How To Live Again

Devan Abbott's life has been dragged through hell and back. Or is she back?

Her dad died 6 months ago and now her mom can't pay the house bills anymore. They're house is taken from them and they now have to live with her Mom's best friend, Janice Valdez. Janice is very rich and has 2 sons that are twins. Most people would all the charming, handsome, and perfect. She would classify them as selfish and annoying. She hasn't met them but who would need to? How wrong she was.

Julian and Lucian Valdez are the most handsome and charming boys at their school. All of the girls are crazy about them. They sleep around and play with girls like it's a game. Or at least that's how they used to be.

Losing someone that you love is hell. Sometimes all you need is to learn how to live again together.


3. Chapter 3 The First Night

Chapter 3: The First Night

After that embarrassing moment of everybody seeing my underwear and running out of the room everybody had decided not to bring it up and to make lunch. 30 minutes had passed now and I still hadn't calmed down. I was just so pissed off, I don't even know why though. Every little thing has been pissing me off later. It's like my brain is fighting with my body and I don't know who's winning anymore.

"Lunch is ready!" Janice called. I sighed and got off of the couch in the living room. Lucian had been sitting with me the entire time but he didn't say a word. He could probably tell that I was still mad.

"Devan?" I sighed and turned around. "I'm sorry for upsetting you. I was just joking around and your granny panties are very sexy."

Before I could even think I was hitting him on the shoulder and yelling, "Shut up." He was leaning on the side of the couch laughing.

"What in the world is going on in here?" Jason asked.

'Why is he always the one to come see what is going on with us?', I thought.

Lucian was still snickering and I was scowling. "I told her that she had..."

"Shut up!" I interrupted him and hit him on the shoulder again. I pushed him and he started falling backwards. He grabbed onto me and we fell on the couch with me on top of him.

"Awww." I could tell it was Janice that said that. Then I heard a snap and we both looked at his mom horrified. She had just taken a picture of us in a very compromising position. "This is totally going on Facebook.

We both groaned. "Mom! Please don't. Haven't we embarrassed Devan enough today?" I snorted.

"Like you care. You are the on that has been embarrassing me."

"Do you want her to put that on Facebook?" He whispered.

"No." I whispered back. "But..."

"No buts." He said loudly. "Mom, delete the picture." He said warningly. I snickered. She wouldn't get rid of it now.

Her and Mom both looked at each other with creepy smiles. "I ship them." My mom said excitedly.

We both just kind of sat there shocked. "They knows what ship means?" I whispered.

Lucian nodded. "Apparently."

"You know you guys are still laying on top of each other right? Get a fucking room." Julian growled.

I flinched and got up quickly. I didn't even realize that I was still laying on him. Clearing my throat I walked to the kitchen ignoring what everybody was saying. I smirked, I would be the first one to get food.


That Night

I laid in bed contemplating going to my mom's room. For the life of me I could not fall asleep, I was just so restless plus it was my first night in the twins house. I turned around yet again and face Lucian. "Are you alright?" I  jumped when he whispered that.

"Sorry if I'm keeping you awake, I just can't sleep."

"Don't worry, you're not keeping me up. I can't really sleep either..." He hesitated before he continued. "Do you want to go swimming or something like that?"

I smiled. "Yeah, let's go swimming." I jumped out of bed and went to my dresser to find my swimsuit. I love swimming, I always feel free. The feeling of the water gliding against my skin as I swim through it is just so relaxing. I finally found my swimsuit and when I turned around Lucian was just in his underwear waiting for me.

My eyes widened and I blushed. My whole body froze and I just stared at him. He didn't have a six pack but he definitely had some abs and let me just say that they looked amazing. Oh all of the things that I could do to him. No! Bad Devan!  (Her thoughts are in italics) He smirked at me and said, "Are you gonna stand there all day and stare at my amazing body or go get dressed?"

I rolled my eyes and saved the image of him in just his underwear in my head as I walked to the bathroom. Once I closed the door I took my clothes off and replaced them with my black 2 piece swimsuit. After I made sure that everything was covered since it was kinda small I walked out. "Finally! You take forever to get ready."

I raised my eyebrows at him and walked to the shelf right by the bathroom door and grabbed two towels. I threw the towel at Lucian and he smiled. "Race you to the pool." He said then he made a run for it. My mouth opened in shock but then I closed it and ran after him.

"Cheater." I whispered loudly. He just laughed and continued to run. I grinned and followed him to the pool which was outside. When we got there I immediately threw my towel to the ground and jumped in. I heard Lucian whoop and jump in after me. Pushing up I breathed in the chlorine filled air. I leaned back and just floated with my eyes closed.

 He leaned back and floated beside me. "So... Was there something bothering you?"

"What? No, why do you ask?"

"Just wondering since you couldn't sleep."

"Oh, I was fine. Just really restless. I guess it'll just take me awhile to get used to sleeping in a room that I share with two guys." He chuckled.

"If it helps any then you can watch movies in the living room or even on my computer."

"Really?" I asked shocked. He nodded. "Why are you being so nice to me? We just met and obviously you don't like that I'm sleeping in the same room as you."

"Because you don't deserve to be treated badly just because there is no more room for you to sleep." He chuckled.

"Thanks." I smiled at him gratefully.

"Your welcome." I yawned and he must have noticed because he stood up and said, "Let's get you to bed sleepy."

I laughed and said, "Ok."


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