Ellie begins to celebrate her big 18th and everything begins well but her night out ends with her meeting a beautiful stranger which changes her life forever.


7. Dinner With The Family

Chapter 7: Dinner With The Family

I spend most of the afternoon trying to relive every single moment with Harry it's not until Luke gets home the my mind actually takes a minute to itself to think about things that aren't related to Harry. He tells us all about uni in New York and how he won't be going back until May as he has some sort of work placement in England so he'll be with us for some time longer. 

"Any way anything new happen here?" I know exactly what he's trying to ask but I don't want to answer him, there are some parts to my life that I never want to relive. I try my hardest to change the conversation. "Well I'm 18 now" 

"I know that" he laughs "Happy birthday little sis finally an adult hey?" 

"I know all my babies are grown up" mum makes a pretend crying face and pulls us both in for a group hug. Usually I'd pull back but it's so lovely to finally have my brother home. Me and him are really close. He's very protective though. He probably still thinks I'm a virgin by the way he talks about his sweet little sister. I remember one time he practically had a fit when he was out with his friends and saw my boyfriend at the time touching my ass, it sweet though. 

"Anyway shouldn't we be meeting Rachel in like 10 minutes?" I ask 

"Oh shoot yeah is everyone ready?" mum begins to stat frantically looking for the car keys she hates being late. 

"Is Daisy coming or is she with her shit excuse for a Dad?" Luke asks still clearly bitter about Chris. 

"No and no talk like that you know it'll only upset Rachel and stop swearing please you may be 21 but your still my baby boy and I don't want to hear that language Luke" me and Luke basically piss ourselves laughing. 

Surprisingly the family meal isn't actually that bad. We all get on really well and its nice to actually catch up with them. Its made even better with the amount me and Harry have been texting. We only saw each other a couple of hours ago and we've text more then I've ever text before. This doesn't go unnoticed by the family either. I don't tell them though. I mean how could I? Where would I begin? Oh yeah by the way I'm just linking with Harry Styles and he fingered me and I sucked him off last night. They'd never believe me not in a million years. It almost makes seeing him even more romantic knowing that no one will ever know. Were going to go for another secret drive tonight and I can't wait. 

When we finnish our dinner and say our goodbyes I don't go home with mum and Luke I tell them  I'm meeting Lexi and then I meet Harry at the back of the pub. 

"Hello apples how was it?" 

"it was alright not as bad as I thought it would be hows your day been?" 

"much better now I've seen you"  

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