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In 1969, after filming the last episode for Star Trek: The Original Series, William Shatner is beamed aboard the Enterprise. A/N Inspired by Geronimo by Shepard.


4. Chapter 4

Being whipped by a alien race was painful. At least they didn't stretch him out, pin spikes against his back, pour acid on his arms, put a snake in his mouth, put a scorpion in his mouth, or anything death deserving. Previously, on notably occasions where he got captured, they would shine a light in his face and beat him up for answers. Senseless answers. But he enjoyed their reactions when he kept telling them down right lies and the truth. Being scarred by blades was nothing new. But being electrocuted was new.

"Captain James T. Kirk of the USS Enterprise." Shatner repeated.

His torturer, Slevik, snarled.

"Liar!" Slevik said.

"I am Captain James T. Kirk." Shatner repeated.

Shatner believed what he said with his whole being.

Shatner believed he was Jim.

"Captain James T. Kirk would not get easily caught." Slevik said.

"Actually, he would," Shatner said, with a glint in his eye. "I have quite the track record."

Shatner experienced a sharp jolt through his body.

"You are a spy." Slevik said.

Jim, no, Shatner licked his lips then looked in the direction of his torturer.

"I am the captain of the starship Enterprise," Shatner said. "Got anymore questions better than that?"

Another electrical jolt is sent through his body.

"Why do you not scream or cry for your god?" Slevik asked, curious walking around him.

Spock's been rubbing off him, a lot.

"Because there is no such thing as god." Shatner said.

Another jolt.

"Oh really?" Slevik asked, coming back in front of the man.

Shatner took a pant raising his head up in the direction of the torturer with burning courage in his eyes.

"Every being calling themselves a god turns out to be a machine or just a petty little powerless being like you." Shatner said,

The colorizer has been transitioning his hair style from golden to brown, it was McCoy who insisted that Shatner be true to himself and to his identity. Color apparently faded after the use of the colorizer after a period of time. It intrigued Shatner as to why McCoy didn't use it on himself so at one point when the country doctor was sleeping, with Spock by his side, he dyed most of the graying hair to its natural hair color with some clicking. De would likely have enjoyed the device if it were on Earth. Even Shatner would have! Speaking of which, De was probably on another show as a cowboy or a detective or a villain of the week for a TV show like Leonard. Shatner has been having a blast. Considering the situation, William Shatner is lucky.

De and Leonard would have ran for the hills if they were told to actually serve on a starship with no pay.

Takei and Koenig would have asked if there were going to phasers for them.

Majel Barrett would have been unable to form a reply at that.

"What is the point to uniting communities when you get attack constantly?" Slevik asked.

"Because we can band our resources together and face a far more ominous threat," Shatner said. "More bigger than you and I. Something so huge the Romulans drop what they are doing. The Ferengi continue their way of dealing. Klingons looking for help. And Vulcans joining the Avengers team. There are hundreds if not thousands of civilizations Star Fleet has helped. We are a force to be reckoned. Peace and prosperity is better than war and death."

"Yet you talk about banding together when it deals with death." Slevik said.

"When we are provoked and will defend ourselves," Shatner said. "In fact Earth has some fusion cannons for falling starships headed in the direction of the cities."


"You speak of lies." Slevik said.

Another painful jolt.

"I do not!" Shatner said.

A human like alien came in then whispered in Slevik's ear.

"It seems your friend refuses to speak." Slevik said, as the messenger stepped back.

Shatner's hands clenched on the arm rest.

Spock had softened his landing into the waterfall and likely needed to get patched up by McCoy. McCoy had a assortment of machines to fix whatever wounds that Shatner and Spock would have after coming fresh off a tension filled machine. A Bone knitting device, a thermal regeneration device, a neck brace,and gauze to name a few. McCoy did not use Hyposprays to heal injuries a lot much as the script had portrayed. McCoy had to remove Shatner's appendix after a beating from some Klingons.

"Where is Mr Spock?" Shatner asked.

"In the room across from us." Slevik said.

"Let us go and Star Fleet will never help you when you get attack by fleets of Klingons." Shatner said

"Good, we want that." Slevik said.

"You don't understand. . .Cardassians, Klingons, and Romulans will be fully within reason to attack you, cripple you, and enslave you!" Shatner said. "In that particular order."

"Let them." Slevik said.

"I just told you what can happen, now, will you let me and my first officer return to my ship?" Shatner said.


"Unless you scream." Slevik said, into Shatner's ear.

Shatner could feel on edge.

"Never." Shatner said.

