Saving Neverland

Peter Pan must bring Jane back to Neverland in order to save Neverland from it's new enemy, though the enemy doesn't want Peter, they want to take over Neverland.


1. Chapter 1

This is only a sneak peak, tell me what you think

Peter Pan flew soundlessly across the room, his blonde hair unkempt and dirty given the fact that he never really washed it. It had been not that long ago that he had returned Wendy and her brother’s back home and returned to Neverland, only to return and find that John and Michael had left their home and Wendy was now a fully grown lady, married and with one child, a girl. Though she refused to go to Neverland, she gave her consent for her child to go. But that was before her. Before Neverland was under threat. Arabella Williams, Peter had met young Arabella one night and as he did with Wendy, John and Michael, had induced her to come to Neverland. Which she gladly did, when they arrived Peter had introduced her to Tinker Bell. The first few days were going fine, until Arabella met the pirates. That’s when it all went wrong. Williams instantly turned on Pan, and Pan retreated quickly, pained to see a new enemy form in front of him, replicating the one and only Captain James Hook, but with a different goal, taking over Neverland.



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