Catching Fire

Violet thought she had a normal life untill somthing happend that make her whole life catch fire.


3. Away We Go

   after Abbey and me went to bed i woke up to my phone going off but Abbey was still sleeping. My father was calling me so i picked it up. 


" hello father what do you need?" I said trying to sound as if nothing bad happened.

"WHY DIDNT YOU CALL ME VIOLET I WOULD HAVE CAME TO HELP!" he screamed in the phone so load i had to move it away from my ear so I wouldnt damage my hearing.


" Im sorry dad i didnt know what to do so i just went to Abbey's"

"Violet honey your mother and sister died and you didnt even bother to tell me. I just woke up and saw it all over my Twitter"

the back of my throat started to hurt and I wanted to cry. I didnt even know Gracie died. What the fuck I thought they were going to save her. my my life is missing 3 pieces. how the fuck am i suppost to go on like this. I dont think I can.


I was quite for a really long time and then my father spoke again. "They told you about Gracie right?" 

My lungs started to fog up again and i tryed to speak but all that came out was a gasp for air and then i tryed to say no but that didnt work so i texted him that i had to go and he said threw the call "Im sorry hunny I thought you knew. Call me back when you feel better." 


I still was struggling to breath so I ran down stairs and ran outside. The air was nice outside and I was gasping for air every second that I could. I have no Idea what has been going on latley but I feel as if I have been breathing threw a straw.  I remember my Aunt telling me to never smoke because that is what it feels like if you do it often.


I went on Abbeys computer to book a flight for me tommarrow. I didnt need any bag room because ALL of my stuff is burnt up besides my phone witch I managed to save. There was only one seat left and I got it.


In the morning I told Abbey I was leaving since my lil sister just passed and that I was going to miss her alot. I reolized that I was still In my PJs from when i had to wake up and they were kinda burnt..... alot. Abbey gave me a pair of her clothes so I could remember her too. 


The plane ride went really quik because i slept most the time and watched movies on my phone with no sound because I had no head phones. 

 I knew where my father lived so I walked there. It wasnt far from the airport but im kind of hopping he is home so I called him. 

"Hey honney are you better now?"

"ya I was just wandering If you were home"

"um yes but why?"

"Im walking there right now"

" Oh my goodness Violet Amber Rose"  yes I know my parents gave me two middle names and I hate both of them.

"Ya I didnt reolize how empty your little neighbor hood is and how quite it is"

" haha you must not have gone past the Hemmings house yet. they have a band ans they play in the garage and this is about the time they like to play" 

"Oh well ill see you when I get to your house" 

"ok I love you Violet Good Bye"

I hung up after he said that and I just kept walking when I heard the boys in the garage playing American Idiot. I started to hum along because I love that song. One of them must have noticed me because all of a sudden they were at peaking threw the window of the garage. I didnt reolize at first so I kept on humming and I reolised that they stopped playing.  when I looked over at them tone with red hair started to laugh and so did the one with kind of curly hair. The other two just kept looking at me as if they thought i didnt see them. I then turned and gave a little chucked and kept walking. They all looked kind of cute tbh. 

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