Slevik put one of his claw like hands on Shatner's shoulder and squeezed on a injury that he had received from falling down a damn waterfall. Shatner squeezed his eyes, wincing in pain. He controlled his breathing and began to think of being somewhere else. On the bridge. The neurological strain also helped with that. Shatner entered the bridge of the USS Enterprise alongside Spock discussing about a pair of alien puppies they encountered. It was remarkably easy for the actor. He had done this numerous times to take himself out of the situation and not respond that he was now inside his mind. He could sit in the captain's chair for hours without a care.



"I said, SPEAK!"




"Damn you, Captain Kirk." Slevik raised the electrocution scale at a higher level. "It seems that your brain has more chances of frying and never recovering."

His hazel eyes were staring in the direction of nothingness.

"Friends cannot save you now." Slevik said.


It had been three hours, forty-three minutes, and thirty-eight seconds since being captured. Spock was no condition to get up and nerve pinch his way out of here. Spock was focusing all of his energy on his legs in his healing trance which would take another hour without the aid of technology. He could hear the frustrated shout of Slevik from the other room. Shatner was no longer replying. He was in his mind. That was a logical assessment. The diplomat of the planet had tracked Spock's communicator thanks to the communication specialist and sent a squad to retrieve them.

One hour and thirteen minutes later, Chekel and Slevik walked into the room where Spock was kept.

"Your friend is unresponding." Chekel said.

Spock's stoic eyes opened to the source of the voice.

"You have faced a wall and you have returned with nothing." Spock said.

"Tell me," Slevik said, stepping forward. "Who are you?"

Spock raised his head up.

"Commander Spock of the USS Enterprise." Spock said.

"You are not him." Slevik said.

"I have gone through grilling like this and it is illogical that you say that I am not me." Spock said.

"I have heard the myth that a Klingon murdered James T. Kirk." Slevik said.

"That myth is untrue." Spock denied.

"But is it?" Chekel asked.

"It is untrue." Spock denied, once again.

Slevik frowned.

"You are not answering." Slevik said.

"That is the truth." Spock lied.

Slevik stepped forward.

"Vulcans do not lie, do they?" Slevik asked.

"Affirmative." Spock lied.

"Why do we get intel that says otherwise?" Slevik asked.

Spock's eyebrows shot up.

"Your intel's pants are logically on fire." Spock said.

Slevik stepped forward with a growl.

"Take that back!" Slevik said.

"Negative. Captain Kirk is alive." Spock said.

"Face it, Slevik, we have the real deal." Chekel said, one hand on Slevik's shoulder.

Slevik looked over in the direction of Chekel.

"The last time some-one claimed to be Commander Spock and Captain Kirk, they were shapeshifters!" Slevik said.

"Never mind them, we are to dispose of them the proper way we should." Chekel said.

"The Klingon way?" Slevik said.

"Klingons have a quick and efficient way of slaughter without the opponent realize." Chekel said.

It then occurred to Spock.

"You are Klingons." Spock said.

"I am." Slevik said.

"He is my right hand man when it comes to my home planet." Chekel said. "Our planet will remain in peace for generations to come."

"Illogical," Spock said. "Klingons are not known for their peaceful tyranny. They are called empires for a reason."

Slevik and Chekel glared in Spock's direction.

Suddenly they heard shouting from outside.

"Stay here, Chekel." Slevik said, taking out a phaser.

"That I will." Chekel said.

"As humans say: meet my little friends." Spock said, earning a sharp glare from Slevik.

Slevik departed the room. Spock stood up tearing his binds off then nerve pinched Chekel and placed him against the wall. He could feel wounds on his shoulders and his backside. McCoy could easily take care of minor injuries like these. Spock stood in front four feet away from the door until the fire fight had ceased. He stepped out through the doorway to see several squad members taking innocents out of several rooms.

McCoy came down the hall.

"Mr Spock!" McCoy said. "Where is Bill?"

"Neighboring room to my left." Spock said.

"You are to report to Sick Bay for any injuries you suffered from that fall,Mr Spock." McCoy said.

McCoy darted into the nearby room and there was a startled but frightened scream that came from the doctor. Concerned, Spock went into the room. McCoy was tearing Shatner off the chair who was breathing but not responding. His golden shirt had been torn, mostly shredded, burn marks along his face, both of Shatner's shoulders had deep gashes and he seemed to have several slash marks. McCoy took out his communicator.

"Your torture is over, captain," Spock said. "Give up the ghost."

A sigh of relief escaped Shatner and he lost conscious closing his eyes.

"Scotty, three to beam up!" McCoy said.

"Ay doctor!" Scotty said.

