Forbidden a fairy mustn't fall for a demon Anna knew what would happen if she had seen him again. Despite the warnings she pursued. He captivated her his eyes compelled her body to disobey her people and he his. His evil couldn't tame his heart was black his mind was a mess but his captured fairy would give him purity a reason to change to love.
His touch would complete her his kiss would perish her existence.


1. Alex

  Little Anna, they called the rosy-cheeked golden pig-tailed wide-eyed child. Imagination big for a small child's head some would say little Anna had a gift she could draw from life. A little girl so bright, pure and beautiful she would have her own wings fly anywhere she pleased she would escape from the reality and begin her adventure outside the wall free and alive the thought of growing up excited her she was ready to see to explore despite the warnings of what creatures lurked outside. It couldn't be that bad, could it? If' trouble had followed she'd soar high and nothing could touch her nothing but the white fluffy clouds. She had gone over this in her head over a million times. Ready she was to face the unknown but no wings meant no adventure although she was ready she'd still have to wait.

  "Anna" Her mothers soft but stern voice rang in her ear. "Anna my heavens child get down from there now!" High above on the fence, it was impossible to climb down as fast as her mother had commanded her.

  "Anna I will not repeat myself"

"Oh, must you always worry mother?"

   " I will not have my child climbing about putting herself in danger"

  " I wouldn't be in such danger if my wings had grown as quickly as the others" Her mothers face full of displeasure.

   "Inside now"

      Her mother didn't like improper manners in a proper woman. No climbing any running or flying though she still didn't have her wings she couldn't fly as she pleased. Her whole family had wings the town, but Anna she was a late bloomer. Nobody flew inside the wall they lived like humans but they were much different much powerful than any human being. Anna couldn't understand why they had wings if they didn't fly why they hadn't used the immense power they possessed. Twelve observant and percipient had perks but it had ruination. she wasn't able to enter the house until her mother patted her down all the dirt had faded from her blue gown. " Richard" Her mother called. A man tall and handsome clean-shaved stepped outside the door. " My lady" He gestured a bow.

  "Enough with that Richard. Look here my child has climbed up that dreadful fence again!"

  He chuckled. " Young and quite adventures little Anna is"

     "Young and reckless" She barked.

 "When her wings grow she will adjust like the rest of us fences will no longer be a problem" Her mother's brow furrowed.

   "The fence, tear it down so that this child of mine will not climb again!" Her request was a selfish one but her eyes were cold as the beautiful woman's heart he couldn't say no. "As you wish"

    Anna's mother obeyed by the town if she had wanted something done it would be. Widowed but a fierce fairy she was she held power like no other. Listener Anna wasn't her witty, courageous personality got her into trouble most days. A mirror she stood in front of. Thin pieces of lace she pulled from her gown three layers of fabric fell to her feet. Pale, white and glowing bare skin reflected in her crystal blue eyes. The skin of any fairies compelled any being or unnatural being it was captivating. Anna caressed the bare skin from her collarbone to her shoulder breathless and astounded by her own complexion. She was so beautiful her beauty would grow as her wings would.

   Evening came and Anna found a way to slip from supper. The forest beckoned her to come and play. Bad Idea she knew it was close to the wall but she wouldn't stay long she would take a small stroll there and back. No harm at all she thought.

      The leaves that fell one by one from the tall forest trees reminded Anna it was still autumn. Vibrant colors of the leaves were beautiful. The wind blew it had been fresh and cool she felt alive. Calm, relaxing and peaceful the forest was she could live and couldn't bore herself of natures divine scenery. Stories she had heard from an old local woman in town said long ago fairies had lived in the many of forests outside the wall they forged homes in the trees in their own safe hidden havens beyond reach no human or any other thing would discover their existence, however, evil had vanquished their "untouchable" haven and what had happened so long ago had affected the future which the fairies lived. Humans they had to live like human beings to stay safe to stay hidden but from what evil? Couldn't they protect themselves in the sky? Use the powers to defeat the evil? Anna couldn't understand what was so dangerous outside the wall what evil creatures scared the fairies.

   "What are you doing out so late little girl?" A low and unfamiliar voice had startled Anna from her thoughts. Had it gotten so late she noticed the stars.

   "I-I was taking a stroll.." Desperate her eyes scrutinized through the dark. No one she could see no one. " A late stroll in the forest isn't that a little dangerous for a meek fairy like you?" A boy's voice but still couldn't see. Her heart pounded.

   " Don't be scared little fairy. I'll help you if you help me"

  "H-help you.." She managed to open her mouth but words jumbled. The voice chuckled. Quick much to quick for Anna to see which direction from where he came she flinched when a tall figure taller than her with glowing eyes stood. Breathless shaking uncontrollably, she couldn't see anything the dark hid his figure but his eyes the dark red ring in his eyes. Involuntarily her hand had risen she tried to touch his face to find it he jerked his body. A growl she heard he growled at her. Pounding her heart was again she stumbled back.

    Her eyes searched the trees the rocks he had disappeared nowhere in sight. "I'm sorry! I didn't mean too!" She cried. Still, she didn't see the figure anywhere. Gone he was. Why did he flee? She wanted to feel his face if she couldn't see feeling would have reassured her he wasn't a monster or anything. Anna could go back her mother wouldn't realize she wasn't asleep she could leave nothing bad would happen but something inside her told her to stay, stay and help that boy.

   " I'm sorry if I've frightened you but you did to me first.." She heard nothing. " You said you needed help?" A rustle she had heard in bushes. "You do! Could I be of help to you?" Another rustle.

  " Get out," The voice said. The familiar figure stood by the oak tree. It was him.

 "Get out? Get out to where?"

   "Out of here outside that wall"

    Outside the wall? Why would he ever try to leave had he heard the stories? Perhaps he didn't care. " What is your name if I may ask?"

   He hesitated a little. "Alex," He said.

   "Alex? That's a wonderful name indeed"

  "It's not wonderful it's weak. What about your name?"

 " Most call me little Anna but I prefer just Anna" She had she was no longer a little girl she thought. "Anna huh? Well if you ask me I prefer little Anna."

  She saw his pale hand move. He plucked something from her hair.


    He chuckled. " I'll keep this until I get to the wall" He held up a red satin ribbon. Her ribbon. Walking along a dark path with the moonlight glow guiding them through the forest. They passed many trees a few streams along the way. Anna knew where she was going they weren't far at all the walk was short and silent. The icy wind blew around them the soft soil comforted their feet. Questions she wanted to ask Alex like why were his eyes red why did they glow? Or why he wanted outside the wall in the first place wouldn't his parent's mind a great deal hadn't he heard the stories long ago? She didn't ask though. They came to a stop.

   She pointed to the tall brick structure in front of her. "Here we are, Alex, the wall" He glanced up " Seems so, " He said.  leaping into the air she saw him in freeze frames. Perched on top of the wall. Wow, she thought amazing... But he didn't have wings how was he able to jump so high without wings? Was he a fair-

   "Hey, Little Ann" He howled. "Your red ribbon guess I get to keep it huh?" He grinned leaped into the air again but his figure disappeared he was outside the wall.

    He wasn't human and he wasn't a fairy...







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