Lillith Potter

What would happen if Harry had a twin? If his twin wasn't on the light side? If Dumbledore wasn't as nice as he seemed? If his twin was favored by the Dark Lord? Well, all these questions and more will be answered in Lillith Potter.


11. Year four: Buying the snake

Buying the snake-

"Uncle Sev I have no idea what to get Marie for her birthday. Professor McGonagall is getting her a memory locket. Mum's getting her dress robes, I'm sure you're getting something pertaining to potions or books. But I'm stumped when it comes to thinking up something unique that she won't hate," I ranted pacing in front of the vaguely humored potions professor.

"I don't know why you don't ask your mother," he drawled dully.

"If I ask her she'll tell me get her jewelry or books. I need something that will stand out," I replied.

"She enjoys flying," he told me.

"She already has a top of the line broom, granger bought her a care kit a few years ago, and you know how long those last. And father already got her the tickets to the world cup, so I can't surprise her with those," I huffed plopping ungracefully into a chair across from my godfather.

"She speaks to snakes," he hinted.

I shrugged, "Yeah, so? What about it?"

The man rolled his eyes, "You can be rather dense sometimes Draco. Do I need to spell it out for you?"

"I dunno maybe?" I asked looking at the man hopefully.

"Get her a snake that she can speak to, you daft dudder head," he sighed.

"Brilliant! But, what kind?" I asked.

"Nothing obviously poisonous, or the headmaster won't allow it into the castle," he said.

I nodded, "A python perhaps?"

"Maybe a little less frightening, the girl hardly remembers to feed herself, we can't have a python roaming the castle looking for food," he stated.

I sighed, he was trying to point me to a certain breed, but I knew nothing about snakes.

"Are there any snakes that are good for potions, or magic?" I asked very near desperately.

"That I will allow you to find. Now leave me in peace boy," he said dismissing me.

I glared but left him alone.


I started with old course books, suddenly wishing I kept Hagrid's monster book of monsters. I'm sure it would have had something in it.

It wasn't until I looked in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them did I find anything.

A Runespoor, that was what I am getting Marie.


I approached the counter of Borgin's and Burke's and lightly rang the bell that awaited me, you didn't want to disturb anything in this store.

"Ah young Master Malfoy. How may I assist you today, sir?" the owner said and he approached me.

"Would might I find a runespoor?" I asked dryly.

"A runespoor, sir? What would you need with that?" he asked confused.

"That is none of your concern. Now answer the question," I stated as I glared at the man.

"Of course, I apologize sir. The blind witch's shop down the way, she dabbles in illegal creatures, she would know how to help you, sir. Will that be all?" the man asked, holding out his hand.

"It will be," I told him dropping a galleon into his hand and stalking out of the store.

A few blocks deeper into Knockturn alley I entered the 'Blind Witch's' shop.

"Welcome, welcome. Can I help you sir?" a raspy voice asked as soon as the door shut.

"It depends, are you the blind witch borgin speaks of?" I asked the witch.

"Depends why do you ask?" she replied.

"I am looking for a runespoor, I was told you could acquire one for me," I told the woman.

"That I can, sir…

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