Lillith Potter

What would happen if Harry had a twin? If his twin wasn't on the light side? If Dumbledore wasn't as nice as he seemed? If his twin was favored by the Dark Lord? Well, all these questions and more will be answered in Lillith Potter.


12. PreHogwarts: Custody


"Head Master, I believe we both know why I am here, what I don't know is why you are here," the stern woman said looking over at the elderly headmaster.

"I was alerted to the wards on the Potter children had changed, Ms. Potter is no longer under the care of her aunt and uncle. I am here to make sure the same doesn't happen to Harry," the man stated simply.

"That is where you are wrong Albus, I am taking the Potter twins into my care. That house is poison, and they will never set foot there again," Minerva said her eyes flashing, daring the man to oppose her.

"Then I must disagree with you, my dear. Harry Potter will stay exactly where he is. and so will his sister," he told her.

"Actually, Mr. Dumbledore, Madame McGonagall had full custody of Ms. Lillith Potter. It is her decision of where the girl stays," the goblin that professor McGonagall was speaking assigned spoke, rolling up the newly signed and approved custody parchment.

"As I am legal magical guardian of Harry he will be staying with his aunt and uncle. You are not to interfere with him Minerva, am I understood?" Albus said looking at Minerva.

"No you are not. How can you leave that poor boy with that family? they're horrible, not to mention abusive! I told you such nearly eleven years ago, when you left the children there! If you had bothered to check up on them you would know this!" Minerva told the man very near a scolding tone.

"Now Minerva, you must have been misinformed. The Dursleys are not abusive," the headmaster told the boiling woman.

"Not abusive!? How can you say such a thing? The little girl that is being patched up at this very moment is proof that you are very much wrong in that aspect. When you come to your senses and allow me to care for Harry, you know where to find me. until then I don't to hear another word from you," Minerva exploded, nodding to the goblin in thanks then storming out of Gringotts.

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