Lillith Potter

What would happen if Harry had a twin? If his twin wasn't on the light side? If Dumbledore wasn't as nice as he seemed? If his twin was favored by the Dark Lord? Well, all these questions and more will be answered in Lillith Potter.


4. Chapter 4

The weeks went by and we never brought up that moment of embarrassment. Soon it was my birthday day and Minnie held a small party at our house, just us Severus and the Malfoys.


I got potions supplies from Severus. A memory locket from Minnie. Dress robes from Narcissa and Lucius, for the yule ball, but they still thought we had no clue about the tournament. But I have to say the best came from Draco.


A large box was levitated in front of me and set down gently. I glanced at the culprit. Draco was smirking smugly at the gift.


'he trapped it. he totally trapped it. the Weasley twin are going to worship the trapping skills on this box,' Lillith stated, hundred percent sure we were going to find a trap in this gift.


"It's not booby trapped is it?" I asked hesitantly.


"No, now open it," he told me.


I raised an eyebrow and carefully pulled the wrappings from around the box. Once I pulled away the last of the paper I gasped.


"Oh they're beautiful! Thank you Draco!" I said pulling him into a tight hug. I kissed him on the cheek last second and turned to the runespoor snakes.


"Hello, what are your names?" I asked the three headed snake.


"Alvie," the left head stated, clearly a female.


"Helem," the middle head told me, a male.


"Damian," the last head said proudly, also a male.


"Hello Alvie, Helem, and Damian, I am Lillith, your new mistress if you'll accept me," I told the snakes.


"What did they say?" Draco asked.


"I asked for their names, this one is Damian, the middle one is Helem, and the other one is Alvie, she's the only girl, now there debating rather to have as their mistress or to kill me," I told him perkily.


'ooo so much fun,' I thought.


'and everyone thinks im the crazy one here,' Lillith told me crossing her arms.


"Kill you?" he asked confused.


"Damian is extremely poisonous. Honestly Draco didn't you research the snake at all before you bought it? If they refuse you as their Master they will kill you. But they are powerful snakes, and once they accept you they can grace you with some of the power they possess," I told him as the snakes hissed loudly drawing my attention to them.


"Have you decided?" I asked them.


"We have. We accept you as our mistress."


"Thank you," I said as I placed my hand in the cage.


"Lillith! What are you thinking?" Draco and Minnie said in near unison.


"Bonding, they accepted me. Now they bond themselves to me," I told them both and they calmed minutely.


They slithered up my arm and down the back of my shirt. They wiggled braiding themselves so they lied in an intricate pattern and imprinted themselves on me. Helem was on my left arm to just above my elbow, Damian the same on my right so his strength would in my dominate hand, and Alvie bit into the back on my neck giving me her intelligence.


I winced at the pinch of Alvie's bite but no other pain or discomfort was felt.


"Where did they go?" Draco asked, clearly he didn't research anything about them.


I turned my back and raised the bottom of my shirt to show their body and the beginning of the braids.


"Oh, that's cool," Draco said.


"When you give someone something like this you really should do some research, Draco," I told him humorously.


"Yea, I'll remember that next time," he told me, "But do you like it?" he asked and everyone laughed.


"Yes of course I like it. I love it. Besides I never would have bonded if I didn't like it. Thank you Draco.


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