Ellie begins to celebrate her big 18th and everything begins well but her night out ends with her meeting a beautiful stranger which changes her life forever.


4. The Text

Chapter 4: The Text

When I wake from my pit of yesterdays cloths and makeup with a hint of BO, its 3 o'clock in the afternoon. I've been in bed for this long? Everything feels strange, in the back of my mind all I can think about is Harry. I want to text him but I don't want to look too keen or desperate or a stalker, or all three. I check my phone- maybe he's already texted me? To my disappointment theres only a message from Lexi telling me she scored but won't be seeing him again, as he's a uranus (not a euphemism) me and Lexi have this boy chart we made when we were 13 that we've LIVED by for five years. At first it was for kissing now its for sex. We were trying to revise for science but got distracted. At least it was kind of science? Right? Anyway here is how the scale goes:

​Mercury- Closest to the sun so he's the perfect guy and defiantly love

Venus- Board a line perfect but not quite there yet- could be love

Earth- average, not a dick and could be the one- if he tries harder

Mars- ehh, defiantly only friends- but he will make an excellent fuck buddy

Jupiter- nice personalty could be our BEST guy FRIEND

Saturn- Acquaintance 

Uranus- Crap in bed, no personality and not as good looking as you remember him when you were pissed and it was dark

Neptune- Weirdo nothing in common AT ALL

Pluto- Hobo

There you have it our own boy code. It sounds dumb and mean when I think about it. But Lexis night clearly wasn't as good as mine! Harrys defiantly Venus. Only because I don't know him enough to be in love. But he is PERFECT! Thinking about him makes me sad. He hasn't text me. Maybe it was because I was Uranus to him? Or maybe he's waiting for me to text him? I can't text him first? Can I?  I try not to think of it, instead I jump in the shower and then head down stairs to face the family- I've received so many texts off my mum telling me to be home at 3 o'clock in the morning, that I ignored. 

Clutching my phone (and checking it every 0.003 seconds) I head down stairs where the sweet smell of pizza lingers in my nose. 

"What did you get up to last night then?" mum asks in a nasty tone

"just went for a drive with Lexi and stayed at hers talking, the club was a bit of a let down" she gives me the 'mum' look. Everyone knows it, she's not convinced that my version off events are true, but it's my birth week so what she gunna do? I silently eat my pepperoni pizza- still checking my phone.

"Who you waiting to here from" 

"No one I was just checking the time Britain's Got Talent starts tonight I didn't want to miss it thats all"                

"your still my little girl then" she hugs me from behind and kisses my cheek in another 'mum' way, 

"get off" we both laugh, "have you heard from Luke?" I ask, Luke's my older brother who's coming back from uni tomorrow for summer.

"yeah I'm picking him up at 2 and then i thought we could go to the pub or something just the 4 of us. Sound okay?" 

"4? Is Rachel coming?" Rachel's my older sister who moved out when she got knocked up at 16 4 years ago. 

"yeah she text, its that dickhead's weekend to have his daughter so she's free and wants to get out of the house" mum always resented Chris, my sisters sprogs dad. Mum always hated him for ruining her littles girls life by no taking the right precautions. He also caused so much family drama that her and my sister didn't speak for 3 years. Rachel and Luke still aren't close. I benefited from it though, I became mums favourite daughter, Luke's favourite sister and Rachel's only family member.

My mum goes into a big rant about how she's so much better of without Chris that I zone out. I zone out so much I don't hear my phone go. When mum finally leaves to go get things for Chris I check my phone. HARRY HAS TEXT ME! 

'Hey I really enjoyed last night and have stopped thinking about you did you maybe wanna go on a date? Don't worry if you can't or anything xx'

He put 2 kisses! I don't wanna reply too quickly so I set a timer on my phone for in an hours time. Only I get to 4 minutes and give up. I do keep the text casual, though, I simply reply "sounds good what time?xx"

I regret it as soon as its been sent. Sounds good? I couldn't sound less 'try hard to be cool' if i tried. It suddenly dawns on me. Not only have I 100% embarrassed myself in front of a boy I really really like, I've embarrassed myself in front of HARRY STYLES. Luckily, he replies quick enough that I don't have time to worry too much.


'Tonight at 7?xx'

'Perfect xx'

I have a date with Harry Styles!

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