Lillith Potter

What would happen if Harry had a twin? If his twin wasn't on the light side? If Dumbledore wasn't as nice as he seemed? If his twin was favored by the Dark Lord? Well, all these questions and more will be answered in Lillith Potter.


2. Chapter 2

Draco and I were currently settled onto a couch at Malfoy Manor while I waited for professor Snape to turn up. Draco reread a magical history book, while I went over the instructions for the potion we were planning on completing today.


The draught of living death seems fairly simply and the instructions were straight to the point, but I can easily see why so many witches and wizards had failed to create this potion. I had been underling the bits of the instructions that would need to be changed and had written the ones I would use beside it.

​An Elf entered the room professor Snape following behind him, then the elf popped off to finish his chores.

I grinned and made to get up but Draco had yet to notice the teacher who was now in the room, so he was still lying on my legs.  

"Draco, could you move?" I asked and he looked up.  

"Uncle sev, when did you get here?" he asked still not moving.  

"Just a moment ago." He replied.  

"I didn't hear you come in." Draco told him.  

"That's great, why don't you work on that after you let me up." I said pointedly.  

"Hmm? Oh, yeah sure," He muttered sitting up and freeing my legs.  

Thanks," I said and gathered my bag and the instructions.  

"After you professor," I told him and he nodded and left the room with me following close behind.  

We entered the small potions laboratory, and professor Snape locked the door behind us.  

"I will have no distractions today," He stated as I begun setting up.  

"Ofcourse, Sir. I'm familiar with your rules," I told him, usually he never reminded me unless he had something specific on his mind.  

"May I ask why you brought this up?" I asked him.  

"I heard you had an, argument, with your brother," He said. I smirked sadly and nodded.  

"I suppose you can call it that. Now where are we starting today, Professor?" I said brushing it to the side.  

"Sit," He told me summoning two chairs across from each other.  

"Professor?" This wasn't like him.  

"I doubt it was my imagination, when I heard him call you a- mudblood," He said.  

"SO you overheard, at least there aren't any rumors." I said.  

We sat in a slightly awkward silence for a moment before I spoke up with a question I had been wanting to ask since third year, "Professor?"  

"Yes, Ms. Potter?"  

"Could you perhaps call me Lillith when we aren't in class, but that's not I meant to ask. Do you-," I stopped looking over my choice of words.  'Speak up woman!'  

"Yes?" He prompted.  

"Do you have any photographs of my mother?" I asked.  

When he didn't answer I explained, "Hagrid made me a scrapbook with a bunch of photographs from my parents from old friends, but I haven't seen them expect for one time in second year. Everyone tells me I look like my mother, but I don't remember what she looks like. Any photos I have seen of her, she was Always with my father," I fiddled with my hands in my lap.  

"Why do you ask me?" He asked.  

"Well, you and my mother were friends in school, good friends, so I assumed you would have some sort of photograph. If you don't that's okay I'll figure something out." I said.  

"I believe I have a photograph you can have. Now shall we begin?" He asked and I nodded gratefully.  

I had valerian root cut into small neat squares, added the infusion of wormwood, added the valerian root, the powdered root of asphodel, stirred clockwise twice, added the sloth brain, and had started to crushed thirteen sopophorous beans with the flat side of the knife, instead of slicing twelve.  

'Snape's going to tear you a new one for not telling him,' Mary stated blandly.  

"Yes I know Mary thank you very much."   '

Oh look here he comes," Lillith snickered.  

"Lillith," professor Snape barked.  

"Yes, sir?" I asked glancing at him then continued my work.  

"Would you like to explain why you are not following the instructions?" He asked.  

"Well, an idiot could figure out that crushing the bean would create more juice, and seeing as twelve isn't enough you need to add more," I said crushing the last two beans adding the juice to the potion, and begun to stir seven times counterclockwise, and once clockwise.  

The potion went from a pale lilac colour to clear after I had finished stirring.  

Professor Snape scrutinized the potion then dropped a leaf into it, it disintegrated once it had touched the liquid, then nodded, "Full marks, Lillith. Though next time you decide to change potion instructions it would be best to inform me first," He told me, a slight smirk on his face.  

"Ofcourse, Professor." I responded.  

"You may call me Severus when we are not in class. Now I believe I gave you potions to work on over the summer, have you completed them?" he said shocking me slightly, but I nodded and rustled through my bag to grab the leather protectant case that the potions were in and handed it to him.  

He went through each of them testing the consistency, color, and smell, before nodding, "Again, full marks Lillith," He told me.  

"Thank you prof- Severus," I said.  

"Clean up then you can go, I'm sure Draco is dreadfully bored by himself," Severus drawled, a miniscule small smile making its way to his face.  

I smiled and nodded cleaning up the mess I had made, and stood by the door waiting for him.  

"Are you coming Severus? I'm sure Draco would love to speak with his godfather until his father gets home, and then he can bother him instead," I said making the end of my sentence a bit sarcastic.  

He smirked and gathered his things while I waited.  

Together we walked up to the surface through a maze like corridors of the Malfoy manor.  

"You applied for the defense against dark arts position first, correct?" I asked suddenly.  

He scowled at me momentarily, "Yes."  

"Then why didn't you get the job? I mean you tutored me second year because lockhart was, well it's a good thing he's pretty. And I excelled that year, I got top marks ever since. You're an amazing potions master, but if you asked to be the defense teacher, why wasn't it given to you? Not very many must want to be in that position, ,most people say it's cursed," I stopped keeping myself from rambling.    

