Kate Smithson isn't a normal eleven year-old. She's a Metamorphagus, has photographic memory, and is in a wheelchair due to an accident that claimed her ability to walk and her family's lives. How will she cope with loss, bullying, friendship, fights, and being a foster child at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry?


2. Kate and the Tonks.

Kate woke up in cold sweat. Her hair was white; she's a Metamorphagus, and white is her color of fear. Her sister, Nymphadora Tonks, woke up and said, "Kate! Is it the nightmare again?" Dora wasn't exactly her sister, but Kate moved from place to place as a foster child, and the other thing was that they just call Dora Tonks. Tonks was 16; 6 years older than Kate. She was expecting to get her Hogwarts letter this tomorrow because it would be her eleventh birthday.

        Kate said, "Yea. I hate it. I just can't believe that I'm leaving today for the next foster family." Ever since her family got in a car crash a year ago, foster families would take her for a year or a little more, and if they liked her, they would adopt her. But if she was a nuisance, they could just pass her on to the next family waiting. The Tonks loved her like a daughter, but they had decided to give her more opportunities. Oh yea, she's also in a wheelchair. Kate was taken to St. Mungo's, and it was so bad that they couldn't fix it. Somehow Kate could do simple spells, like to make her wheelchair collapse or levitating herself into bed or the car, without a wand, so she was called a prodigy. She was also called a prodigy because she has photographic memory.

               Tonks whispered, "It really stinks that you have to go. But don't worry. You'll get your letter, and the next family is really good, the Weasleys. You'll always be my sister." They hugged and their hair turned yellow. Laughing, Tonks exclaimed, "Bloody hell! It's six-thirty! You'll be leaving in a half an hour ! We better hurry!" They got dressed and Tonks helped Kate into her wheelchair and wheeled her into the living room. Edward Tonks was reading the newspaper.

Andromeda Tonks was in the kitchen making her morning smoothie. Kate wheeled her way through the door as her hair turned lilac (happiness) and said, "Morning Mom!"

     Andromeda smiled sadly and said, "I can't believe it's been a year."

Kate quickly said, "I know." She changed the subject. "Do we have any Fruit Loops?"


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