I Hate My Birthday

How I feel on my birthday.


2. I Will Never Have Another Miserable Birthday!

After I published my self pitying birthday story I received a phone call from my friend in Germany, actually I missed the call but she left a long message, she even sang to me in German I think it was "Happy Birthday". My favourite sister, (the youngest one) came home from work and she bought me nice wool cardigan type of hippie jersey. I love it, it is so me.

Yes people forgot my birthday, but I also did not tell anyone. People forget a lot of things especially dates and passwords and anything with numbers. I do not want the world to remember my birthday, but having that one or two people say "I am glad you were born!" makes all the difference. 

I make a promise to myself to never allow myself to feel miserable on my birthday again. I will always do something small for myself to celebrate myself. I matter and I need to love myself first and stop expecting love and validation from outside. I refuse to hate my existence and I refuse to dread the 7th of June forever.

Happy birthday to me!

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