.

"Bridge to Captain Kirk," Came Uhura's voice. "You are needed on the bridge."

"Three hours and forty-two minutes is a record breaker for you." McCoy noted.

"I heard there was a pool going on regarding my presence on the bridge." Jim said.

"Without bein' threatened by bird-of-prey," McCoy said. "Now I owe gettin' Chekov a sterlized tribble before dockin' to Starbase 1."

"I feel you." Jim said.

"The hard part is not lettin' someone feed the darn thin'." McCoy grumbled.

The two men boarded into the turbo lift, then Jim lifted the leveler to the side. The Turbo lift strolled up and up. Jim was shaking his head having a small laugh at that. McCoy folded his arms ignoring the delight being voiced by the captain. Jim came to a stop with his laughter then straightened himself up. His eyes were a pool of laughs and Jim's face became his 'battle ready' captain expression.

The turbo lift doors opened and then there was long beep like wail in the dimly red room.

"Wake up, kaptain!" Chekov said, cheerily.


Bill slapped his hand on the alarm. His vision cleared from the edge of darkness into the bright scenery. Not every night did he have dreams of Star Trek: The Original Series. It had been fifty years since he had came on set and stepped in the shoes of James T. Kirk. Maybe this month being July and all where Star Trek Beyond was to be released in a matter of days had gotten to the actor. Or that filming a film about himself and two trekkers could be reminding him of the old days.

Free Enterprise: The wrath of Shatner.

In fact he was filming in it this month.

Bill's eyes glazed toward the alarm.

Sleeping in, hasn't he? He had set the alarm for one hour and thirty-two minutes right for the next film shoot. Bill had slept in for ten minutes! Now Elizabeth would have said "I told you not to stay up late." if she were here. He had stayed up last night rereading the script with a pair of glasses. Elizabeth was usually right, and normally, she was right.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

"I am coming." Bill said, getting out of bed.

Bill went down the hall.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

"I said I was coming!" Bill repeated coming to the door.

Bill opened the door to see a middle aged Vulcan dressed men in front of two young men with Vulcan like qualities.

"Are you extra's for the Vulcan illusion scene?" Bill asked.

"Greetings." They said in unison, doing the Vulcan salute.

Bill raised an eyebrow.

"I am not the director of the movie," Bill said. "Robert is a couple trailer's down." Bill tilted his head at the middle Vulcan. "You look familiar." He rubbed his chin lowering his eyebrow. "Where have I seen that face before?" He thought back, and back, and back. It hadn't been recent since Bill had seen this face. "Didn't we meet half a century ago?"

"My name is Sarek," Sarek said. "We would to speak with you regarding the dangerous plot that threatens to destroy your home planet."

"I am sorry but there are new kids for that kind of movie," Bill said. "Jim's echo is still in the Nexus. Go talk to Chris about the plot for the fourth movie."

Bill started to close the door but Sarek caught it with his free hand staring down the actor.

"We are only interested in you, Mr Kirk," Sarek said. "You were selected to represent Earth if the need arise that it would be threatened."

"Me?" Bill said, pointing to himself.

"Mr O'Neill and The Doctor were discarded since they do not work on the same field you do."

Shatner stood there, puzzled.

"Ookay," Bill said. "You want to talk about a movie that deserves Jim to come out of retirement and save a planet that could be saved by other Star Fleet officers?" Shatner shook his hand. "I am sorry but I do not see the logic. Vulcans are supposed to have fine trimmed logic. Yours is untrimmed. Your logic is illogical and irrational."

After being friends with a guy who played Spock, Bill just knows about how to make a Vulcan sound like a Vulcan.

"Exactly what we believe Ambassador Spock would say." Sarek said.

"Leonard would have said that." Bill corrected Sarek.

"Doctor McCoy has no part of this." Sarek said.

"Busy filming a movie about a dentist on the run." Bill said.

"We need to talk,Mr Kirk." Sarek said.

"I am not Jim." Bill said.

"We can repay you." Sarek said.

Bill sighed.

"You are a stubborn Trekker." Bill said.

"We have a starship." Sarek said.

"Really?" Bill said.

"Affirmative." Sarek said.

"Then take your hand off my door." Bill said.

Sarek let go.

"And wait outside, I have to get my communicator." Bill said.

Sarek bowed his head.

"As you wish." Sarek said.

Bill shut the door looking slightly startled himself. He shook his head. He turned away from the door then headed back toward the bedroom. Why does Sarek look so familiar? I seen someone like him filming an episode regarding Vulcans, a Andorian guy, and a heart attack, Bill thought, he must be a relative of the guy. It didn't hurt bring a phone with him when discussing with trekkies. He had to be prepared for any stunt pulled by the too-obsessed-to-be-called-Trekkers group that were all over the newer generation of Star Trek and ignored the golden era. Personally, Bill didn't like those fans. He genuinely liked the Trekkers.

Bill heard his phone ring from the bedroom and picked up his speed.

Bill came into his mess bedroom then tossed most of his shirts all over the place searching for the device. He called it a phone despite it being a Ipad or was it a blueberry? Bill stopped calling them what they were long ago and began to call them communicators when calling someone or padds when browsing or jotting down information. It was short and to the point. Elizabeth once pointed out how he interchangeably referred to their devices by Star Trek words.

Bill picked up the device then tapped on green upside down button.

On the middle of the screen appeared a profile picture being a tortoise.


"I just finished Dentist on The Run!" Came De's voice. Bill could overhear the sounds of celebration, drinks clinking together, and loud music. It was a wonder why De was at a party. Did Carolyn know about this? "And we're throwing a party for it!"

"Congratulations, De!" Bill said, walking down the hall. "You got the film out of development hell and through production--"

"Which took five years for one film."

"And countless recasting," Bill said. "You should be enjoying the party rather than calling me. What is up?"

"I just had a strange feelin' I had to call you," De said. "I don't know honestly why but I have a bad feelin' you are doin' somethin' that Elizabeth would not necessarily approve of and neither would I."

Bill laughed.

"Oh come on," Bill said. "They are Trekkers. Nothing bad going to happen with them."

"Didn't you get your shirt torn last time you said that?" De reminded him.

"No fair." Bill pouted.

"It is a fair point." De said.

Bill opened the door.

"And they are dressed up as Vulcans," Bill said. "Hey Sarek!"

"Greetings, Mr Kirk," Sarek said. "Would you like to see your starship?"

"I don't own a starship." Bill said.

"You do now." Sarek said.

"I have to film my last scene of the day and then you can beam me up." Bill said.

"Scene? Film? James T. Kirk is an actor?" Sarek said, surprised.

"Of course I am." Bill said.

"No, he is not James T. Kirk. He is Bill Shatner!" De said. "A actor like me."

"Nice communicator." Sarek said.

"Thank you," Bill said. "Talk to you later, De."

"Bill-" De was cut off when the line went dead.

Bill lowered the device.

"If you like, you can watch me shoot my scenes." Bill offered.

"That would be pleasant to see your other skills,Captain Kirk." Sarek said.

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