One of the squad leaders came in and saw the mess that was in McCoy's arms. The squad had a look of disgust at the scenery, then Spock informed the squad leader of the treachery being committed by one of their own and Slevik being a Klingon. The squad leader did not appear to be happy about that going into the next room. The scenery changed before Spock's eyes into the transporter room. Spock put one hand on the doctor's shoulder. McCoy appeared to be scared. Nurse Chapel wheeled in with a gurney. McCoy's tunic was covered in blood, which was never a good sign, as the two men put Shatner onto the gurney.

And from there they went to Sick Bay.


It had been four months, twenty-nine days, four hours, thirty-two minutes, and thirty-three seconds since Shatner joined the Enterprise. They had installed seatbelts into the chairs recently and god did it feel right. About time, Shatner thought, it seems more people on starships die from lack of seatbelt than by being attacked. At one point he had come across a starship that needed doctors immediately more than it had at the moment. It was Shatner's decision to leave. Shatner felt like he had over stayed his welcome.

McCoy handed Shatner three hypos with labels.

"You are to inject your three cast mates with these whenever you come across them."

Shatner smiled back.

"Thank you. . ." Shatner found himself getting choked up on this. ". . .for being my friend."

"No, thank you." McCoy said, one hand on the man's shoulder.

Shatner had a discussion with McCoy and Spock regarding talking about his experience aboard the Enterprise and on the away missions. Painful as it was, he had to not talk about the life changing experiences. Shatner put the hyposprays into his dark gray jean pocket. It was better than what McCoy had said about 'Plan A'. To forget about them willingly. Part of Shatner didn't want to go. He had met two admirals from Star Fleet, a Fleet Captain, Sarek, Klingon children, Romulan Children, and Vulcan children, just to name a few. It was the most uplifting experience he ever had.

Shatner then did something unexpected.

Shatner hugged McCoy.

"I will miss you." Shatner said, feeling a tear come down his cheek.

"You will see me in your castmate De, however." McCoy said.

Shatner ended the hug stepping back wiping off a tear from his eyes. The transporter doors opened to let in the bridge crew who looked more confused than usual. There was an ensign at the transporter console who looked up. The ensign had a confused expression on their face too. There was not a scheduled away mission. Spock came to the doctor's side. Shatner walked up onto the transporter pad then faced in their direction.

"Keptain?" Chekov said, confused. "Why are you wearing a green shirt?"

"My name is William Shatner," Shatner said. "Doctor McCoy and Mister Spock have been aware of this. Captain Kirk was died in Sickbay." Uhura covered her mouth in horror. "He was not able to have a funeral as his body turned into dust. It was mostly Mr Spock's idea to replace the captain. I . . ." Shatner sighed finding it difficult to talk about it. "I read the captain's diary." Shatner looked in the direction of Sulu. "Mr Sulu, your captain was a shy man when it came to botany." Shatner looked over toward Chekov. "Mr Chekov, he was shy about asking you to play a game of football and felt that he could make a inappropriate joke regarding your hair while at it." He turned his head in the direction of Uhura. "Miss Uhura, Jim believed you were his best communications officer and often wished he could speak in your language to relay that pride. So happens he wrote it down."

Uhura was batting away tears hearing Shatner speak in Swahili.

Shatner turned his head in the direction of Scotty.

"Mr Scott," Shatner said. "Everything we did was what he would have done. But he . . . was a very shy and private man about that." He sighed. "It was my decision to over stay my welcome. Mister Spock is a fine commanding officer and he has no desire to command the Enterprise. So help him as you helped me. And continue being the Enterprise family that you are. Spock will need that. Bones will need it. I am sorry for lying to you. I am not the same man who beamed up here. You have changed me. Made me a better man. All of you." Shatner's eyes landed on McCoy who's bright blue eyes were pools of water. "Doctor McCoy will put it into the log that James T. Kirk died four months ago after my departure and reveal the truth." He briefly lowered his head closing his eyes then looked back up toward the crew. "I am an actor." The ensign behind the console was stunned, to say for the least. "Always have been. I portrayed Captain James T. Kirk on a doomed TV show called Star Trek. There are people who portray you who I didn't right and I have to apologize to them respectively. I don't expect you to forgive me for lying to you. Nurse Chapel has known the truth, Scotty . . . I am sorry you were left believing I was a different version of your captain. I want you all to forgive Captain Spock and Doctor McCoy."

"Damn it, Bill." McCoy was wiping off tears.

Shatner held his hand up.

"Live long and prosper," Shatner said. "Energise."

The stunned ensign pulled the bar up.

