Essays and articles with, a grain of salt

Hello there dear people my name is Squirrel, and I make Essays about shit. enjoy and have a lovely day.


1. f*ck swearwords

So swearwords  the adjective to everything, and everyone. I like swearswords, but sometimes retarded kids aparently thinks it’s fun to insult other kids. I know I just argumented my self there but I don’t care


1.              But first of all, I generally like swearwords. I think they make all languages more colorfull and meaningfull. they are words that can basically be set in every sentence ever, as were they adjectives, like “it’s a fucking good movie. “ or “my essay is shit. “ but it can always be the senter of the sentence like. “what the fuck. “ it can also be used as an exambel saying that somone, or something, is lying, which would be. “bullshit. “ I really don’t like the way media companies censores music, like if you heard shake that by Eminem on youtube, holy crap it’s the worst I have ever heard, have a listen, If you want to kill your ears and make yourself jump off a cliff. It’s like watching The Lords Of The Rings without Sam, or Harry Potter without Ron Weasley, It just feels wrong. But I guess it was better than just using replacements for swearwords, like. “what the fudge. “ or and I’m not even joking here, fucking. “Cheese and cracker. “ “CHEESE AND FUCKING CRACKERS. “ i mean how in the actual fuck is that in any dimension is that an alternitave swearword. It’s like reading the screenplay to fifty shades, it’s the definition of wrong. But anyways the problem.

So heres the problem with swearwords… drum solo. Me I’m the problem. Now you may be asking, y r u the problem, well to tell you loud and clear so everyone can hear, I’m a total cunt. So why am I fucking bitch, well you see in middle school I was a spoiled brat who always stood up for those small kids who got bullied and oh god was that a bad Idea. Now before anyone say, oh that was a good thing, oh you such a good human being, please have a children with me, you’re spuderman! Well, shit, I was not a good human being, well I only did it to be a dick to others and to help other people.


Now you maybe thinking. Okay you’re a dick, but stil it was a good idea right… right… right. Yeah Well, fuck no. because middle school children dosen’t have any sense of justice. But anyways back to me and swearwords, the problem was more that I didn’t do anything original. It was you’re an asshole, you’re a dick, you’re a fagot blah blah. And it was always the same things. Over and over and over and over, you see a parttern? Okay good. I mean fucking hell, it isn’t even original. I ain’t original. I guess It could be funny if it was original, and every one could have a laugh like an episode of friends, but unfornetly this shit called life, isn’t an episode of friends. Like fucking Shakespeare or Quentin Tarantino could be funny, but not yo mama jokes, no I did never make one of these, fuck off. Like I don’t get why they’re funny it’s like. “yo mama’s so ugly that justin bieber fell in love with her. “ I mean what the fuck



So too conclude I like swearwords but if they are not used right the can be a real fucking pain in the arse.

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