The Boy Next Door

"Hi honey, this is Penny and her son Luke the new neighbors" as Luke turned around his face turned full on red

"Hi" I say awkwardly

"Hi I am Penny and this is Luke, Luke say hello"

"UMM, Hi"

"Why don't you show luke your room while I talk to penny"mum asks

"Sure" as luke slowly walks up the stairs and I show him around and as we reach my bedroom he shuts the door behind us

"Hey what are you doing" I ask

"Look please forget what happened last night.. OK"

"What the hell is wrong with you"



7. Gingers party

Aria's POV

As luke walked me home we talked about.... well ...... everything, he is so amazing and nice.

"Well, here we are, See you tonight?" I ask

"Yeah" I unlock the door and luke grabs my arm and presses my lips against his. I close my eyes as our lips move in perfect sync, He pulls away

"Goodbye Aria"

"Goodbye Luke" I walk into my house and close the door
"Who was that?" My mum asks

"Someone" I run up the stairs and slip into my lose red crop top, my black high waisted leather shorts, Black hoodie and my Black converse. I run downstairs and grab my phone and my keys. The door slams behind me and I walk to Gingers.

A few minutes later I arrive at this big house with lots of drunken teenagers out the front. I hesitate but then walk in, I look around for luke and bump into Ashton

"Hi," he says and he grabs my arm and runs me down the stairs and we arrive at the pool. He looks at me and pushes me in.

"What the hell is wrong with you"I yell to Ashton, Luke's arm reaches out to mine and he pulled me out, wrapping a towel around me. He walks me up the stairs and sits me down on the bed

"Are you ok, why did Ash throw you in there?" He asks as he wraps his arm around my shoulders

"I don't know it was just a bit of water" I stand up, fold the towel neatly and lay it on the bed.

"Where are you going?" Luke asks

"To get a drink" I walk out of the room and walk to the nearest girl holding a tray of shots. I take two and gulp them down

"Hey don't have too many of those" luke tells me, I sneer at him i don't know why but i take three more shots.

"Hey, an aria that is a lot you should stop" I run away from him and head down the stairs. I find the nearest cocktail waitress and take more shots. My head is spinning I try to walk back to luke but fail to walk up the stairs.

I fall but Ashton catches me

"Hi again," he says

"Hi," I say in a pissed tone he leans in and kisses me at just the wrong time. What the fuck he must be drunk I push him away but I don't do it quick enough.

"ASHTON, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING" luke screams everyone turns and looks at luke

"What do you want luke?" Ashton asks, I pull away from him and run up to luke (barely making it up the stairs) Luke walks away from me and heads in Ashton's direction. He punches Ashton in the face "Don't talk to me," he says and walks back to me 

"Let's go" luke yells and grabs my arm 


"Because you are drunk" Suddenly my mind shuts down and everything goes black

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