Lillith Potter

What would happen if Harry had a twin? If his twin wasn't on the light side? If Dumbledore wasn't as nice as he seemed? If his twin was favored by the Dark Lord? Well, all these questions and more will be answered in Lillith Potter.


8. Year one- Lillith

The Sorting-


I clapped as my brother was finally sorted, into Gryffindor.


"Potter, Lillith," Minerva called.


'Come on Marie you can do it sweetie,'


'thanks Lillith,'


I approached the stool as the hall quieted again.


The hat was placed on my head and the hall disappeared.


'Hm the other Potter twin. Where to put you?'


'anywhere but Hufflepuff,'


'Lillith don't be so rude," I scolded.


'sorry, I was just speaking my opinion,' Lillith muttered.


'Whose all this? You have a very special mind Ms. Potter.'


'thank you sir. That was Lillith, I'm Marie,' I told the hat.


'You are nothing like your brother,' He stated.


'I know sir,' I replied.


'but you have a difficult future, I know where you belong, my dear, I see you in,' "SLYTHERIN!"


The Slytherin table burst into applause and cheers, but not as loud and abrasive as Gryffindor.


"Good job sweetie, go on," Minerva said softly to me, removing the hat from my head.


I stood and smiled at Harry and made my way to the Slytherin table.


I sat next to the boy I had met on the train.


"I told you you'd be in Slytherin," he told me egotistically.


"And I told you, you had a big ego," I replied.


"I don't have an ego," he said as though insulted.


"Face it malfoy, you have an ego, just be proud of it," a third year said from a little bit down the table…

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