Ellie begins to celebrate her big 18th and everything begins well but her night out ends with her meeting a beautiful stranger which changes her life forever.


9. Telling Lexi

Chapter 9:Telling Lexi

I feel so exposed, but in a good way. I don't care that Harry knows I always knew there would come a day where I might get close enough to someone that I would have to tell them. Never, however, did I think I would tell anyone about the whole thing with Dan holding me in front of a mirror while he pointed out my every flaw. I didn't even tell Luke or Lexi, the two people who I'm closest to in the whole world. Purely because I was so embarrassed. But I've told Harry and I've not even known him a week. Things are moving so quickly- I need to tell Lexi. 

At first I didn't want to, because I like the fact its mine and Harrys secret but, I still need to make sense of it and Lexi is the only person madder then I am. I text her and wait impatiently- I have so much to tell her! 

Finally the door bell goes and I run down stairs and practically shove her on my bed.

"What the fuck?" 

"Shut up a minute I have so much to tell you" I take a deep breath and try to gather my words like what do I say?

"Shit your not pregnant? No wait. That can't be it your not" she makes gestures which I don't understand "you know your not..."


 "Your not starving yourself again are you?" 

"God no! I've met someone" 

"Is that it? Like I thought it was something big! You do realise I was on three day bender and I've had to stop for this, and I point blank couldn't give a shit?" I hate it when she's like this she's really lovely and all, and my closest friend, but unless its about booze or her she doesn't even pretend to give a shit. 

"Don't be like that, I was really excited to tell you" 

"No offence but I meet people all the time and don't tell you unless he's like George Clooney or Harry Styles I couldn't give a shit" I blush when she says his name, "It isn't Harry Styles is?" she laughs "OMG you are going made mate I though I was meant to be the pissed one! Your actually crazier then I thought you were last year" 

This comment hurts. When I went through my ordeal she was my biggest rock but I had heard she said stuff behind my back which I've tried to block out. Ever since though she has made the odd comment about how mad I was.

"Stop that I never said it was Harry Styles" 

"Yeah because it can't be"

"What if I told you it was"

"I'd call you a lying cuckoo whore who needs serious help" she keeps laughing so I decide to make up rubbish though she's now convinced I'm imagining celebrities with whom I've been dating. When Lexi finally leaves I'm relieved that she's gone and that I won't see her again until after christmas as collage has broken up and she's off to Berlin with her parents. I can't believe the sarccy comments she kept making, before I have time to stress over what I've eaten or how horrible I feel after seeing her Harry texts and I'm off again for date number 2.

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