The Secrets

About a girl who was beat, has to love herself...and someone else, well that someone else is famous, what a world she lives in...and what about her kidnapper, will he finally stop....(Cameron Dallas Fanfiction) Read The Secrets for a roller coaster of emotions lmao��❤️


5. chapter~5

Camerons POV:

I know I shouldn't snoop in her stuff, but I can't help it, she's broken and I'm worried. I take her phone a message labeled Douchebag-Get your ass home now and since you left, I am going to beat you, so bad you will want to die!  I boil in anger, who the hell, but then I remember, her father.I run to the bathroom, luckily no one's home. It's locked, I kick the door down, she's just sitting there, crying. She looks up, she's hurt, scared. I sit down next to her and say nothing, I just hug her. "Cam, I-I don't k-know w-what to d-do." She's hyperventilating and is crying. I hug her tighter, I know I've only known her for a short while, but I feel something for her. "That's it." I say getting up, "Cam what are-"

Dakotas POV:

He's mad, what's he doing. I follow him, he goes to my house. "Cam stop, no...It's fine." "It's not, you're hurting and I'm worried." He slams on the door. My father answers. "Who the fuck are y-?" He starts and Cam lashes and uppercuts him, causing him to fall hard. "YOU'RE A PIECE OF SHIT!!" He screams at him, he's almost crying, I'm sobbing. "SHE'S MY EVERYTHING, I FUCKING LOVE HER, AND YOU CAN'T SEE HOW AMAZING SHE IS, GO TO HELL." He just said he loves me, I turn him around and hug him, he's crying in the nape of my neck, I'm also crying, I was able to choke the words out. "I love you too," I say. He lifts my chin and kisses me, an electric shock goes through my body, I've never kissed anyone before... "We're leaving, pack your bags." And I listen, I'm fucking happy to leave this shit household, I fucking hated every second here, I grab everything I own, which wasn't a lot but still, I write a note to my mother.


I'm leaving and you should too, go fucking find a better life. Find happiness, get yourself cleaned up mom, I fucking love you, leave all this behind...I will always love you, here's my number, 019-019-0190 after 17 years, it's time.


Teardrops fall from my face, onto the thin sheet of paper. She drinks because of him and she does deserve happiness. I go into the room, she's passed out, I put the note in her hand and kiss her forehead, "I love you," The tears fall, and I was off to a better place. I go downstairs and stop at the door and see him, I stop and spit on him, cursing, I fucking hate him. I see Cam, we go to his car, after 17 years, I'm fucking free, this doesn't seem real. "We have an hour drive, feel free to sleep." I nod, having no idea where we are going... Since I'm slowly falling in lovee, I don't care where we go, as long as I'm with him...

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