Dear Diary~Breon

im starting this this because I have alot to say but don't want it to effect other people.


1. June 6, 2016

I've been thinking lately why don't i write my feelings down instead of coming off and letting it out on my family instead. I've tried this in the pass but it always doesn't last. So this morning I wake up kinda late, not really wanting to go to school for no reason (like always). But I passed all of my big state test that the united states take. I don't know what you call it but ours are called SOL's. As I'm getting dressed I seen I only had like 30 minuets to get dressed after I shaved my legs. TBH I don't like that much hair. So I got in the shower brushed my teeth and washed my face same old stuff I hope every body do every day. So I glanced back at my clock after I got out the shower and I had ten minuets to get read, which was never gonna happen because I wanted to miss the bus. So as I put on my shoes ready to head out the door I hear the bus riding pass my house so I turned back around and sat on the couch. Then I got this bright idea that flew in my head from GOD knows where. The idea I came up with was to walk to school and for my house it was gonna take a good hour. It usually takes but 30 minuets but I was hungry so I was gonna walk to wawa. I went up stairs to where my parents keep loose change for like emergency money and I took five dollars. It wasn't a big deal to me. I walked out the door without shouting "I'm gone" Up the stairs. I walked up to hills passed a Mc Donald's that was hurting my stomach cause I was so hungry. I walked passed my school and that's when people in their car's was looking at my. Like this one sexy was looking at me with his stank face and I didn't know what he was doing so I reached for my pocket knife in my butt pocket and that's was when I was like OHHHH I'm wearing some tight short joggers that shows to much booty and it's not my fault that the Lort blessed me with an annoying fanny. So I walked into wawa and seen it was not as packed so I got my usual for there which is chocolate cookies'n cream shake with protein added in to it. As I got my receipt back I seen that it is a stamp instead of a high lighter to indicate if the item was  paid for. We use to go in there with a highlighter and highlight the receipt and basically steal the item. We never got caught. 

So I made it to in the school so relieved from being in that hot heat and from getting the sun from off the back of my neck. I get a pass to got to my 1st period class and know one was in Mrs. Cheatham english class because the stupid self's did not pass all of their SOL's. But to keep it live Mrs. Bj (our Co teacher) Was yelling at the kids for being to loud or just getting on her nerves. The bell rung for to go to our 2nd even class which for me is science. In Mr. Cooke class we are making balloon cars and no it is not coke cookie it is cook. I was sitting with my friend Jessica and she was telling me how much of a hoe she was. I'm like how can you be the hoe and you did nothing but receive d*** pics and didn't show them anything of hers. So the convo led for this boy Nathan who I'm cool with to join and he started talking about his d*** which sort of made me uncomfortable and feeling freaky at the same time. He said his was like 8 or 7 inches long and how he loves to look at his d*** pics on his phone. In my mind I'm like pause nigga you gay but it was his soo that left my confused then we both started judging this boy d*** on Jessica's phone and we both agreed that it was some. After that long convo the bell rang again for us to go 3rd period even and that is math which is suppose to be Mrs. Whitt but her fat pregnant self had her baby and now its this cool new long term substituted teacher who said if you passed your SOL she will pass us for the class. So I passed with a D instead of a F because math for me is like super duper hard. But nothing to talked about in this class because I fell asleep. Moving on to 4th period even but nothing happened there either because I went in Mrs. Suluskies office and fell asleep to. Riding on the bus I was wonder about my boyfriend who has not said anything thing to me in the last month and now I'm looking for someone new tbh but I fell that no one wants me. So I just sat in my house ALL DAY in my bed room doing this. SO now that you have been caught up with my days I'm going to sleep. It is 9:55 and GOODNIGHT.

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