Fly Like A Bird

Have you ever thought you knew somebody so well you knew what they were going to do before they even did it. But what if something happens that you didn't see coming something so horrific that it made you doubt your entire friendship with that person. How do you go on with your life afterwards, how do you learn to survive.


3. Hope To Fly

We danced till the rain began to slow, until it was a light drizzle. The drops running down our cheeks like a lovers hand. And even though we weren't even friends that's what I felt towards her, like we were lovers. It was a revelation that made my heart ache especially when I looked down into her eyes, such a beautiful green they were, like the moss that covered trees. The rational part of my brain was yelling at me telling me that I was acting like we were part of some sappy poem, that I was setting myself up for a heart break. But I couldn't stop, didn't think I ever could. Twirling her around one more time to prolong the feeling of her in my arms, I unwillingly let her go. Looking slightly flushed an confused she quickly hugged me whispering bye and was running for the bus before I could stop her. I watched after until the bus doors closed behind her and I was left standing there feeling like a love struck puppy. Hunching my shoulders up to my cheeks I made my way over to my car and in no time I was peeling out of the parking lot, speeding down the road. By the time I got to my house I was in a mood. Long gone was the peacefulness replaced by a feeling of pure frustration. Slamming the door with unnecessary force I stomped into my house completely ignoring the fact that my parents were sitting on the couch obviously waiting for me. Out of the corner of my eye I saw their mouths open but before they could even get a word out I was growled yelling not now as I disappeared into my room. I didn't know what had me like this but at the moment I didn't care ignoring the rattle of my locked door knob and the furious knocking I placed head phones into my ears and gave myself up to oblivion, only one face calming me enough to sleep


You'd be surprised to know not everybody had such a great home to return to. Somewhere out in the night there was a girl with long black hair that got off the bus. Walking towards a house with a blue door only to quickly make a detour to enter the woods. This girl didn't travel far before she hit an old tore down shed, a place that was her home. Entering the one room shed that gave no heat against the shill and no light to make the dark more bearable. Inside there sat One couch, a makeshift bed in the corner made from old moldy blankets and two very drunk people. One man one woman, both older looking then they were, covered in a weeks worth of grime reeking of bodily fluids and desperation. Some people like this poor girl came home to places like this, with nobody to help. Well wait she did have one person an old blind woman That lived in the house with the blue door a woman who tried her hardest to ensure the girl was bathed, fed and clothed. This woman was one in a million not many people went out of their way to help others. Especially sour faced little girls who didn't even have a name. Bt the woman took her in helping her bathe away years worth of filth, teaching her how to be human, giving her a name that fit her the best, a name that gave her a hope to fly someday.  

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