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Hello there dear people my name is Squirrel, and I make Essays about shit. enjoy and have a lovely day.


5. Fuck Harrasment

this essay is preety short but it leads up to something else, coming soon, my god that sounds like a fucking tv spot.


i know this post i probably gonna piss of a lot of people, but you know what? Frankly, my dear, i don't give damn. 



so i just lost all respect from The Young Turks, because i have just seen a video, where a woman, to which of whom i had much respect for, just called every woman who voted for Donald Trump stupid. Yeah that is, what she said. But that's not all, after disrespecting an awful, lot of women. She talks about, how much Donald Trump hates and disrespects women, three seconds later. THREE FUCKING SECONDS. *Facepalms*


now WTF is going on in the world right now, and no it is not simply the fact, that some internet meme, have won over Bill Clinton's wife, but the fact that everybody have gone so ape shit crazy over it and still does. 

now first off i wanna, clear out that this post is not Democratic nor Republican, it is just me losing my shit over people losing their shit. 

my god, am i the only one who, thinks of the fight between 4chan and Tumblr, back in the good old days. 


The worst thing about this debate is, that it is not even the actual candidates, that people have yelled over, but it is whether you are a good/retarded human being or not.  


The radical liberals, and i am calling them radical, because they are an outspoken minority and should be treated as Such. But the radical liberals, point of view, is that. "everybody that supports Donald Trump is an evil, evil person. " to be honest with you, i think there are very few people that wakes up at morning, and thinks to him or herself, "I am an evil person. "  


The radical Donald Trump supporters, they have an argument that sound something like this. "because 5% of all liberals are radical and a retarded, that means everybody is retarded. " well, obviously the more outspoken and retarded ones, are gonna be picked by the media, because, well, they are amusing to watch go nuts. But then again a good percentage of people are quite moderated. 


if i was, Mother Earth or Father time. I would personally ground radical people. 

so basically if you can't handle other people's opinions, don't do internet. (i know i just counter argued my self but that's besides the point or is it?)



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