'Not stop, you were already rambling dear,' Potter supplied for me.    

"Professor Dumbledore thought it would be in my best interest to stay away from that position," was the reply.  

I scoffed, "That man cannot keep his nose in his own business to save his life," I stated.  

"Insulting a teacher, Lillith?" He asked.  

"I am. I doubt you've never thought he was a meddlesome old man, at least once," I told him firmly.  

"I have. Is there a reason you think this way?" He asked me.  

"Harry and I would have been placed in Minerva's care if it wasn't for him. The Dursleys were, and still are, physically and verbally abusing. I ran away when I was ten, which is when Minerva found me. Once she heard what had been going on she became my guardian. Would have done the same for Harry but Dumbledore wouldn't let her," I informed him, but that wasn't all, he could sense it.     '

Hey if that didn't happen we wouldn't be here," Lillith supplied.  

'Yes and that would be the end of the world.'  

'Damn right,'  

"Go on," He pushed.  

"First year, Harry went to protect the stone, you know that I informed you once I realized he actually went down there. Who in their right mind would put something like that, guarded by all those traps in a bloody school! Then second year as I was trying to convince him and Minerva, he knew the whole time! He was delaying me so Harry could defeat the basilisk. Third year he allowed Harry and Hermione Granger to use a time turner, who the hell does that! And on top of all of that he's been putting little monkey wrenches in Harry's head about me, that's why Harry blew up last year, I bet he's even worse now, he's been manipulating Harry and trying to manipulate me practically our whole lives! Harry has jut been too blind to see it," I took a deep breath and calmed down after my rant, " Sorry Severus, had it all bottled up and the cork just flew off."  

"I glanced at him and his face was twitching, "You're laughing at me!" I accused amused, I had made the famous dungeon bat laugh.  

"Not at all Lillith," He said, smoothing his features slightly though you could tell he was seriously amused.  

"Might want to cover that up, wouldn't want anyone to know that I made the famous Severus Snape laugh. I feel so important, this must be what Draco feels like, though that could just be the inflated ego I like to pop," I stated and his shoulders begun to shake and his face crinkled with the effort it took to hid his grin.     '

Would you look at that, the bat knows how to laugh,' Lillith joked.    

"Hate to break this up, but the elves want to know if you're staying for lunch uncle Sev," Draco said dryly.  

"Ofcourse he is, he can't leave now, I've only just started," I stated skipping passed him to set my bag down on a table.  

"Leave the man be Marie," Draco told me.  

"Do I have to?" I mock pouted.  

"I'm afraid so," He replied in the same playful tone I had used.  

"Oh but it was so fun!" I exclaimed, spun around towards him.  

"Oh whatever will you do." He said dryly.  

"I suppose I could use you, but it just simply won't be the same." I sighed, once I was close enough I let myself fall, positive Draco would catch me.  

Like I assumed he jumped and caught me before even my bum could hit the ground.  

I grinned up at him, "My knight in shining armor."  

"I could drop you," he stated.  

"I know, but you love me too much."  

"That can be debated," He responded.  

I gasped and placed a hand to my heart, "I've never heard such lies. I was certain Cissa taught you better than that," I mocked playfully.  

"She did, she just didn't say it applied to you, Marie." He told me as he dropped me on my bum.  

I huffed, "Did Lucius manage to get that extra ticket so I can go with you to the game?" I asked excitedly, rapidly changing the subject.  

"He has."  

"Yes! Severus are you going to the quidditch world cup this summer?" I asked the man who was watching us in amusement.  

"I am not, so much work, so little time, I'm afraid." He told me.   "

That's a shame. I can already tell it's going to be spectacular. Did you know that on my grandfather's side I'm Irish, Draco? That's where my mother and I got our looks," I said turning around to face the boy who had just sat down after dropping me on the floor.  

"Absolutely fascinating." The blond boy drawled, turning back to his book.  

"And you better remember that." I stated and dropped myself on his lap.  

He grunted from my added weight but didn't say anything.  

I sighed, then perked up, "So Severus, what do you think about the extra-curricular this year?" I asked him.  

"What extra-curricular?" He drawled.  

"The one for seventh years. Dabbling in French and Russian, type of things," I said skipping around the bush.  

"Ah yes, that one. How do you know about it?" He asked not answering my question.  

"Minerva likes to leave papers unattended quite often. Tends to be quite a mess, but it does come in useful. Now I believe I asked you a question," I stated.  

"I think that it is a dreadful waste of time, I'm surprised most of the dunder heads have managed to pass so far. And Mr. Potter has managed to cancel the O.W.L's for three years in a row now," He told me.  

"I feel the same when it comes to learning, but I can't say it won't be fun to watch," I said.  

"What are you talking about Marie?" Draco huffed.  

"So I was right Lucius hasn't told you yet. That means I figured it out before you!" I exclaimed.  

"Yes, yes. Now if you'd like to explain," he prompted.  

"Hmm, no. I will if Lucius doesn't tell you at supper," I bargained when I saw him about to argue.  

He glared but nodded stiffly, then went back to his book.  

Severus and I spoke until Lucius and Narcissa arrived home and we sat down for supper.  

We made idle chat throughout, and I listened in amusement when Lucius gave no sign he was going to tell Draco about the Triwizard tournament.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
















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