Say geronimo

In 1969, after filming the last episode for Star Trek: The Original Series, William Shatner is beamed aboard the Enterprise. A/N Inspired by Geronimo by Shepard.


1. Chapter 1

The looming threat of NBC cancelling Star Trek lingered in the air. Roddenberry wasn't seen as much during filming, if at all, none at all. That concerned Nimoy and De more than it did Shatner. He was assured, by himself, that despite playing these characters for three years that he wouldn't have a hard time finding a new show to be in. Type casting was the worst in the industry.

Nimoy had left on his bicycle, apparently.

Takei had left after his scenes had been filmed.

Much like Koenig.

Takei and Koenig were, best as Shatner could place it, the best of friends.

And Shatner envied them.

He didn't really have friends.

Shatner hummed to himself heading in the direction where he would normally get his Kirk toupee removed and he would put on his every day toupee wear. He had on a sunglasses. Shatner was absolutely sure the show would be canceled. No doubt about it. He heard a sound. A unique piano like sound. His surroundings changed from the set to the transporter room.

Shatner took off his sunglasses.

"Nimoy?" Shatner said,confused. There were look alikes of his two cast stars standing beside the transporter console beside Doohan's look alike except they were dressed very in character. Except their pants were not gray but black. De's look alike had his arm folded and a frown on his face. Nimoy's counterpart had a stoic expression on his face. "Why am I in the transporter room?"

"I am Commander Spock of the USS Enterprise, and we would appreciate your part in a mission." Spock said.

"Nimoy, you do realize Star Trek is not real. Can you take those prosthetic s off?" Shatner asked, walking off the transporter padd.

"Negative, they are real." Spock said.

"Let me do this, Mr Spock." The older man stepped forward. "Mr Shatner, we met before. I am Leonard H. McCoy, I came across you searchin' for a little boy about this height and he had pointy ears."

"Ooh, Adam!" Shatner said.

"Who is Adam?" Spock asked.

"Your son!" Shatner said.

"I do not have a son." Spock said.

Shatner sighed, exasperated.

"And you're the one saying I am not serious about the craft!"

McCoy stepped forward.

"Mr Shatner," McCoy said. "Your counterpart is dead and we have a bunch of Klingons who are about to gloat that they killed him with honor when really it was a dirty trick. It had no honor in it!" McCoy stressed on the subject much like De would do playing McCoy talking about a subject. "We need you to make the captain of the ship admit to a unhonorable murder of a Star Fleet officer. He will be be the laughin' stock of the Klingon Empire. Do you understand? We have a problem that you must fix. Only you."

"Doohan, what is going on?" Shatner looked over in confusion only to notice something off. "You. . have. . . five. . . fingers."

"So this is the captain's counterpart?" Scotty asked.

"Affirmative." Spock said.

Scotty scanned the man.

"He speaks a lot like him," Scotty said. "Except the captain's shirt is golden not green."

"Star . . . Trek. . . is. . . real." Shatner said.

"Why of course we are! Captain Roddenberry been ripping us off for the past three years!" Shatner's jaw came to a slack. "I was surprised as Spock was to discover he had purposely searched for the right people to portray us and found them."

"Oh my god." Shatner lost consciousness and fell back only to be caught by Spock engaging into a mind meld.

McCoy shook his head.

"This is not goin' to be easy," McCoy said. "Get him to sick bay. He may have some disease that is slowly goin' to kill him in a few decades." He looked over in the direction of Spock. "I told you to take command but nope you just had to bring in a total stranger."

"He is no stranger to us, Doctor McCoy," Spock said. "I have no desire in commanding the Enterprise and lying to the Klingons."

McCoy sighed.

"Let's go," McCoy said. "Scotty, inform the bridge."

"Aye, Doctor," Scotty said, as the three left. "Mr Scott to the bridge. The captain has boarded the Enterprise."

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