Who I Am and Who I Was

Yeah so...

This is gonna be a thing as of today,
this has a few relations of my life and few of others.

I decided I was going to start this piece because it's a story that can relate to others.

Anyways, it starts really weird but hopefully I can extend it better.

Thanks!! -TheMaskedSoul


1. Chapter One

He looked at me with a tinted smile, his cheeks were more red than a cherry. School was my favourite just because he was always there. He's cute, handsome too, but would I ever get him? He's all smart and nerdy, and I'm just an asshole weeb. He's totally out of my league, but something keeps pushing me to keep trying. I gave him a book one time, asked him to hangout the next but, nothing ever worked. His excuses were far from ordinary like, "my cat died" or "I have homework." Come on! You're telling me an intelligent guy like you has homework? It'd be hard to believe in anyone's view, he gets straight A's and B's. His name is Fynn, yeah like a fish fin but, Fynn. Totally weird, last year he came out as gay but not a lot of people were flabbergasted by it. Did I really just say flabbergasted? Anyways, I'm Elliot, I'm what they call a sophomore and Fynn there is a junior. Yeah yeah, what am I doing going for a damn junior when I can't even flaunt about reaching the top of my locker!

Well, last summer I was dating this girl, Autumn and let me tell you she was something else! I adored her but I just wasn't into it yano? Ever feel like there's things you drift away from, I do it a lot but I was sure about this one. I told Autumn the truth and we're still friends. You're probably wondering why the hell I'm telling you this obviously, and here's your answer. Sometimes I just bottle it up inside because no one ever listens, so I decided I'd write this. It's lame, stupid and totally ridiculous but I feel happy when I can just write how I feel.

So, let's start a journey!

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