The Boy Next Door

"Hi honey, this is Penny and her son Luke the new neighbors" as Luke turned around his face turned full on red

"Hi" I say awkwardly

"Hi I am Penny and this is Luke, Luke say hello"

"UMM, Hi"

"Why don't you show luke your room while I talk to penny"mum asks

"Sure" as luke slowly walks up the stairs and I show him around and as we reach my bedroom he shuts the door behind us

"Hey what are you doing" I ask

"Look please forget what happened last night.. OK"

"What the hell is wrong with you"



6. Skipping second period

Lukes POV

The bell rings for the second session, I walk to the front gate to see Michael, Calum, and Ashton.

"Hey can you guys wait up a while," I ask

"Why?"Ashton asks

"I am waiting for someone"

"ooooh, someone has a girlfriend anyway we are going to Gingers party after school wants to come?" Ginger is the most popular girl in our school she throws a party almost every week 

"sure" Michael, Ashton and Calum wait with me for Aria. A few minutes later Aria showed up

"Hi Luke"
"Hi Aria these are my friends, Calum, Ashton and Michael, guys this is Aria"
"Hi Guys" aria says
"Hi Aria,"all the guys say in perfect sync

"So why are you going out with luke in the first place?" Ashton asks

"Is it because of the hair?" Calum says in a girly voice, Aria laughs

"It is because he is nice and funny," she says sweetly while looking into my eyes "So where are we going?"

"To McDonalds" Michael shows a wired smile on his face kind of like the devil

"So How did you guys meet luke in the first place?" Aria asks

"Well we are in a band" Ashton smile

"Ooooh, what is it called?"Luke buts in and says

"5 seconds of summer"

"That's so cool"


After McDonald's we meet Aria's friends and Michael has the 'smart' idea to play spin the bottle as Michael spun the bottle it landed on Arias friend lucy, Ashton got aria (Which made me a little jealous),Calum got Alisha and I got Ginger.

Aria and I leave the others and head off to the third period

"So Aria how old are you?" I ask

"I am 16".........she is 16 fuck...... An awkward pause begins but I break it before it even starts

"are you going to Gingers party?" I ask

"Yeah she is my best friend but I don't have anyone to go with"

"I will go with you"

"OK, well see you tonight" her face lights up with a smile

"See you then" we walk our separate directions. WOW she is so amazing

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