The Stanley Parable 2


1. The True Ending

And Stanley..

was happy.

The Narrator sighed, shuffling his script..he pulled open the drawer to his wooden desk and placed it in,closing the drawer. He sat for a few long minutes and peered out the large window in front of him..he could see the faint figure of Stanley walking away from the building into the lush greenery around was his purpose?He had fulfilled it...what was there next to do?

He spun in the worn office chair,staring at the slow moving ceiling fan.

'That's it!'The narrator thought,'I'll make a new story!'

He slid some sheets of paper into the typewriter and began typing away.

This is a story about a man named Bob

"No no no.."

He tore out the sheet of paper and replaced it with a clean paper.

This story that I am about to read to you is about a young man named Fred...Fred was a cashier at a fast-food place,he was bored of doing the same thing over and over again--except with the grooming and bathing...of course.

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