Beside You

Leah and Jake were bestfriends, then they became a couple. Two years later Leah moved. (Yeah super cliché) But when she moved, he moved on while she believed he was waiting for her to come back. This is their story. Samantha wrote Jake's POV and Lily~Chan wrote Leah's.


8. Leah

The more time I spent alone, the more cuts I had on my arms. Mom never even noticed. I sent another text to jake that said, "Do what you want. Be happy, just don't forget about me." My heart always yearned for him.

The next day Payton was over. "Leah, this is.... I'm so sorry. He has moved on. He never responded. When I was in South Carolina, by what you said he looks like, I think he moved on. He looked like he was on a date with a cute blonde. Just, please don't cry. He's such a jerk." Payton said, patting my back, and hugging me. All I did was sob, sob and bleed. My heart was broken. I didn't want to hear any more of this. That night, after Payton left, was one I will never forget.

I had found the shotgun David left. All I needed was the bullets. I had found the bullets hidden. Mom never knew about my depression. I think she came in the house. I don't know. This part is all a blur, eyes watery, me watching myself try to commit suicide in the mirror. I held the shotgun at my head. I was right about to pull the trigger when my mom slammed the bathroom door open. "Leah! Oh my sweet baby!" She pulled the gun out of my hand. "Mom, please let me leave this terrible planet! I have no use here! JAKE NEVER EVEN LOVED ME!" I scream, tears coming down my face. "Leah! He doesn't matter if he made you want to do this! Leah!" She hugs me, and I can't help but hug back. Jeeze, she doesn't deserve the crappiest daughter in the world. I sob in her arms. I just wanted to leave this planet. It's all Jake's fault. He never loved me. Especiall when he kissed Michelle and put his hands on her waist. Never did he once put his hands on my waist. That night, I couldn't sleep. I just sat on the roof, sobbing, wishing on every star, that Jake did love me, but I knew he did not.

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