We never asked for this

When four sisters meet their idols in a public place only the best can follow after. Something happens, and the girls are given new last names. But the question is... From who?

#5sos #adoption #michael #luke #calum #ashton



Michaels pov

Dont ask me why I'm in the store at 9:00 pm. Ashton needed another jar of vegemite, so here I am in the international section. I'm not finding the vegemite and its making me mad.

Some girl not paying attention to where she was going bumped into me and spilt whatever was in her hand onto me.

She backed away and gasped. She didnt look no older that about 14.

"Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry, I was texting my mom I wasn't paying attention." she says. She looks up and her eyes widen. Maybe she knows who I am. Behind her there is three other girls. Maybe her friends or sisters.

"Y- your Michael Clifford, from 5sos." she quietly says covering her mouth. I nod and she doesn't say anything else. So I decide to speak to her.

"Um, its fine, do you wanna picture?" I ask because shes obviously a fan. She nods and hands me her phone. Even though she spilled something on me I'm not gonna get mad, besides she's only like 14. We take the picture and she asks if I can take picture with her sisters, who are fans too. I take pictures with these girls and the first girl finally speaks.

"I'm Rena, and I just wanna say your album is amazing and it speaks to all of us in so many ways." I always love hearing our fans saying our music speaks to them, it makes me want to bear the story of why.

"How does it speak to you?"

"Well, were all sister and we only live with our mom, our dad left us when we were born, we have no idea who he is," that must be for the song broken home.

"Our mom doesn't really care about us, she's wouldn't care if we ran away, were invisible to her, so I'm in charge, 24/7."

I feel bad for these girls. I wonder have they ever seen us live.

"All we really want from our mom is to be noticed, she wouldn't even listen to us when we asked for tickets to see you guys, and the concerts tomorrow." That gives me an idea. If they want to see us tomorrow they will. I have six tickets in the car, if I give them four they can go. They can get what they been wanting.

"What are you getting out of here?" I ask and she arena looks around until she spots whatever. She walks over to it and picks it up. Vegemite.

"Your here for that, so am I, how did you find it so quick?"

"I basically know where vegemite is all the time, it's right by the marmite all the time." I take one and the one from her hand.

"I'll pay for this, then I have something for you four after." She looks at her sisters and the shrug so she just goes along with it.

I pay for the jars and hand her one. I tell them to follow me to the car and they do. I open the door and reach into the back and grab four tickets to the show for tomorrow. I show them to Rena and she looks at them.

"Wait, your joking." I shake my head and she smiles and hugs me. She lets go and shows her sisters the tickets.

"Thank you Michael, I'll be there, if I can find a way."

"You will, how about I pick you up, then we can go together and you can have the time of your life."

"Okay, um... Can I have your number, I won't leak it, I promise."

"I trust you not to, here, I'll call you when I'm on my way tomorrow." Rena nods and she puts her number in my phone.

"Thank you again Michael, I'll see you tomorrow." She waves and so does her sisters. They turn around and walk away. They must walk home. I leave the store and head back to the hotel.

I get back to the hotel and throw the jar of vegemite to Ashton. I hope those girls made it home safe. I mean it was 10 o'clock pm and it was kinda dark.

"What took you so long?" Luke asked me and I just shrug my shoulders.

"Ran into a girl that's 15 and she was a fan, she had three sisters and we took pictures, they're coming tomorrow because I have them four tickets to the show." I explain while I laid my head on the table.

"You just gave them tickets?"

"Yep, they've been wanting to see us for so long, and I felt dad for them, they don't know who their dad is and their mom pays no attention to them."

"Well that's sad, so you'll see them tomorrow again?" He asks. I nod and lift my head of the table.

"I'm picking them up and bringing them, they told me their mom wouldn't ever bring them."

Luke smiles wide and his eyes sorta shine with excitement for no reason. But there must be a reason.

"Can I come, please?" He says in a child's voice.

"Sure.." I answer back. But before I can say anything else my heads back on the table and I'm asleep.

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