Hello, Marcel. (Redone)

This is the story of Marcel Styles and Gracie Shields. However, it is redone from my former story. If you want to read the original (it's unfinished, and I feel pretty bad for that), it'll be with my other stories. Enjoy!


6. Chapter 6

Marcel's P.O.V.

"Wow, I must've dreamt that whole fight."

I said that before I attempted to stand up. Note to self: never fall asleep on the couch after you get beat up. I'm sore enough right now, I literally can't get up.

"Honey, are you ok?" my mom yelled from the other room.

"Hey mom, will you come and help me?" I said, silently laughing to myself. It's sad when you have to ask your mom to help you stand up because you got hit so much. She quickly came around the corner, a panicked look on her face. I guess I could've specified what I needed her for. Whoops.

"What's wrong?"

"I can't get up. I'm too sore to move," I said, outstretching my arms. "Will you please come and help me up?"

You could see a sly smile creep up her face, for she honestly thought it was funny, too. She pulled me up, which made me stumble a bit. I had to slowly ease up so I didn't hurt my abdomen. I was able to walk to the kitchen to get something to eat. I could even cook it, but my mom insisted that she should cook and me just sit down and rest. I guess it's just the mother sense coming out, so I wasn't going to argue. She fixed 2 grilled cheeses, one for me and one for her. She laid a plate in front of me and sat down in the other chair. We sat and talked and ate for about an hour. It was really nice, we hadn't done that in a while. We talked about college and where I wanted to go. I wasn't real sure, I hadn't truly decided on a college, or a major. I mean, I'm a junior this year, I should at least have some sort of plan. But one day I really want to study this, but then it changes to another field, and it changes again the next day. I get a headache every time I think about it.

We cleaned up from our lunch, and I went back to the couch. I turned on the tv, and tried to find something interesting. That's the bad thing about coming from school, all you get to watch are infomercials. Well, I guess plan 2 must commence. Here comes Netflix. I turned on to some random show or movie and let it play.


Gracie's P.O.V.

Everybody left from lunch to quickly get to their 6th period. I wasn't in much of a hurry, simply because I had a free period. I sat down in the library and began to read a book. An Abundance of Katherines by John Green. Perfect. I became so engulfed in the book that I did not hear the bell for 7th period.

"Miss?" the librarian said, tapping my shoulder.

"Hmm?" I jumped.

"Do you have a 7th period?"

"Is that right now?" I asked, grabbing my things.

"Actually, you're about 15 minutes late. Don't worry, I'll give you a note to give to your teacher," she said, smiling. I smiled back and nodded, signaling that I would need one. After I got my note, I went to my locker to grab my homework for tonight. I began walking to the gym, but someone had grabbed my arm. I was suddenly pulled into a closet, the door shut behind me. I tried to scream, but a hand was put over my mouth.

"Shut up," the person said. You could tell they were a male. That voice was familiar, too. I had heard it this morning... The light flickered on and I quickly turned to see who was holding me hostage.

"Corbin?" I said, confused. "I thought you were suspended?"

"I had to come back for basketball, idiot," he said, rolling my eyes.

"Well, if you would let me through, I would enjoy to go and join my team in practice," I said, pushing past him. He grabbed my arm again just as I was reaching the door.

"Why did you save him this morning?" he said, anger growing in his eyes.

"Because he didn't deserve what you were going to do to him?" He gripped my arm tighter, obviously getting frustrated.

"It wasn't even any of your business, there was no need in you being involved with it," he said, gritting his teeth. His grip was beginning to hurt me. I tried to pull my wrist from his hand, but he just squeezed tighter.

"His was innocent, Corbin. You're just a bully who wants people to believe that you're so much better that anyone else. Can't you just open your eyes and realize that you're the most childish person here?" His eyes began to glow red, anger flowing through him. Before I knew it, I was hit in the stomach. I fell down to my knees, trying to catch my breath.

"Go and join your crippled boyfriend, Shields," he said, stepping over me. He opened the door, turned around to give me one last look, then closed to door.

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