Shatner watched the tearful crew vanish before his eyes while being beamed away down to the planet surface. He could see the blanket of blue color that blinded the usual. He heard the melody of the transporter rearranging his atoms and pattern down to another location. By the time he had been beamed to the surface, it felt surreal to be back. He felt like Spock and McCoy should be here with him. That is when he saw the apartment complex on fire. He heard screams from inside the building.

Shatner tore down the door then used his shirt to keep himself from breathing in the smoke.

It would be logical to call a fire department.

But by then they could be too late.

Shatner had no idea where in America he was in.

"HELP!" It was a child.

"I am coming!" Shatner shouted back.

Shatner saw a flaming part of the ceiling coming down in the way of the creaky staircase. I am coming, damn it!, Shatner thought, No matter what this fire does! He speed through the flames making his way up the stairs hearing screams. He could hear the cracking of the wood. He felt a rush of adrenaline.

"My mommy is hurt! HELP!" The child's voice raised.

Shatner found the door being the ajar door.

"I am here!" Shatner sped past the door. He saw there was a three year old alongside the eight year old child. He felt along the side of the neck for a pulse. The side of her forehead was caked in blood. She didn't have a pulse. "What is your name?"

"Samantha Rogers Speller," Samantha said. "This is my brother Robert James Speller. Is mommy okay?"

Shatner shook his head, putting one hand on the shoulder of the little girl.

"My name is William Shatner," Shatner said. "And your mommy would want you out of here." He held his hand out toward the girl. "Take my hand."

There was a expression of recognition on the little girl's face.

"Captain Kirk." Samantha said, taking Shatner's hand.

Shatner took Robert into his other arm.

"Come on, we have to get out of here." Shatner said.

"Did you bring your starship?" Samantha asked.

"They just dropped me off." Shatner said.

"Where is Mr Spock?" Samantha asked.

"On the Enterprise." Shatner said, quickly making his way down.

Shatner heard panicked voices from the hall.

"Mommy!" Robert shouted, reaching his arms out over Shatner's shoulder.

Shatner speeded his way out of the burning building. He was covered in shoot, all over, and he felt sweaty all over the place. He instructed the children to stay right there and wait for him or for help that will be coming shortly. Samantha nodded, "Aye, captain!" Shatner turned around then proceeded to go in. Thirty-two minutes later firetrucks came to a crowded street where there were plenty of people staring at the blazing building. Most of the people there were covered in smoke huddled in small groups holding pets or their little ones. Firefighters set down to work. The fire hose was connected to the fire hydrant. There was a reporter on the scene beside a van.

"Hello, this is Catherine Beckket from NBC reporting . . ." A man came out with a woman in his arms.

"CAPTAIN KIRK!" Came a group of children and pre-teens cheering on.

Catherine nearly dropped the microphone turning in the direction of where people were shouting.

"Did someone call the ambulance?" Shatner asked.

"I did, sir!" Came a middle aged man along with his aged wife from the sidewalk.

"Mr Shatner!" Catherine came over to the man who was covering the young man with a blanket sitting on the edge of the fire truck's bumper. "Mr Shatner?"

Shatner turned in the direction of Catherine as the wails of the ambulance sirens were heard in the distance.

"Hello." Shatner said.

"Where have you been for the past four months?" Catherine asked.

"On the USS Enterprise doing things like this," Shatner said. "Or used to. . . for that matter."

"Did you hear Star Trek was renewed?" Catherine asked.

Shatner froze staring at the woman in shock.

"Mr Shatner, how did you get here?" Catherine asked.

Shatner smiled.

"A Ensign beamed me down to the planet surface. I saw the complex on fire and decided, why not?" Shatner said. "The Enterprise is a starship that encourages friendship, family, and peace. I have been exploring the galaxy for the past four months with the best crew." His face grew solemn. "Captain Kirk's crew, anyhow."

"Are you saying that Star Trek is real?" Catherine asked, puzzled.

"Indeed." Shatner said.

"Star Trek will resume filming in June." Catherine said.

"What month is it?" Shatner asked.

"April." Catherine said.

"April?" Shatner asked.

"29th." Catherine said.

Shatner whistled.

"Wow . . ." Shatner said. "I have been gone that long in Earth time, too."

Suddenly a short toddler unexpected came to the actor and gave him a hug onto his pant leg.

"Ah, Robert," Shatner picked the child up into his arms. "What brings you here?"

"Tired." Robert leaned his head against Shatner's chest and fell asleep.

"You are welcome." Shatner said, then looked over in the direction of Catherine. "Got anymore questions?"

"Yes,sir," Catherine said. "Did you rescue all these people covered in smoke?"

Shatner smiled.

"Why yes," Shatner said. "I did."

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