We never asked for this

When four sisters meet their idols in a public place only the best can follow after. Something happens, and the girls are given new last names. But the question is... From who?

#5sos #adoption #michael #luke #calum #ashton


1. intro

-3rd person-

Rena walked down the isle. She was in the international food section, she loved trying new things with her friends from different countries. They most likely dare her to do it, and she usually agrees. This time she was dared to bus vegemite, an Australian yeast spread. She came to the nearest grocery store in there small town in Connecticut with her three younger sisters.

Luka,blonde hair, blue eyes. She'll be 11 in about two weeks.

Rochelle, brown hair and brown eyes. 12.

And Allyson, or ally, light brown hair and brown eyes. 14.

Rena on the other hand is the oldest out of all of them. Shes 15. Rena loves her little sisters to death, she protects them and takes them everywhere. Their mom is there for them, when shes not working. Their mom has never bought them much, not even one ticket to see the four people who brought these four girls to happiness.

They never thought they would meet them. But who knows what the future has in store.

Hope you enjoyed the first chapter. So yesterday I saw Alice through the looking glass and learned something new. So apparently our dreams are reality and our reality is a dream. So I must be best friends with 5sos because I have dreams where I hang out with them. And in the dreams I'm 19. In real life I'm 15. I also learned "Time" is a he.

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