Lillith Potter

What would happen if Harry had a twin? If his twin wasn't on the light side? If Dumbledore wasn't as nice as he seemed? If his twin was favored by the Dark Lord? Well, all these questions and more will be answered in Lillith Potter.


1. Chapter 1

​Not many know my name, or who I am, because my brother bore the brunt of fame on his shoulders.

I am Lillith Marie Potter, and I am the girl who lived. I survived that night with nothing but a jagged scar, from my collar bone and following my hair line to the middle of my forehead, of course completely visible from any angle, unlike my brothers who just flattened his bangs down and his scar was hidden.

I was near the exact opposite of my brother, I was the spitting image of my mother, the only thing I got from my father was the completely untamable order of my hair, add that to the fiercy red from my mother and you get a mess in a ponytail. Oh and the poor eye sight, I needed glasses when I was reading.

I had been given to the Dursleys along with my brother and we suffered years of abuse and neglect, but on the year of my eleventh birthday I decided to run away.

I packed my bags well my one pack consisting of a toothbrush, a hairbrush, and a change of clothes, and left.

From there a woman in a strange dress found me and tried to bring me back. I agrued, telling her what it was like there and anger grew on her face. She took me by the hand and brought me to her home and explained everything.   I was a witch, she was a witch, and my brother was a wizard.  

She told me of Hogwarts and together we got better clothes than Dudley's hand me downs, and my school supplies.   Before long she became my legal guardian and tried to do the same for Harry but Dumbledore forbade it.  

I threw myself into studying promising to myself that I would be the best I could be.  

School started and I met up with my brother on the train, along with the boy he befriended, Ron Weasley.  

I befriended a young boy as well, his name was Draco Malfoy. My brother and he instantly disliked each other and it was rather humorous to watch their angry banter at times.  

I was sorted into Slytherin, a thing I was extremely happy about. My brother and the headmaster, not so much.  

My first potions class was fun. He later offered tutoring sessions and I happily agreed.  

When my brother tried to accuse professor Snape of trying to steal the stone I agrued with him. They tried to drag me along to get pass the Cerberus but I stayed behind and went to professor Snape so he could inform professor Dumbledore.  

Second year was a big fuss.  

First my brother gets stuck on the wrong side of platform nine and three quarters. Then they fly a car to Hogwarts and Ron breaks his wand and they were almost expelled by my head of house. Then Gilderoy Lockhart shows up as the defense against dark arts teacher, as all the girls swooned over him I took extra defense lessons with professor Snape in place of my advanced potions class. Then the chamber of secrets was opened and I told professor Snape I could hear the voices in the walls which lead to me figuring out we were parseltongue.  

Dueling club was fun tough. After Harry had stopped the snake from attacking the hufflepuff, Lockhart had us do a little competition, two students would duel then the winner would duel the next, and so on. I keep my place for eight duels, before I was bested by a fifth year that had turned up.  

Along with my studies I researched the chamber of secrets and any snake like creature that could be hidden in it. I had decided that it was a basilisk that was hidden in the castle, when hermione was petrified.  

I tracked down the king of snakes and attempted to converse with it, learning of my brother and I's slytherin blood. The creature said that he could not petrify a blood relative of Salazar Slytherin, which was helpful. I asked who was controlling him but he didn't give me a straight answer.  

I left set out to find who was controlling him when they kidnapped Ginny, Ron's younger sister. Professor Snape ushered me back to the common room and I told him what was in the chamber of secrets.  

By the time I had convinced him; Harry, Ron and professor Lockhart had already gone into the chamber.  

Professor Snape and I went to the headmaster and informed him, he was in the middle of a meeting with the rest of the teachers and was about to send for professor Snape. I thought convincing professor Snape was hard, the other teachers thought I was lying through my teeth.  

Dumbledore dismissed everyone but Minerva and professor Snape, and had me explain everything in detail. By the time that was over with and we got to the girls lavatory, Harry and everyone else that was down there was already coming to the surface.  

Dumbledore was delaying me so Harry could kill the basilisk. I had a very loud rant at him as I checked on Harry.

Later Harry freed dobby, the Malfoy's house elf, who had been tampering with his life that year.  

Third year was a bit better, but only slightly. Draco and I visited over the summer and I formally met his parents. They were a lot kinder behind closed doors, no longer having to keep up the coldness they were famous of, though it took a little bit for them to warm up around me.  

Harry had began to pull away from me, no longer speaking to me unless I started the conversations. Not stopping Ronald when he insulted me, nor when anyone else did.  

Sirius Black escaped Azkaban, and Minerva told me of his history with my family. I met my godfather once school started, Remus Lupin. I must say though he and professor Snape had a large feud going, he was the best dark arts teacher that this school has hired in the last fifty years.  

I had learned most of what he was teaching in class the previous year since I had classes with professor Snape. I was very advanced and professor Snape moved quickly through coursework since I was the only student. I quickly figured out the reason why I wasn't put in Remus' care was because he was a werewolf, making it near impossible to claim legal guardianship over me.  

Hargrid was made magical creatures studies' teacher, though there was a down side to this. Draco had an accident with the hippogriff he had inadvertently insulted.  

The rest of the year went fairly normally, insults between Draco and Harry. Then professor Snape subsituted a class for Lupin and things slowly went downhill from there.  

Draco and I were watching the execution from a safe distance, when my brother and his friends came, making Draco have to insult them to keep up appearances, only for hermione to reach the end of her chain and attack him.  

It was all quite humorous but to keep up appearances I glared but gave a silent hurrah to the girl who finally stood up for herself.   A few dementor attacks, a few buckets of insults, and a couple of weeks passing, Harry was pulled into another accident, not only was his godfather here at hogwarts, but Ronald's rat was Peter Pettigrew, a friend of my father's and the man Sirius Black was convicted for killing.  

Harry had managed to knock out professor Snape, face all the dementors on Hogwarts grounds, and be brought to the hospital wing. Then travel back in time to save buckbeak, went against a werewolf face to face, save Sirius, and make it back to the hospital wing before anyone noticed he was gone.  

Ofcourse professor Snape was slightly bitter for the rest of the school days, snapping at students more often than normal.  

I would have left Hogwarts in a happy mood, but something send Harry into a mood and he snapped at me. An insulting speech was thrown at me, shocking me to the core. I thought we were simply pulling away because I never visited during the summer, while he was stuck at the Dursley's, which I was planning on fixing this summer, but it went deeper than that.  

He thought I was evil, which was why I was put in Slytherin, and many, many more that I didn't like repeat. It still made me flinch when I thought about it.  

Eventually Draco managed to get the truth from me after I had shed a few tears at the loss of my brother.                                                                            




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