His Last Love.✨

The Story of A Married Couple Caleb and Ashlyn. On there wedding Night, Ashlyn learns that Caleb never wanted to marry her as he loves his Girlfriend Eva. After a year on their Wedding anniversary, there is a party. Caleb ignores Ashlyn and stays with Eva. Ashlyn, who can't take it anymore,thinks of divorce. She signs the divorce paper and leaves the house. While walking on the road,She is hit by a truck,causing her to loose her memory. Caleb talks to Ashlyn and is shocked to see a totally different Ashlyn . Will he fall in love with her? What will happen When Ashlyn gets her memory back? Will she be his last love?


3. 2|You changed her.

~3 weeks Later

{Zachary's Point Of View}

I went to the hospital to check on Chloe,it's been three weeks since she has been admitted and I haven't seen her even once.

Today she was getting discharged and I really didn't know how I'll confront her!

I knocked the door to Chloe's room, no response, I knocked again.. Again there wasn't any response.

I finally went in only to find an empty bed, I got panicked.

I was about to call the doctor,when I looked towards the balcony,it was Chloe who was jumping with a cast around her hand , just to help a bird who had got stuck,silly girl.

I went towards her.

"Chloe!" I called out.

She turned back in shock and was about to fall when I caught her.

"You must be my husband?" She asked.

"Y-Yeah.!" I stammered.

I made her sit on the hospital bed!

"I must be a pathetic wife,like three weeks ago it was our first anniversary and I gave you an amazing present-A memory loss" she laughed, like a carefree person, I had never seen her laugh.

Then she started asking me her endless questions.

"Did we have an arrange marriage or Love marriage?" She asked

"Umm..arranged." I answered.

"Do we have any children?" She asked.

"WHAT?" I was shocked.

She started laughing,"I was kidding but that look on your face,HAHAHAH!"

She kept on laughing. She had changed.

Chloe never use to talk so much, she wasn't this carefree!

After a couple of more questions

I excused myself.

I went to the reception to get the discharge papers.

After half an hour Chloe was ready to leave, I knocked her door.

"Come in" a sweet voice said.

Zachary better get yourself checked, I mentally scolded myself

I went in and found her struggling to tie her hair with one hand as the plaster was still there on her right hand and it had to be removed after two days and on the third day we were leaving for mom's so-called surprise vacation

I entered the room and still saw her struggling with her hair.

"May I?" I asked her.

She hesitated a little but then nodded.

I gathered her hair together and made them in to a high ponytail, even though it was pretty messy,she still looked cute in it.

"Damn, Zachary what shit are you saying." I mentally scolded myself.

I took her stuff and went home with her.

I checked my phone it was 7'o' clock in the evening. I had literally spend more than my half of the day with her, brushing those thoughts of my mind I went home.

The help told me that Mom had gone to Paris for some charity event, I called her up!

Mom picked up the phone in only a few rings!

"Hey mom!"

"Hey Zach, how is Chloe?"

I told her everything.

"Mom,Chloe has changed,she was never like this!" I told mom.

"She was always like this,you changed her." She said and that disconnected the phone!


Mom had already shifted all her belongings to my room,as mom didn't wanted her to know what are relationship was like.

It was dinner time and mom wasn't there,she had gone for some charity event to Paris.

I went to Chloe.

"Hey,Chloe what would you like to eat for dinner?" I asked

"Can we order something from outside, I'm tired of eating that tasteless hospital food!" She gave me those puppy eyes.

How could I say no, "Umm.. Okay, how about we order Pizza?" I asked her

"PIZZA? Oh my god, I love you!" She literally jumped And hugged, it must be the first time we were so close, maybe she didn't realise it, of-course why would she, she was to excited about her Pizza.

I ordered double cheese pizza with Extra cheese, as she told me more like 'ordered' me.

As the bell rung, she came running down the stairs and rushing towards the door almost falling down.

The moment I opened the pizza box, she started clapping with one hand,as if a baby just got his new toy.

She was eating the pizza as if, it was the most amazing thing on this earth, it is but after chocolate pastry.


Few days later

We went to the doctor to remove her plaster from her hand. Soon we were done with it, and she just couldn't stop jumping here and there and doing all weird actions with her hands.

We went for lunch, and I swear she talked a hell of a lot, I never expected her to be such a big chatter box.

Then we went for Ice-cream!

She eat in the most messiest way possible but still looked cute, in the end her nose had ice cream and she had a chocolate moustache whereas I was almost similar but a little more decent!

I must say that I really did enjoy with her, I hadn't enjoyed so much with Jessica ever, she was always to busy or conscious about her weight and the only thing she talked about was clothes,makeup, shopping etc


" Chloe, we'll be going for an holiday tomorrow!" I told her

" What, really!! Wow!" And she she started giggling.

"Pack your stuff, we will be leaving the house by 11am" I said.

"But where are we going,at least tell me so I could pack accordingly!" I said,raising her eyebrow.

"I really don't know where we are going but I guess it's a place with lots of beaches, Ummmm so you could pack your clothes accordingly!" I replied

A nod was all that I got from her in a reply.

It was time to sleep now, and I had to share the bed with her as today I didn't have any excuse.

In the past few days, I excused myself by telling her that I kick a lot, and may end up kicking her injured arm.

But today I guess I had to share the bed. I took a shower and wore my sweatpants and moved to the bed.

She was still busy packing.

After half an hour, I found a sweet smell entering my nostrils, it must be her.

I slept thinking about only one thing- Did I really Change her?


Any guesses,where are they going?

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