Pearl near the Sea

Do you know how it is like to be loved by a Sea?


1. Pearl near the Sea

Do you know how it is like to be loved by a Sea? The Sea is a headstrong, whimsical creature. It is gentle and affectionate at times. It whispers me passionate words, swearing in love (though, I've started to suspect that I'm not the only one in its life). Hey! You wouldn't criticize me for believing the speeches if you knew how carefully the Sea hugs me. How can one resist when one is kissed… forget about 'gingerly': the Sea always knows what it wants. Its strong will makes me feel protected. Does a woman like me need anything more than this?

Yet the Back Sea is a rather jealous man. Am I at fault that I'm loved not only by the Sea? The Wind likes to play with my hair, but I never–! Maybe, I am a bit flirting when I answer it with a rustle of million leaves on the trees which grow on my streets. However, it is just so difficult to oppose a soft stroking of the Breeze...

Then they start fighting like the men always do. The Sea shouts, raising its waves high. At times, I'm afraid that it is going to occupy me completely! Don't get me wrong, I like the Black Sea but sometimes it is just too possessive. As for me, I want to be free, without any bounds.

The Wind… The Wind is simple-minded. He enjoys to make the Black Sea angry, and the Sea is conducted, getting angry at everything and everyone. Even the Sun gets irritated by the fight and hides behind the clouds, not to look at this disgrace.

But you know what? They fight because of me, yet these three forget about me! They don't even care that I get hurt by their childish wimps. They only stop when they realize that continuing their disagreements they are going to lose me.

Sometimes I think that I'm too kind, always forgiving their shameful behavior. However, I love the Sea, and all the people here do as well. Except being overly jealous, the Black Sea is quite a gentleman.

Anyway, it must be grateful to have such a glorious young woman as I am. People don't call me for nothing the Pearl near the Sea.

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