Catching Fire

Violet thought she had a normal life untill somthing happend that make her whole life catch fire.


4. new home new school

   I walked into my fathers house. He was in his office so I just walked up there. He must have had a client in his office because I could hear him talking with someone. I was too exited to wait for the person to leave so I just knocked on the door. I heard him say something to the other person before telling me to come in. I opened the door and saw him sitting there across from a man in a grey suit and tie. the srange man turned around and looked me up and down as if he was observing me. It made me feel very uncomfortable so I coughed a little then sat down in the corner of the room. 

My father just carried on talking to this man and the weird part is that they were talking about me. "She is a very exalint runner" and the man would reply "Oh yea I saw a video of here somewhere. It would be great to have her on the track team." They talked like as if I wasnt in the room and It made me feel like my father didnt want me invoved in the convo so I just scrolled threw my Twitter feed.

I kind of zoned out then all of a sudden I disided to look up from my phone to see what they were talking about now. They were both staring at me intensly. I scared me a little. "do you want to join Sydney Highschool." I gave my father the look that said I have no fucking idea what is going on and me being the social retard that I am I answered like a five year old. "Yes. Sure. Maybe. Idk. Probably"  and my father just looked at me and face palmed. "Well... I will send you the papers later over email goodbye" Then the man left after him and my father shook hands. 

My dad walked over to me. "and I thought you would be over your akward speaking stage by now but I guess not"

I playfully hit his shoulder and said "heyy It wasnt that bad... I guess"

"Im kind of embarrsed to call you my daughter"

"Really dad... really" 

We sat there for a while in silence till my dad spoke up again

"So did you put your stuff in the guest bedroom yet?"

I looked him in the eyes "are you being fucking serious... all my stuff burned in the fire dummy"

"oh yea.. sorry I was trying to forget about that"

"Its ok"

"well looks like tonight we are going shopping"

I thought I would never hear my dad say that in my whole life but I guess not.

I giggled a little bit at the way he said it then we got in the car and went to the mall.


after shopping me and my dad sat in the living room watching American Horror Story. Im totally not ready for tomarrow at all. 


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