The Secrets

About a girl who was beat, has to love herself...and someone else, well that someone else is famous, what a world she lives in...and what about her kidnapper, will he finally stop....(Cameron Dallas Fanfiction) Read The Secrets for a roller coaster of emotions lmao��❤️


2. chapter~2

God being home can make you miserable... I went to my room, avoiding all contact and speaking. I went out the window and sat on the roof looking into the sky. I plug my earbuds into my phone and turned the music up.

"They left us alone, The kids in the dark, To burn out forever, Or light up a spark,

We come together, State of the art, We'll never surrender, The kids in the dark"

I close my eyes and breathe in the air, cold and fresh fall air. "Hey! Hey Dakota! Hey!" I hear something but ignore it, probably for someone else. "DAKOTA! HEY!" I realize it's my name. I take an earbud out and see Cameron, what does he want with me... "Yeah!" I quietly yell to him. "Get done here, you're gonna fall." he says. "Why do you care so much?" "Why would I not, come down here." he giggles giving me his best mad face, but soon laughing again. "Okay hold on..." I see him smile as I get up and head inside, I walk downstairs. "Where the fuck are you going!?" My dad screams at me. "o-o-outside.." I say like a scared dog. I feel a hard slap on my left cheek, stunned. I grab my bag and I march out, crying. I can't let Cameron see me like this, I stop crying and walk up to him. "Dakota are you okay." He sounds so worried. "I'm uh fine." Tears welled up in my eyes, I push them back. I feel his huge arms hug around me, I broke down, he strokes my curly red hair, "I've got you." He whispers. But why me...I ask him. "Because you're different and I love different." I stop crying and smile, he lifts my chin up with his index finger. "Tell me what happened, okay, let's get you cleaned up." He grabs my hand and leads me to his house and up to his room. I grab my makeup bag and quickly re-did my makeup, "Beautiful." he says looking into my eyes. I look down to hide my blushing face, he laughs. "So Dakota, tell me what happened..." I stop smiling, thinking about what did happen, no one knows about my family. "I fell w-walking down the stairs." I try giving him a convincing smile. "Dakota you stuttered, I know you're lying and not fine, tell me." He seemed serious. "Cameron, I-I don't k-know." "Dakota," he takes my hands in his, "I want you to know that you can trust me, so please, I wanna help." "and I know you do..." My voice is at a breaking point. "Please." He looks me in the eye, hurt. "Okay, fine," I sit on his bed, next to him, "My dad is, uh, abusive and my mom is an alcoholic and I'm an emotional mess and I'm the weird girl in school a-a-and," "Shhhh, It's okay Dakota, it's okay." "but it's not, everything is ruined and my dad hits me about four to ten times a day." I look in his eyes, raged in anger, not at me but because of my father. "Why wouldn't you tell anyone!" He seems pissed but talks so smoothly, "no one would believe me, I was the weird redhead girl..." "you're not weird, your amazing, even after a day of knowing you I can tell we'll be really close." I smile and so does he. "Do you want to spend the night here?" I look at him, did a guy just ask me to spend the night, he's pretty trusting. "Can we stay up all night and watch movies and eat popcorn?"

Camerons POV:

I watch as her eyes lid up like a child getting their face painted. "Yes, yes we can." "Yeahhh, but I need pajamas..." I got up and grabbed a sweatshirt and some sweatpants and handed them to her. She got up, "Turn around and no peeking." She says and I obeyed. I had my window right in front of me and could see her body in the reflection, she was beautiful and looked like a woman, not a child, but she's so insecure. "You're gorgeous..." She looked her head up and saw I was staring. "Hey, I said no looking and I wished." "Why wish for something you already have." And she did the cute thing when shes nervous or blushing, looking down on the ground and biting the side of her lip. God, I'm falling in love with her. "Let's go to the store quickly for popcorn, a movie, and ice cream." She nods and we leave.

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