Fly Like A Bird

Have you ever thought you knew somebody so well you knew what they were going to do before they even did it. But what if something happens that you didn't see coming something so horrific that it made you doubt your entire friendship with that person. How do you go on with your life afterwards, how do you learn to survive.


2. Breath

For the rest of the day Bird dragged me everywhere, never letting me leave her sight. Even though it freaked me out a bit I honestly found that I didn't want to leave her. The two times I tried her little façade would slip and her eyes would just gleam with pain and utter fear, and for some odd reason just that one look made me  feel as if my heart had dropped straight to my stomach. So for the first time in my life skipped almost every class I had that day just so I could assist her to her classes. I knew once I got home I would be facing major scolding and possible grounding but I couldn't say no to her. Oddly though even though I spent the whole day with her she didn't talk to me again till the last period of the day, which so happen to be art. Now most of the period was spent with her staring of the widow at the rain as it poured down and me staring at her. But at the very end she looked over at me a small  smile playing on her lips.

"Matt, would you like to do something completely crazy, a something that carried no rhyme reason?"

I stared at her for a good five minutes trying hard to understand her sudden change of expression. It was a new one, one I had yet to see. It was wild, almost like a look a wild animal gives once it realizes its trapped, it was a look that made my chest ache. And yet again I found myself saying yes, unable to deny her a thing. Smiling broadly at me she grabbed my hand, and heat shot through my body, a heat that transferred to my eyes as a stared brazenly at her. She must of understood my particular look because her face reddened slightly and dropped my hand within a second. Choosing  to ignore she reacted I leaned close to her whispering in her ear.

"So what is it you have planned?"

She shivered and licked her lips nervously and  I smiled, slightly pleased with myself for enticing her.

"Well Matt, just follow my lead," She whispered back, this time taking great care not to look at me.

She quickly shot a look at the art teacher, who was leaned back in his chair snoring loudly. Quietly she pulled me from my desk and dramatically tiptoed to the door, all the while maintaining a firm grip on my shirt sleeve. With more grace than a ballerina she managed to sneak me and my two left feet out the door without making a single sound. Then we were running, our feet hitting the white and red tile floors with loud slaps, bursting past the entry doors she yanked me right out into the down pour. Letting go of me she started spinning and jumping all over the place letting the rain soak her until her clothes were so perfectly molded to her and I just stood there, staring, hands clenched into fists in my pockets. Now to most people she would look like some rainbow colored drowned rat, but not to me. It was that moment that I realized I had just met my first love, and even though I had just seen her for the first time today, I couldn't deny it, and I didn't really want to.

"Come on," she screamed, her face stretched wide with a smile.

Forgetting to breathe for a moment all I could do was just stare. When I didn't move right away she poked her lip out, smiling I walked over to her and even though my mind told me to stop I kept walking until our chest were pressed together and leaned down until we were nose to nose. Her eyes widened slightly, her head falling back until our lips were barely a breathe away. Most people would of kissed her, hell I wanted to, the need to do so strong in me it was hard to resist, but instead I curled my arm around her until my hand rested softly on her hip my other had laced with hers and with more courage then I had I began to twirl her around. Silently thanking my mom for the dance lessons she forced me to take I dipped her. All the while staring into her eyes. Her face was clear of any masks it only held content, and  I loved it. I loved her.

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