Help me (A Supernatural Fanfiction)

Help Me


2. Chapter 1


8 years ago

(Will stay until I say otherwise)

Just one cut is all it would take. I had the blade pressed against my wrist trying to decide weather or not to do it. Tears slipped out I my years, I couldn't decide, if I did do it I would leave my brother with my abusive dad. If I didn't do it, I would have to keep facing my dad for the next 2 years. Then I would take him to court and try to get full custody of Danny. I still had the blade pressed to my wrist when I heard something behind me. I jumped, dropping the blade and turned around. There was a man in a trench coat with a neutral look on his face. I started to back up against the wall.

"Wh...who are" I against the wall and couldn't get back any farther.

"I'm Castiel. An angel of the lord. I heard that you had been praying for help." He spoke with no emotion.

"If y..your an angel, then where is you wings?"

"They are not visible to the human eye."

"Then how can I trust that you not lying?" I challenged.

"If I where lying then how would I have gotten in here. There are no windows and you would have saw the door open." He was right, I was facing the door and the was no windows in my room. I guess I will trust him.

"Thank you, no what has your problem been?"

" did you know I was going to let you help?"

"Being an Angel allows me to hear thoughts."

"My dad.." saying his name even makes me cringe," he beats me and my brother." Castiel starts walking and looking around the room. He picks up the blade I dropped and crushes it. "Not only does he beat us, if he is smoking or is near something that can burn us, he will burn us." I walk over to him and show him the burn marks on my arms. "But for some reason I don't feel any of the pain, I never have felt pain." There was change in his face but only for a slight moment. "One night he was very drunk and I came home from working a late shift, he started yelling at me, then he....he raped me." I say whispering the last three words. I couldn't hold back the tears anymore and start crying. I slide down against the wall and cry into my knees. About a minute later, Castiel was beside me trying to calm me down. He pulled me into his chest and we sat like that until I stopped crying.

"You and your brother need to leave tonight."

"But we have no place to go. I only have £50. We wouldn't get far." My voice cracked multiple times.

"I can help you. Remember, I an Angel of the lord. Go tell your bother to pack what he needs leave your phone, you can be track through them. Be ready in 15 minutes, your dad will be home in 20."

I run down the hall and burst into my brother room.

"Get your stuff ready, we are leaving. Leave you phone."

"Where are we going?" Danny asked confused.

"Anywhere but here. I have someone that said he would help us. You have 15 minutes hurry."

I run back to my room and grab a backpack. I throw a couple sets of clothes in it, my laptop and charger and other nessesities. After I throw in my hoodie, I yell for Danny and go to the front door. In a few seconds, he shows up with his hoodie on, backpack on his back and some cash in his hand.

"Where did you get that an how much is there?"

"There's about £550 maybe even more. Dad had a stash, I found it about 3 months ago. He owes us anyway." There was a smirk on his face that brought a small smile to my face.

"Ok get in the car put your stuff in the back." I get in the drivers seat and put my bag in the back. Danny joins me in the passengers seat.

I pull out of the driveway and fly down the road, watching for the police so we don't get pulled over. Getting pulled over meant a greater chance of dad getting home and finding out we left.

I continue driving for another half hour before stopping to get gas. Before I got out of the car I saw Castiel standing at the side of the car. I fill the car up and pay for it before going over to Castiel and talking to him.

"So where do we go from here?"

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