Kate Smithson isn't a normal eleven year-old. She's a Metamorphagus, has photographic memory, and is in a wheelchair due to an accident that claimed her ability to walk and her family's lives. How will she cope with loss, bullying, friendship, fights, and being a foster child at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry?


4. Unregistered

  The day went by fast, but Kate noticed that the twins were persistent on watching her and challenging her. When she was eating another bowl of cereal, she found a plastic spider at the bottom of the bowl. As her hair turned white, she screamed. Kate's hair turned an infuriating red as Fred and George snickered. She rubbed her hands together and whispered, "Hostium capillus flavus!" The twins' hair turned a shocking yellow. Bill, Charlie, Ron, and Ginny busted out laughing. With a mouthful of bacon, George said, "What's so funny?" 

           Ginny passed Fred and George a mirror. They gasped and Fred said, "Who did this?!"

      Ginny and Ron didn't say anything, but Kate's pink (embarrassed) hair said a million words. While they came over, Kate prepared for wheelies. Her hair turned white, and she waited for the spinning, but what she got was a double hug. They looked teary eyed as Fred said, "We're so proud!"

                 Kate's hair turned black (confused) and whispered, "What? Really?"

 Ron explained, "Fred and George are major pranksters. I'll be glad when they go off." 

      Kate's hair turned red again and flicked her hand. Ron's hair turned the same shocking yellow. The twins laughed harder than they did. They looked to Kate and Kate made her hair yellow too. They all laughed a lot.

                                                                   ***13.5 hrs later***

It was a very eventful day. She had watched Fred, George, and Charlie fly on their brooms, and it was fun for her because Fred had lifted her onto George's broomstick and George took her flying. Then they all talked about Quidditch teams: the twins and Ron supported the Chudley Cannons, while Ginny supported the Holyhead Harpies, and Kate the Appleby Arrows. When Kate's hair showed pride (blue and silver stripes) and she said that, Ron said that he was offended and wounded.

             By the time it was nine twenty-five, Kate was about to go up to the twins' room (she was staying there) when a glowing orb floated through the ceiling and spoke, saying, "Molly, she will receive her letter, and as of everything else, I will Floo to the Burrow at exactly nine thirty. I request to talk to you, Arthur, Fred, George, and Kate. Albus Dumbledore." 

     Molly started freaking out. When Arthur walked in the door, she quickly explained the situation to him, then she said, "Kate, dearie, can you go into the living room?" As Kate rolled herself into the living room, Molly yelled, "Fred! George! Get down here!"

                 They ran down and George said, "What'd we do?"

       Molly said, "Professor Dumbledore is coming to speak with us. Now get in the living room."

   At nine thirty, the fire glowed green, and an older wizard came into the room. He had such long hair that his hair and beard could be tucked into his belt.

                     The older wizard said to Kate, "Kathryn (Kate winced), I am Professor Albus Dumbledore." He smiled and Kate's hair turned back to it's original rustic brown. 

       Dumbledore continued, saying, "Kate, you will be attending Hogwarts this year, so you will have to be careful around the other students." Dumbledore turned to the Weasleys and said, "May you please go into another room for a moment? I would like to speak to Kathryn alone for a moment."

             The Weasleys went into the kitchen and Dumbledore said, "Is there anything you would like to tell me, Kate?" noticing her black hair. 

    Kate's hair turned blue (hesitant), and she mumbled, "I'mananimagus." 

                   Dumbledore leaned forward and said, "What was that, Kate?"

    Kate's hair turned gray (sad or ashamed) and she whispered, "Professor, I'm an animagus! Ever since the crash, I can turn into a paralyzed Yorkie with rolling wheels. I don't know what to do."

Dumbledore said, "I suspected something. Would you please demonstrate?" She turned into a small Yorkie, and instead of having two hind legs, half of her tiny body was in an attachment with two wheels.

   Dumbledore said, "Odd. You're a beautiful dog, by the way." Kate yipped and turned back into a human. Dumbledore yelled, "You may come back in!" They came back, and Dumbledore said, "We need to talk about some things. First of all, I will be taking Katie to Diagon Ally at eight o'clock sharp tomorrow morning by Apparation. The other thing is, we have an unregistered Animagus on our hands."

          Arthur whispered, "What? Wha? Oh my..." 

                         Molly's reaction was different. "Are you CRAZY?!?! An unregistered ANIMAGUS?!" 

The twins, in unison, said, "What? Cool!"

     Dumbledore smiled. "Yes, that's correct. Now, Kate, you may show them." Kate turned into the Yorkie. Fred and George were laughing so hard that tears came out of their eyes. Kate ran and jumped into George's arms and barked. They pet her affectionately. 

     Molly, who still looked shocked, said, "Boys, take Kate upstairs ." Fred and George carried Kate upstairs. Ron, Ginny, and Charlie met them on the stairs.

                                          Ginny said, "Who's dog?" 

        George took them into the nearest room (the bathroom) and whispered, "You can't tell anyone, understand?" They nodded quickly. 

        Fred smiled and said, "This is your foster-sister."

                   Ron shouted, "WHAT?!" Kate growled and Ron shut up. Then he whispered, "What?"

     The dog Kate started glowing, so George put her in an empty space, and Kate turned back. As if she wasn't just a dog, she said, "Can I go up to bed? That was really exhausting." The others, still speechless, got her upstairs. Who knew what would happen the next day.

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