The Secrets

About a girl who was beat, has to love herself...and someone else, well that someone else is famous, what a world she lives in...and what about her kidnapper, will he finally stop....(Cameron Dallas Fanfiction) Read The Secrets for a roller coaster of emotions lmao��❤️


4. chapter~4

Dakotas POV:

He grabs my hands and we get into his car, which is better than mine. "SO what are we going to do today?" I asked curiously. He looked at me, winked and gave me a mischievous smile. "Whatever, I'm playing my music," I say hooking my phone up to Bluetooth. I look through my acoustic playlist, Second and Sebring, by D At The Sea, one of my favorites. 

"I believe it's time for me, To be famous and out of place

I believe it's time for me, To move forward when I break through."

I'm quietly humming and start singing when the chorus hits. "You listen to such sad music," Cameron said, taking my hand in his. "Why?" I look up at him, he's focusing on the road. "I'm a sad person, I guess..." "I'm going to change that, I'll make you a happy, I promise." "Promises are meant to be broken..." I say, almost crying. "Well, not my promises." He says, holding my hand, tight. We pull over and it's nothing but long grass and trees. "Where the fuck are we?" I asked.

Camerons POV:

My girl, curses like a sailor. "Just follow me," I say. "What if you're a murderer, how do I know?" She said smirking.  "Oh shut up." I grab her hand and walk her through the woods to an old abandon amusement park. "Shall we explore," I ask. "Fuck yeah!" Let's walk through the horror house." "Okay." We walk to the house, it stood tall and looked pretty horrifying, she was scared and nervous yet excited, I open the door and we walk in. Halfway through, I'm losing circulation and she's hiding her face into my shoulder. It's not scary but looks like a really creepy house with old antiques. 


After an hour at the amusement park, we go somewhere else. A candy store but she doesn't know. 

Dakotas POV:

"Wear this." He hands me a bandanna and I put it on, I trust him. I feel the car park and he gets out, then opens my door and helps me out and we walk into a store. A mouthwatering smell, chocolate. I immediately smile and then he took the blindfold off and I was so happy. "Pick out something, anything." I look at him and my eyes light up.  I pick out Valerie Confections, which is amazing. We pay and it's around 6 o' clock, we get back to his house. "Wanna watch a movie?" He asked, my phone buzzed. "Um I c-can't" I say. He looks concern, I throw everything on the bed and go to the bathroom quickly.

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